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[list_settings.list_name] 2010 International Convention Workshops & The QSR Is Out

February 16th 2010 PDT

CoDa is in need of members to present workshops at the 2010 Convention in Los Angeles. The deadline to apply is March 1st, so if you’re interested please apply soon! You can email Michelle at or apply online at The entire announcement flyer can be viewed here: Also, the 2009-2010 Bridge QSR (Quarterly Service Report) is out. You will soon be able to view it here: Or you can subscribe ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name]: Upcoming Local & State CoDA Events

February 14th 2010 PDT

USA: California: Northern Cal: Spring Mini-Conference Saturday, April 24th, 2010 Santa Clara, CA Southern Cal: Quarterly Regional Meeting March 27th 10 AM to 12 noon Crystal Cathedral, in the Family Life Center, Room 223 13280 Chapman Avenue Garden Grove, CA The Valleys: TVCC CoDA Workshop Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Encino Hospital "Encino Classroom" on the First Floor 16237 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA http://ww ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] Search For New Web Host

February 8th 2010 PDT

To the CoDA fellowship: Largely due to email delivery issues, is beginning a search for a new web host, or possibly just a new host for our email services. We are looking for suggestions from the fellowship. If you know of a high quality host that you believe may meet need CoDA's needs, we'd greatly appreciate your input! Here's some of our requirements (Please also see the attachment below for more on this): Email: No "email per hour" cap A host that doesn't frequently end up on email spam bla ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] New Spanish Language CoDA Email List

January 29th 2010 PDT

We have created a Spanish Language version of this list. Translations will be provided by Madeline of Spanish Outreach. If you would like to subscribe to the Spanish edition of this list, please go here: We are also potentially able & willing to create versions in other languages if there are trusted servants willing to do the translations. ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] Request For CoDA Content

January 24th 2010 PDT

Hi. My name is Geff R and I'm the administrator of this new email list software which was recently installed and to which you are subscribed. I am writing to you to ask for your help in improving communications throughout the CoDA World Fellowship. The CoDA Announcements list is potentially a very powerful tool to get information to the fellowship in a timely and simple manner and we are looking for content from the entire fellowship. I encourage all committees and individuals to consider using the list to disseminat ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] QSR Changes, Board Issues & TMC

January 21st 2010 PDT

QSR (Quarterly Service Report) Changes: Those who have selected QSR distribution by email will now receive your copy through the new QSR email list. That is a separate list from this. If you are not subscribed to the QSR emailings, & would like to be, please go here: The QSR has changed to actual quarters. The new schedule will be as follows: QSR due dates and publication dates are: QUARTER DUE PUBLISH Jan-Feb-Mar April 15 April 30 ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] Sunday Night CoDA phone meeting

January 20th 2010 PDT

Hello All! We are looking for a few people who would be interested in hosting our Sunday night open share telephone meeting. If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping out please contact me at 760-365-9404. We desperately need to keep these alternative meetings going and we do have approximately 8-10 people each week calling into this meeting. Please pass on to anyone you might think would be interested in helping. This has been an awesome meeting and we'd hate to see it postponed due to the lack of hos ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] How Service In CoDA Works #1

January 11th 2010 PDT

The following comments are from Leo C. ____________________________________________________________________________ The following is excerpted from the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM). This is section two. The FSM can be found on the website. It describes how you, the CoDA member has the power to participate in all CoDA's decisions. This is a section of the FSM. There are other sections that speak to different situations and issues. More will be revealed as these notification emails are put forth. One point ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name] Message

December 8th 2009 PDT

Contents: 1. Thank you & mission statement 2. QSR 3. New toll free phone number 4. Spanish outreach has new email address 5. Upcoming events 6. Thank you’s 7. Translation management process information Thank you for subscribing to the CoDA announcements list. Exactly what we’ll be sending out is still a work in progress, but it will include events, announcements & items the Communications Committee believe are of interest to CoDa as a whole. Per the 2nd tradition, “For our group purpose there is but one ulti ...Continue Reading
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