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CoDA Weekly Reading 6/6/17

June 6th 2017 PDT

Surrender Surrender is a word I never liked! For me it conjured images of a leader in an ancient battle handing his sword to his foe or a boxing match where they throw in the towel. The word surrender felt like defeat. Yet in Step One, I was asked to admit powerlessness. In Steps Two and Three, I was asked to surrender to a Higher Power. I listened to the experience, strength and hope of fellow members, but I couldn’t shake how the word made me feel. So, I started pondering what was behind my feelings. After much ref ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/30/17

May 30th 2017 PDT

Dear Fellows, My name is Sarah. I am an alcoholic. I am also a chocoholic, a controlaholic, an obsessaholic, a shopaholic, and lots of other little "holics" too! My “isms” remain with me even after 11 years in AA. I had a nodding acquaintance with "this codependency stuff" but dismissed it as yet another issue I wanted to avoid. After all, I was told to KEEP IT SIMPLE! As the years rolled in, I realized that my codependent behavior was in practically everything I stood for. My mind bargained and m ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/23/17

May 23rd 2017 PDT

I had three months of severe anxiety when I left a job I loved and started a new one. Anxiety is too small a word really; it was terror. Every day my heart pounded in my head, my stomach was knotted, and I was afraid that I would be annihilated even though I knew rationally that was not going to happen. On top of that fear was the anger and disappointment that I wasn't handling it all better. I am eighteen months into my CoDA programme, and I thought that this sort of thing wouldn't happen to me anymore but it did. I ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/16/17

May 16th 2017 PDT

I've worked a lot on my codependency and find that the relationship between employee and boss is the hardest to navigate for me. It is even harder because I believe my boss is a codependent not in recovery. The more I travel down the journey of recovery, the more I find myself frustrated over what to do. I've done a lot of research but haven't found anything that described what I was experiencing. I decided I just needed to sit down and write my own story that would hopefully help others. Most articles I found relati ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/9/17

May 9th 2017 PDT

I have always and still do struggle with insecurities; I not only struggle with mine but find myself in intimate relationships with significant others that do as well. It is a repetitive cycle I find myself in with myself and with others. It is about reminding myself that God is greater than my doubts, fear and insecurities, and he has not brought me this far to let me fall. I must also be reminded that it is not my place to take on anyone else's insecurities. It is my part to do the next right thing and it doesn't alw ...Continue Reading

CoDA Yearly Notice Of Web Site & Email Privacy Policies

May 4th 2017 PDT

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Legal Department, ** *We have updated our privacy policy. Take time to read our revised Privacy Policy  which will go into effect 30 days from the date of this email. If you continue to use our services on or after that date, you will be agreeing to these new terms and policy changes. * *If you have any questions, please let us know here and we'll be happy to assist you.* ** You can review previous ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/2/17

May 2nd 2017 PDT

   I have been in CoDA just over a year now and have worked harder on my recovery in the last year of my life than I ever have on anything else. I rarely miss a meeting because it has become my lifeline. We have a very strong group with amazing people who are supportive and caring. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found CODA.     I grew up with an alcoholic father who expected perfection and a mother who denied he was an alcoholic. I was the youngest of 5 children and when I was ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Book Work Group Needs Members

April 29th 2017 PDT

*CoDA Co-NNections Committee* *Service Workers Wanted* Google Docs expertise, book indexing experience, Table of Contents creation interest. *Requirements* One year of participation in Codependents Anonymous. *Purpose* To assist in the creation of a book of Fellowship Recovery Stories. *Where * Co-NNections Committee - Book Work Group If interested please email In Fellowship, Don B, Co-NNections Committee Chair You can review previous 2015 - 2017 readings here: http://codependen ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/25/17

April 25th 2017 PDT

Life before CODA was rough; it was like “black and white TV,” to quote a friend in recovery. I was lost in others, completely codependent on them and out of touch with who I was. I didn’t know what boundaries were, what self-care meant, about my likes and dislikes, my needs and wants, nor did I have much contact with my emotions and feelings. Empathy and sympathy were as foreign to me as Spain used to feel to me before I learned Spanish. CoDA helped from the first moment I went to a meeting and tearfully heard that I ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/18/17

April 18th 2017 PDT

 My life before CoDA was one full of anxiety, anger, control issues, and approval-seeking behavior—doing things I didn't want to do to be liked or loved, avoidance, and unable to handle changes in my life or when things didn't go the way that I had expected. I worked hard to try and make everyone happy. I couldn't make the hard or healthy choices. I didn't trust anyone or let myself be vulnerable to anyone. I never stood up for myself or spoke my thoughts to other family members because I didn't want to upset anyo ...Continue Reading

Co-NNections Broken Article Submission Link Work-Around

April 14th 2017 PDT

This may be of interest to any member who has recently attempted to submit an article to Co-NNections or plans to in the near future: Co-NNections just learned today that the Co-NNections "Submit your Article" link on is broken. We don't know how long it's been down. Co-NNections assures you that restoring this link is a priority for CoDA, & we hope it will be functional on Monday. Since the Co-Nnections Committee can't guarantee that, we wanted to provide you with an alternate means to submit ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/11/17

April 11th 2017 PDT

CODA has helped me to truly live and enjoy my life. I was able to quickly recognize my codependent behaviors. Before CoDA, I did not understand why others did not adore me! Wasn't I a helpful, fun, and friendly person? Didn't I give my all to my friendships? Why did my siblings often get upset with me? Was it just because I was the oldest child in the family? Why did I have so much trouble fitting in at my jobs? I thought I was a team player. Why did I give up on my jobs when the going got tough? I was perplexed all of ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/4/17

April 4th 2017 PDT

I am in charge of my life; my credit worthiness comes from inside. I am the driver in this game, and I can choose the fast or slow lane. I am in charge of my time and that feels fine. I set goals to thrive and choose compassion to survive. I am the one who calls the shots, but not in a mean way. Saying "NO" and "I'm not ready" are OK. I have emotional sobriety, and I hold it steady, wisely. If it makes me anxious or doesn't feel right, I can leave and hold myself tight. My inventory is m ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/28/17

March 28th 2017 PDT

I have been in our CoDA group for a year and have journaled throughout the meetings. I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the meetings: • Believe in your Higher Power and act like it. • What other people think of me doesn't matter. • I can accept that certain relationships aren't good for me. • You can't fix anyone but yourself. • It's okay to take care of yourself. • You can't make a cake and expect a pie. • Other people walk off with my happiness and I am ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/20/17

March 21st 2017 PDT

I have been with CoDA since June of 2016. I was in a marriage where I was constantly doing for my husband what he needed to do for himself. There was a lot of abuse and I was constantly chasing him and letting him use me as a doormat because his own addictions came first. My ex-husband has a god and it's not me. My survival tools from childhood were no longer working for me. My counselor told me about CoDA and I'm slowly understanding why I do what I do. I divorced in September of 2016. 2016 was a trying year and I loo ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/14/17

March 14th 2017 PDT

A letter to my husband: I am very sorry it has come to this. It is not what I envisioned for myself or us. I frickin’ hate the breaking up part, but I have to be honest and say that I am happy. I finally know that God loves me and that I can really trust him. It is hard to explain because I have been saying those words for a long, long time, but it is not until I finally learned that I am worthy of being loved that I learned to stop expecting perfection of myself and was able to truly experience the love of God. The ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/7/17

March 7th 2017 PDT

Good morning everyone, I am Sarah, my life is very good. It's taken me 57 years to honestly be able to say that, to feel "I'm ok" without guilt and one eye on the person beside who I was trying to impress! I'm free from the burdens I carried around all these years..... my mother’s illness, my dysfunctional childhood, all the wrongs I experienced, my dead marriage, my less than perfect life!!! I GREW UP! I realized only recently that although all these "terrible" things had occurred in my life, they ...Continue Reading

CoDA Meeting In Print Sub-Comittee Seeks New Members

March 5th 2017 PDT

The contents of this email are from the Meeting In Print Subcommittee of the CoDA Co-NNections Committee Hi CoDA community, Our new publication, Meeting in Print, is looking for two new members to join the work with delivering this increasingly popular CoDA recovery tool! We're looking for a Vetting Member and a Multimedia Member, see descriptions of what these members would do below. VETTING MEMBER * To look through the archive of submissions we have and: Organise them logically according to length (sh ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/28/17

February 28th 2017 PDT

Like many before me, I crawled into my first CODA meeting on my knees. I had struggled with 'life' for many years, but somehow managed to 'get by'. However in the autumn of 2014, something occurred. It was, in truth, nothing new -- another relationship failure. Then - a strange thought came into my head. Codependency. I had no idea, at the time, what on earth that meant. I now interpret it as my higher power telling me my issues were not to be solved on my own. I didn't even know what codependency was - there was no al ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/21/17

February 21st 2017 PDT

I only recently discovered that I suffer from Codependency when I made the very difficult and painful decision to separate from my my husband ... my best friend and soul mate of 28 years. We have only been married for 11 of those 28 years, but we may as well have been married the whole time. Though I have struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD for upwards of 35 years, there was really only one common thread through all of this..... my need to make everything OK and everyone happy, but neglecting my own needs ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/14/17

February 13th 2017 PDT

I came to CoDA (and, for many years, Emotions Anonymous) because I was in danger of losing my marriage as well as my relationship with our kids. I was raging constantly. I got into my marriage with the notion that I was the center, I was to be catered to., I would fly into a rage if my loved ones crossed me, disagreed with me, weren't able to be with me when I wanted them to be with me or give me what I thought I needed. I would fly into a rage simply if things didn't go my way (in which case I would find someone to bl ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/7/17

February 7th 2017 PDT

My codependency began in childhood from my father's emotional and verbal abuse. As I developed adult relationships, the pattern of attracting men that were controlling and abusive continued. I knew of the abuse in my 30's but eventually ignored it until I was in my early 50's and having ended an abusive relationship with an alcoholic. I am now fully aware of the abuse and my codependency. My sister is still in denial about our childhood and is married to a verbally abusive man. I know I need to get back to the Coda gro ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/31/17

January 31st 2017 PDT

I've just become a part of CoDA. Though I've just begun to learn the teachings, I already feel by being a part of this group that this is just the beginning of an amazing recovery. I can't wait to see what's in store. I just don't know if my story is cohesive.... it really began when I realized I was married to someone I would consider a narcissist. I reported my husband to the army Family advocacy board and they denied my claim for emotional abuse because it didn't meet criteria their computer system generates from vo ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/24/17

January 24th 2017 PDT

Hi, My name is Kate, and I am codependent. Those words seem so simple and strong, which is in stark contrast to the way I feel on my journey at times. I started CoDA 3 months ago when a coworker mentioned it to me. It has since been something I look forward to each and every week. I'm new to 12 step programs in general, but am loving the program in its entiriety. My codependency is deeply rooted in my childhood having grown up with an alcoholic and narcotic abusing older brother and having severely codependent paren ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/17/17

January 17th 2017 PDT

I didn't realize the reason I couldn't get out of bed anymore was due to years of an exhausting drive to control others so that I felt important. Eventually it wore me down to where I wasn't able to help anyone. This was my crossroad. Helping people is what gave me self-worth, now I was only left with a very depressed, very useless, me. Everyone kept telling me to take time for myself, to just focus on me, and honestly, it felt like a death sentence. I wasn't enough. I don't know how it happened, I just know I started ...Continue Reading

Volunteers Wanted: CoDA Co-NNections Book of Recovery Stories

January 11th 2017 PDT

CoDA Co-NNections Book of Recovery Stories The CoDA Board of Trustees has authorized the Co-NNections Committee to compile a book of recovery stories drawn from the Co-NNections archives! Wanted: Members of the Fellowship who desire to help create this book. Interested Fellowship Members would serve on a book Work Group. This Work Group will have the same standing as the other Co-NNections Subcommittees: Weekly Readings and Meeting in Print, except the Book Work Group will be disbanded at the completion of the proje ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/10/17

January 9th 2017 PDT

"Keeping My Peace" We all have challenges we face on a daily basis whether it is work, family, romantic relationships, friendship, or financial issues. For me, keeping peace in my heart and in my mind is essential to navigating all of these avenues of life. However, sometimes maintaining the peace in my head is very challenging. A few weeks ago, I was not in a peaceful state of mind. I allowed the world to take my peace. That was a difficult place for me, as I had not been in that level of darkness in over ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/3/17

January 2nd 2017 PDT

SUE'S STORY: QUEEN OF BAD RELATIONSHIPS! I know I was raised to be a very compliant child. Shy to extremes, I was very quiet and most fearful of a very strict parental unit, household environment and religious educational system. I learned early on to please others, get rewarded for that and always do the right thing! I certainly had the “fear of the lord” ingrained in me early on. I even created “sins” to confess because I wasn't sure I committed any. So my middle name growing up was “fear.” I was an excellent studen ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 12/27/16

December 27th 2016 PDT

I was in CoDA for 6 months when I had to terminate a relationship. I was waiting at the station for my train to go to my CoDA meeting in the City. When the train pulled into the station, something inside me pulled me to the track. I just thought: "I can't do this to my children!”, turned around and held on to metal bars in front of the station window until the train had stopped. Then I got on the train, sat down and made a gratitude list in my head. That pulled me out of despair. When I got to the City I had no en ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 12/20/16

December 19th 2016 PDT

_Request for a Gift  _ I turn on the tap and water gushes out Water I can drink safely, containing fluoride that can strengthen my teeth I have hot water kept at 98°C, ice cubes in my freezer, and a flask of water at room temperature And don't start me on all the different beverages, drinks, powdered, ground, dried, teas, liquids and concentrates that I have in my home Can I see just how many luxuries I have in life? So many choices to address what I currently fancy Sometimes I forget that, and I get thrown of ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Readings Needs You

December 18th 2016 PDT

Hi, we hope you've found the weekly reading helpful & inspirational! We're writing today, looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings in 1 of 2 ways: 1. We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are interested in receiving submissions from CoDA members that represent the authentic experience of recovery. We are especially looking for submissions that not only focus on the pain and struggle associated with codependency, but that also points to ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 2nd Meeting In Print Is Out

December 17th 2016 PDT

Greetings CoDA Weekly Readings Subscribers, CoNNections is releasing a new publication “Meeting In Print” (MiP). This will start as a quarterly newsletter based on the format of a live meeting. Each edition will contain the following elements required in a CoDA group; the welcome, the preamble, the twelve steps & the twelve traditions; + the serenity prayer and the meeting close. Along with these elements there will be the opportunity for a share in various media formats. Our first two editions are based on written ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 12/13/16

December 13th 2016 PDT

I don’t remember when I actually became codependent. It may have been when I was the child of an ill mother constantly worrying. I always felt that if I could make her feel like everything was OK, then she would be OK. Every day I asked her if she was “happy” because after suffering a mental breakdown and telling me that she “wanted to go away and be with God,” I needed reassurance that she would not leave me. My happiness hinged on her medicated happiness. I grew up always being “good,” “happy,” “exciting,” a “mover ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 12/13/16

December 13th 2016 PDT

I don’t remember when I actually became codependent. It may have been when I was the child of an ill mother constantly worrying. I always felt that if I could make her feel like everything was OK, then she would be OK. Every day I asked her if she was “happy” because after suffering a mental breakdown and telling me that she “wanted to go away and be with God,” I needed reassurance that she would not leave me. My happiness hinged on her medicated happiness. I grew up always being “good,” “happy,” “exciting,” a “mover ...Continue Reading

CoDA Asks A Favor Of Those Who Choose To Unsubscribe

December 6th 2016 PDT

We have a favor to ask of our members who choose to unsubscribe. On the bottom of every email we send out there is a link that says, "Unsubscribe Automatically" By using that method you can easily unsubscribe from the list. We would greatly appreciate it if you would not use the gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, ios, etc "unsubscribe" or "spam" button. There are 2 reasons: 1. Everytime someone unsubscribes in that manner, the email provider puts it down as a negative "mark" again ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 12/6/16

December 6th 2016 PDT

I became aware of CoDA through my therapist many years ago. My recovery has revealed the brave, beautiful inner child that is my true self. Words cannot express how meaningful this journey is for me. Here, I share how CoDA and 12 step recovery helps me to see ME. ---------- This little child of mine; Crying a deep ache that Clenches her being and Causes her to feel the suffocating Force of Rejection Loneliness Confusion Shame Who are you, little child? Where are you, little child? If I could dry the tears from You ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 11/29/16

November 29th 2016 PDT

Free To Be I am you You are me. We were two. We came to be entwined as one. I could not see how it's done. Lives lived free. The true fun of just being me. Dee W. 9/20/16 ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/22/16

November 21st 2016 PDT

10 Life-Changing Benefits of Working the CoDA 12 Steps With a Sponsor and Attending CoDA Meetings 1. I chose to trust in a process of recovery that has helped me and thousands of people all over the world find peace, serenity, and a way to live life with fulfillment and hope. I have learned how to solve problems as they arise and I am discovering how to love myself and then pass that love on to others so they can be healed & restored to live their lives fully. I've found that my pain can help others to heal so noth ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 11/15/16

November 14th 2016 PDT

CoDA changed my life. I had been in codependent relationships all my life and at the time married to a verbal abuser. Something needed to change and it was me. Working the 12 steps caused me to gradually understand my patterns and triggers, connect with my higher source, and love and protect my inner child and my children from an unhealthy environment. I'm thankful to CoDA and the men and women who have struggled with the same issues and are doing something about it. Through time, I divorced and learned to be happy alo ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/8/16

November 7th 2016 PDT

Gratitude In celebration and honor of November; the gratitude month for 12 Step Programs. Before CoDA my life was lived in chaos, reactively bouncing from one disaster to another in surprising speed with shocking results. I was out of control. I came by my addictive personality honestly and set out to put my inheritance to its full use. One day returning from work my late wife suggested I might benefit from CoDA. This was a suggestion she said she received about me from an AA hot line. Being the good codependent I am ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/1/16

October 31st 2016 PDT

Twenty Consequences of Being a Codependent in Recovery! My first consequence of being a codependent in recovery is: being angry at the disease and not at the addict. My second consequence of being a codependent in recovery is: having my anger pass quicker; i.e. 2 hours versus 5 days.  My third consequence of being a codependent in recovery is: being able to sleep at night even when there is a lot going on that I found very disturbing.  My fourth consequence of being a codependent in recovery: being able t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 10/25/16

October 25th 2016 PDT

“How I became Codependent.” Growing up as a child who was abandoned by my mother when I was five and living with an alcoholic father, I quickly encompassed the characteristics of a codependent. At an early age, I sought out people—anyone—who would listen to me or want to be my friend. As the aqua book Co-dependents Anonymous reads on the welcome page, “We attempted to use others—our mates, our friends, and even our children, as our sole source of identity, value, and well-being, and as a way of trying to restore wit ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 10/18/16

October 18th 2016 PDT

Steps to finding me Then - I thought I not only could control others, I felt it my responsibility to get you to do it my way. I didn't realize that my life was insane, that there was a power greater than me for me. I didn't know that the God of my understanding existed, nor that I could trust in this God. I didn't ever look at the harm I had done, nor the impact my choices had on others. I never told anyone about my wrongs; my motto was never let them see you sweat I had no idea that the things that obviously we ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 10/11/16

October 10th 2016 PDT

My history of abuse is a long and twisted tree. Many leaves of self-esteem have fallen. I feel torn and confused. Unsure where to turn I kept running back to both of you. My parents... For guidance, wisdom, a clue. But, you are too twisted and I am untwisting. My limbs seek the Sun. They want to feel healthy. They want to grow. And I water myself with self-love. No longer will I isolate to feel peace. I can be alone cause I choose to. No longer will I take your abuse. My leaves can withstand hurricane force ...Continue Reading

CoDA Readings Seeks Writings About Gratitude Month

October 4th 2016 PDT

Many 12 step programs celebrate the gratitude of being in recovery in the month of November. Your Co-NNections Committee would like to feature the subject of Gratitude for our recovery in all 5 of our November Weekly Readings. If this idea touches you & you'd like to write about it, we'd really appreciate stories of your Experience, Strength & Hope on the subject of Gratitude. If you're interested, it would be ideal if we could receive your writing within the next 2 weeks (though please feel free to send anytim ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 10/4/16

October 3rd 2016 PDT

I came to CoDA thanks to my neighbor at the time. She had been talking to me for months about CoDA and going to meetings. Finally I went to my first meeting January 5th 1990, in Danbury CT. I knew my life had become unmanageable and even though I was in therapy, I needed more. My marriage was slipping away, and I was looking to fix it anyway I could. Little did I know what a gift I was about to give myself by choosing the path of recovery. For the first few months I just kept showing up at the Friday night meeting. At ...Continue Reading

[list_settings.list_name]: Meeting In Print Is Live!

September 30th 2016 PDT

Greetings CoDA Weekly Readings Subscribers, CoNNections is releasing a new publication “Meeting In Print” (MiP). This will start as a quarterly newsletter based on the format of a live meeting. Each edition will contain the following elements required in a CoDA group; the welcome, the preamble, the twelve steps; the twelve traditions, the serenity prayer and the meeting close. Along with these required elements there will be the opportunity for a share in various media formats. Our first two editions are based on writ ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 9/26/16

September 26th 2016 PDT

Step 8: Made a list of all persons we have harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all When I first thought about this step, I had only four people on my list: my husband and my three children. And as I was thinking about the ways I had hurt them, I realized I was still stuck on how they had hurt me! And how is my list only four people? I have been codependent for a long time—and not just with my family. So I started with a list of the people that had hurt me. At the top of the list was my husband because t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 9/20/16

September 20th 2016 PDT

Step 7: Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings When I first started coming to the CoDA meetings, I was definitely in crisis. My world being turned upside down forced me to look at myself, my relationships, my whole way of being. The pain was so great, the tunnel so dark, that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to live again. I was in intensive outpatient therapy at therapy 3 hours a day for several weeks. The therapy was focused on coping behaviors, and for me, the grieving process of losing my marriage. My anguis ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 9/12/16

September 13th 2016 PDT

Since I started recovery I have had to do a lot of letting go. Letting go of people and events especially, but also resentments and negative thinking. Letting go is hard for me because it creates a hole in my life, in my day, in my thoughts. This is normal, not crazy or codependent. What I used to do is fill the hole with something not healthy: food, someone else, work, etc. In recovery I've learned to fill that hole with ME. I still get the thought that pops into my head about that person or event, but I notice it and ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 9/6/16

September 5th 2016 PDT

I write to feel better about myself. I write to know how I feel, and I write to be whole. I write because it is the music of my soul. I write because I get spiritually and mentally muddled when I don't. I write to know my mind. I write to find my feelings because they can be so intense and foreign like ships in the night on a churning black sea with no moon. Writing down my feelings puts the moon back in the scene, spotlighting my pain and shame and calms the waves rocking my boat. Writing is the North star guiding me ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 8/30/16

August 30th 2016 PDT

My boss's boss came in to say that the points I made at the meeting were very good but they lost impact because I got too emotional when making them. I waited for the old feeling of a dagger going into my heart - the feeling that I wasn't good enough for this job or for any job or anything. It didn't come. Before CoDA: Every criticism is totally true because I am defective and it is the final verdict on me as a human being. At the same time I cannot accept any criticism because it is a rejection of all of me so every ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 8/23/16

August 23rd 2016 PDT

Being in CoDA has taught me a lot about my control patterns. I've recently realized that I can't help but want to control the emotions of everyone around me. And more importantly, I have worn myself down into a pattern of deciding for my loved ones what they should be thinking or feeling. I suffered sexual abuse as a 10 year old. My family covered it up because the perpetrator was my brother. I am 30 now, but I am still firmly entrenched in the victim role. This means I can't stand it when members of my family don't r ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 8/16/16

August 16th 2016 PDT

When I attended my first CoDA meeting March 2014, I had 2yr marriage counseling & 1mo of AA. I'd acknowledged the unmanageability, but not the source of them. The characteristics I read at my first CoDA meeting that I read struck home, and I knew that I had found my safe spot. Then the work began. After Step 3, I felt stuck in my recovery, but I couldn't identify the obstruction. My sponsor helped me push through my struggles of the 4th Step. The dose of humility I swallowed at that time has since helped me to kee ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 8/9/16

August 9th 2016 PDT

My name is Sarah, I'm 56 and I'm recovering daily from the Co-dependency which has ruled my life thus far. I used to laugh at jokes I didn't understand because I thought I'd look stupid if I admitted I didn't find them funny. I just wanted to be like everyone else in the room and fit in, when inside I was so alone and at sea. I had no idea how crippling my Co-dependency was until I had to address it, on my knees and desperately struggling to understand why my life was still such a struggle after 10 years recovery in AA ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 8/2/16

August 1st 2016 PDT

I came into the program attending Al-Anon meetings and then realized I was Co-Dependent (oh my, it was about me after all). :) After several years of meetings I thought I was fixed and stopped attending. Later I realized my tendencies to take care of others and desert myself broadened after having a child. Healthy boundaries and taking care of myself went right out the window (and so did my happiness). Sometimes it takes a downward descent to realize you have forgotten to work the steps. I can only fix myself and if ot ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 7/26/16

July 25th 2016 PDT

Being in an unhealthy relationship for 20 years was taking a toll on me. I was feeling constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, hopeless and helpless. What pained me most about my life was living "beneath the bricks"... Knowing that my real self was buried under there. Somewhere deep down... There was so much I needed to accomplish, so much I was capable of creating, doing, spreading. Yet, it sat beneath the cocoon, hibernating... Waiting for the layers of hardened molten to chip away. One chisel at a time... An ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 7/19/16

July 18th 2016 PDT

_I'm going to use you: A journey through codependency (Chapters 1-8)_ *This story was conceived on a road built of yellow bricks, alongside some remarkable characters *For all those who are teaching me to face my fears and embrace my Super Powers, I am forever in your debt, thank you, you are my Angels _Chapter 1_ I hope you don't mind, I'm going to use you What you gave me, what you couldn't give to me And everything in between The laughter, care and attention The anger, disappointment, and tears I'll use it all, ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 7/12/16

July 11th 2016 PDT

How can love go bad? Isn't love supposed to be one of those universal, eternal values? I hear people talk about it. Love this and love that and be loving. Do people even know what it is like to live with someone who doesn't want to be "loved?" Either everyone in my life is sick or my "love" went bad somehow; but how does "love go bad?" This doesn't even seem to be my problem--but my therapist told me to go to CoDA anyway! How frustrating!! Am I some sort of "love drunk?" It is ve ...Continue Reading

Unsubscribing from the CoDA Email Lists With Gmail

July 8th 2016 PDT

We have a favor to ask of our members who use gmail. On the bottom of every email we send out there is a link that says, "Want to remove yourself from this mailing list at any time? Use this link:" & right below that, is a link. By using that method you can easily unsubscribe from the list. We would greatly appreciate it if you would not use the gmail "unsubscribe" or "spam" button. There are 2 reasons: 1. Everytime someone unsubscribes in that manner, gmail puts it down as a neg ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 7/5/16

July 4th 2016 PDT

Empowered vs. Powerless: A First Step Poem Empowered is climbing the mountain of recovery; powerless is giving in before the journey's started. Empowered is the night sky with the Moon's guiding light, powerless is no moon or guiding stars in sight. Empowered comes from remembering myself; powerless comes from forgetting myself. Empowered is what I do to myself, powerless is what I do to others. Empowered is living and breathing my recovery, powerless is giving into my codependent story. Alison M - 6/23/16 You can ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 6/28/16

June 27th 2016 PDT

My history is much like I assume many have. I learned of CoDA back in the late 90s but never did anything with it. I kept plowing my way thru the life I have been given. In 2013, I entered a relationship that was a repeat of many I have had before. I was trying so hard to keep myself sane and not repeat my behaviors of the past. My way was simply not working and found CoDA again when I could no longer afford a therapist. It has been where I could have been many years ago but alas, I am here now and am very grateful as ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 6/21/16

June 21st 2016 PDT

My Experience with a Recovery Acronym Hunger, Anger, Lonely, Tired HALT HALT is one of many recovery tools which have become a part of my daily life. HALT as a standalone concept helps me take inventory and works as a good reminder to stop, slow down, and break my headlong rush toward some unacknowledged and usually unconscious goal. HALT as the acronym is even more useful to me. Hunger, Anger, Lonely and Tired are barometers of my recovery as well as red flags waving Claxton horns loudly clanking, brightly blinking st ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 6/14/16

June 13th 2016 PDT

I never opened my ears. I was always taking care of so many people and issues that I never had time to be truly present. I felt like a ball in a pinball game. As I started my recovery, and with each step I started to focus on me. I was able to detach from people and events that were not good for me. The more I spent time finding myself and learning who I was and what I enjoyed doing I was able to see the value in my true friends and family. I spend more time with my ears open and focusing on what is deeply important to ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 6/7/16

June 6th 2016 PDT

Cathy’s Inventory Template 1. Did I take care of myself physically? 2. Did I take care of myself emotionally? 3. Did I take care of myself spiritually? 4. Did I isolate? 5. Did I reach out to others? 6. Did I ask for help when I needed it? 7. Taking an honest look at my motivations, did I take any actions aimed at controlling others or situations to my liking? 8. How do I feel? 9. Am I experiencing any fear, shame, or guilt? If so, why? 10. Do I feel anger? If so, which anger management tool will I use to deal ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading Seeks Your Story From Members

June 6th 2016 PDT

The contents of this email are from the Weekly Reading Sub Committee Of the CoDA Co-NNections Committee, We're writing today looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings. You can view the 2015 & 2016 readings here: We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are interested in receiving submissions from CoDA members that represent the authentic experience of recovery. ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 5/31/16

May 30th 2016 PDT

 Quenched They came to the group Telling their story Of love lost and fool's gold A steady stream like none- these passers had ever seen. They came in their manys, Came together, or one by one Looking for answers Solace, support. Tired, worn, worried- About the outcome. Yet, most learned to feel the shock of majesty and The wonder of the other side: where loved bloomed - Quietly, deeply Anchoring earth. Mike T. - 1/14/16 You can review previous 2015 & 2016 readings here: http://codependents.or ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 5/24/16

May 23rd 2016 PDT

I have been in Co-Dependents Anonymous for 8 months now, joined in July of 2015. My son brought me to a 12-step group. He is now a recovering drug addict. I have to thank my Higher Power everyday for his addiction, otherwise I would not have come through the doors of CoDA. The first step says, "We admitted we were powerless over others, that our lives had become unmanageable." I was powerless over my son and his addiction and over pretty much everything else, except my recovery. Through working the 12 steps, ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 5/17/16

May 16th 2016 PDT

Growing up in a religious house, I remember the panic attacks I had from the time I was 8 years old. I didn't believe any of what I heard and that was scary. From what I could understand at the time, I was simply incapable of believing what my parents believed and what all the other adults in my life believed. It set me off on a road of thinking in many ways, that there must be something very deeply wrong with me. I carried that fear, pain, anxiety, shame and guilt with me well into my young adulthood. In my childhood ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 5/10/16

May 9th 2016 PDT

My name is Don B. I am co-dependent. Here is my 4th Step Prayer I wrote after finishing my first journey through that step in CoDA: God if it be thy will please remove from me the fictional belief that my existence is wrong. Please remove from me the fictional belief that my being is shameful. Please remove from me the fear that these fictional beliefs are true, and will be discovered. I take full responsibility for these Defects of Character, and humbly ask that these Short Comings be removed, so I may be of use to y ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 5/3/16

May 2nd 2016 PDT

A question in Step 2 asks: What attributes does my Higher Power have, and how do they support me? For me, the answer to this question is the Key to my recovery. My Higher Power Attributes cleansed the stubborn childhood's cobwebs that were once embedded inside my head, and helps me stay focused on the positive, rather than the negative. Some say: "My HP doesn't like it when I procrastinate; he expects me to do better." Others say: "My HP doesn't like it when I don't follow his will”. If it's not too mu ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 4/26/16

April 25th 2016 PDT

My name is Danielle and I am definitely Co-dependent. Well, somehow time has passed and I am entering my 22nd year in Co-Dependents Anonymous. I came here because I didn't want to be an alcoholic, so strangely enough, being co-dependent was better. I found out quickly that I had some unresolved issues that needed to be addressed in order to heal. I sat in CoDA meetings for a couple of months before I realized there was no turning back. I wanted to stop going to meetings, but I really was sick and tired of being sick an ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 4/19/16

April 19th 2016 PDT

I have been in CoDA for 2.5 years now and can definitely say that this program was sent to me by God! I had problems with love relationships from the beginning of time. I always felt that something was wrong with me until I found the program. I now know that I inherited codependency and love addiction from my parents but am not blaming them or angry at them anymore as I do realize they too inherited it from their parents. It is a generational disease, just like physical diseases and it takes courage, self-awareness, an ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 4/12/16

April 11th 2016 PDT

A poem written with my 14 year old son in mind who is struggling with anger. As someone in recovery who has had outbursts of anger and have used the "garbage can" pre-recovery I wanted to share! THE GARBAGE CAN Garbage can, why are you so full? I'm sure I can fit a little bit more. Keep pushing it down, stuffing it in, surely you will never end. Why do I fill you, why does more fit? Because you are my comfort and my deepest confidence. You're all that I know, you're safe metal walls. I know that you'll be th ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 4/6/16

April 5th 2016 PDT

I am a very productive feelings factory. I always have been and probably always will be. Before recovery, I was also in the business of delivering these feelings, and I was very bad at it. I would churn out all sorts of feelings, which I would then promptly and compulsively dispatch to the wrong recipient, or dump all over the place in inappropriate locations. Sometimes I was so overloaded with the feelings I had manufactured that they would spill off the truck and be left lying in broken piles by the roadside. Often t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 3/26/16

March 29th 2016 PDT

Service work is a life saver. I joined Coda in 1998 and by the grace of my higher power a couple of weeks into my program I was asked to fill in for our GSR while she was on vacation. Wow, this was my chance to get involved in my program and understand the principles. Since then, I have held several meeting & intergroup positions from secretary, treasurer, newsletter, fellowship and conference activities as well as others. Being a introvert/isolator the fellowship activities position really helped me to network an ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 3/22/16

March 21st 2016 PDT

The Butterfly Feeling grounded, weighted down. The world's upon my shoulders. Feel my footing loosing grip, I'm covered up in boulders. The suffocating pain of life is almost too much to bear; I'd leave this world of suffering but for the ones that care. I've lost myself inside this storm. The winds are whirling round. I feel so lost and cast-away. I'm sure I'll not be found. Lacking Love, a heart neglected, it's a dark and lonely place. I seek some light in this dark tunnel; looking for some grace. My youthfulness ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 3/16/16

March 15th 2016 PDT

I have recently been faced with the hard cold fact that I am codependent... after reading up on what it actually means, the term "poster child" comes to mind. I have been given two workbooks to page through and work in addition to seeking out a support group to help me sort this whole new diagnosis out. Yes diagnosis... my therapist said so. Today’s lesson to work on was detachment. Bam! I am now over whelmed and actively seeking guidance from my higher power (God) I now understand the serenity prayer and wh ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading Seeks Submissions

March 8th 2016 PDT

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Co-NNections Committee, We're writing today looking for CoDA members who would be interested in contributing to the Weekly Readings. You can view the 2015 & 2016 readings here: We're looking for new material to send out for the Weekly Reading. We are interested in receiving submissions from CoDA members that represent the authentic experience of recovery. We are especially looking ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 3/8/16

March 7th 2016 PDT

My Current Thoughts & Process With The Issue & Concept of “Love Addiction” I want to be very clear that though I have many years in CoDA (24) the following is very much my own personal opinion & nothing more (other than perhaps the final 2 paragraphs). Over the last 5 years or so, due to my personal evolution & a difficult experience with a 12 step group that focuses on Love Addiction I have changed my personal opinions. First a caveat: If there's current abuse, active alcoholism or active drug addict ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 3/1/16

February 29th 2016 PDT

I'm Sara, I'm codependent. BEFORE: ("Have difficulty identifying feelings. Minimize, alter or deny their feelings." Denial Patterns) I came to CoDA on October 16th, 1999 because I was 37 years old and still trying to do whatever I assumed my parents wanted me to do – at my own expense. I believed I could never do enough to please them. I didn't know myself or what made me happy. I was miserable. AFTER: ("I know a new love and acceptance of myself and others. I feel genuinely lovable, loving and loved&q ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 2/23/16

February 22nd 2016 PDT

FEBRUARY 14? NO VALENTINE?? I CAN LAY OFF THE WHINE! When I was a child I learned that love was a most powerful, healing energy that could fix almost any problem. As I grew up I took that wisdom and felt that any problem faced could and would be overcome if only I could and would love more. When I finally gave up trying to fix others because my own fatigue and self-neglect had made my life (and the lives of those I claimed to love) unmanageable, I came to CoDA. When Valentine's Day came around I felt sad because I ha ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 2/16/16

February 16th 2016 PDT

I came to CoDA via other rooms. I had developed creative and believable methods of manipulation and control to get people to need, like, and be impressed by me. I didn't necessarily want attention, but ultimately desired consistency of kindness and care from relationships (which of course was the missing link from childhood). It took 40-something years and a good home group that felt VERY comfortable for me to finally admit co-dependency is my core challenge. Personal inventory was frightening until it became just lau ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 2/9/16

February 8th 2016 PDT

I live in fear of the future, that is to say that I live in the future, afraid. What will go wrong? I wonder constantly, fearfully. If I just do everything right (perfectly), maybe I won't have to be ashamed of myself, my life, my words and actions. Constantly comparing myself and my circumstances to others, with every waking thought, in order to discern my appropriate next action. Of course, this leaves no room for play. To play, one must have a sense of freedom in the moment to let go, to releasing agenda. Always as ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 2/2/16

February 2nd 2016 PDT

What I have learned in CoDA? So much you can't even believe. this is a great program to learn about co-dependency, and that means self value, vulnerability, imperfection, dependency, and maturity. In newer CoDA-language, we say self esteem, complacent, control, and avoidance. (we liked the older version better). But either way, we were finally allowed to talk about the childhood abuse, and then, start to see how it effects our lives today. I don't know where this program is going for me. I am still not in a healthy r ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 1/26/16

January 25th 2016 PDT

Paddy Rose's Story Fourteen years after I left my first marriage with my two young children, because he had once again asked me to stop focusing on getting MY college degree and go back to work, I knew I had hit my bottom, especially after I had been accepted into a prestigious local university. At that time in 1987, a popular book about Women getting into unhealthy relationships had been published and I was attending a group with other women looking at our codependency issues, singing to myself "I haven't got ti ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 1/19/16

January 19th 2016 PDT

Improving our conscious contact with CoDA... Recently I was reminded that "an isolated group can be like an isolated Co-dependent." When I stopped being defiant and arrogant about how I was living my life; I finally broke my own isolation. I embraced CoDA recovery and I got better! In the same way, it seems when CoDA groups stay connected with each other that the group's aura of recovery improves which makes the group attractive which in turn helps the individuals in the group; everyone wins. One thing that ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 1/16/16

January 12th 2016 PDT

Awakening I attended CODA meetings off and on from the mid-1990's but didn't actually understand what "working the program " meant until 1 1/2 years ago. That's when I realized that If I truly wanted recovery I needed to commit. And I did. I got a sponsor bought the literature and began working the Steps. And, as I did the work, I began to awaken. I began to understand what the slogans meant. I experienced miracles in my life as I learned to trust my Higher Power and work the Steps, attend meetings regularly, ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 1/5/16

January 4th 2016 PDT

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION? WHAT IS YOUR RECOVERY PLAN FOR 2016? Some people who come into CoDA for the first time seem to have a strong desire to recover. People like this are a marvel to see because they can almost magically breathe life into the Codependent recovery community! This is especially true when maybe that community hasn't had someone come by who was "really serious" in a while. Of course, some people don't stick with recovery at all; other people may get discouraged or frustrated and lose their ze ...Continue Reading

CoDA Email Lists & Spam Filters

January 2nd 2016 PDT

CoDA Email Lists & Spam Filters (Please Read) Some of the emails we have sent you from the email list(s) you're subscribed to have may have been bounced by your email provider as spam. This is happening because some providers have their filter configured to see specific (unknown to us) words as spam. Unfortunately, this has been going on for several months, and it is impacting CoDA; the most significant impact is that when one filter labels CoDA email as spam, many other filters get that information and make it h ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 12/29/15

December 29th 2015 PDT

Here are some thoughts on Codependency & Recovery (They represent the author’s thoughts and experiences and are not endorsed by CoDependents Anonymous.) • Codependency is about focusing on, taking care of, and fixing others. Recovery is about focusing on and taking care of me, and being supportive of others. I believe that codependency is a set of survival mechanisms and behaviors learned in childhood to protect against abuse from our primary care givers and others. As adults these behaviors and beliefs are self ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 12/22/15

December 21st 2015 PDT

Validation I recognized at about 52 years of age that I was a people pleaser, approval seeker, always thought I was nice, helpful, giving... Good, right? No! Now I know the truth! I was becoming a doormat! Nothing attractive about that!! So I realized it, but what did I do about it? I started attending CODA meetings, and now at 55 years of age, I am reading and listening to all of the quality information I can find. Because now I'm finding out why. One can only put on a Band-Aid, take a pill, drink a drink in an attem ...Continue Reading

CoDA: To Our AOL Subscribers

December 18th 2015 PDT

Many CoDA emails are being put in your spam folder by aol. If you would be willing to go into your aol spam folder & check every CoDA email & select "not spam" that would insure future delivery & greatly help CoDA.                             In Service,                   &nbs ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 12/15/15

December 15th 2015 PDT

I Am Enough I was feeling lonely. By working the steps I realize that I was ignored as a child. I was told, by their actions that I wasn't important. But I was. As an adult, I continued this dysfunction by ignoring myself. I believed that others were more important than I was. This attracted people into my life that also believed they were more important than I was. I would spend years doing whatever it took to get noticed, which included many positive and negative actions. Now I know I'm enough. I take care of myself ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 12/8/15

December 8th 2015 PDT

Codependency and My Dog When my dog wags his tail, I smile. He is happy. So, I'm happy. Often, all I have to do is walk into the living room and I'll hear the thumping of his tail on the hardwood floor. It is his visible and audible sign that he is happy to see me. When I return home from work and he runs over to greet me, I enjoy that feeling of being needed. I am codependent with my dog and I'm OK with that. I don't go to codependents anonymous because I am codependent. As the CoDA blue book says, we are all a litt ...Continue Reading

Spam Filters & The CoDA Email Lists

December 3rd 2015 PDT

We'd like to take his opportunity to remind you of the best methods to bypass improperly programmed spam filters. In a nutshell, it basically involves putting the sender's address (in our case, Announcements: Weekly Reading: QSR: Hospitals & Institutions: ) In your contacts / address book / white list Also as an fyi, aol users are having issues receiving many emails; it's especially important to do t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 12/01/15

November 30th 2015 PDT

I Went To My First Meeting Last Week . . . ... and I walked in terrified as ever. I am 28 years old and for the first time in my life I realize that I am codependent. I have been labeled, but it's true. I am recently separated from a man and stepson and am alone for the first time in my life. I have always supported others and never myself. I find myself deeply depressed and lost. I want out! I want a new life. I want to live like other people that seem so happy The first meeting was awesome. I cried before anyone sho ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/24/15

November 24th 2015 PDT

Kathie's Story It has been 3 years this month since I started back in CoDA on a regular basis. I used to come randomly for 3-5 previous years, which doesn't work or didn't work for me. I have learned so much from CoDA from my friends in my group. Watching everyone grow made me realize that I must be growing and changing, also. I have made some really wonderful friendships in my group. People that I love and care about. They have taught me it is ok to be vulnerable. They don't judge me. When I talk at the meeting everyo ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/24/15

November 24th 2015 PDT

Kathie's Story It has been 3 years this month since I started back in CoDA on a regular basis. I used to come randomly for 3-5 previous years, which doesn't work or didn't work for me. I have learned so much from CoDA from my friends in my group. Watching everyone grow made me realize that I must be growing and changing, also. I have made some really wonderful friendships in my group. People that I love and care about. They have taught me it is ok to be vulnerable. They don't judge me.  When I talk at the meeti ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading: 11/17/15

November 17th 2015 PDT

Valerie's Story When I first started going to meetings, I lived in an area where there were a lot to choose from. I now live in an area where there are only three. We have a very vibrant Saturday meeting where we feel pretty isolated and I know that many old-timers are concerned about the lack of CODA in the community. I'd like to be of service in any way I can to those who need it here in my community. I know myself enough to know how much effort I can put into things; I no longer engage in doing the volunteer work ...Continue Reading
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