CoDA Quarterly Service Report: 2nd Quarter 2020

From: "CoDA Quarterly Service Report" <>
Subject: CoDA Quarterly Service Report: 2nd Quarter 2020
Date: October 3rd 2020

This year, we asked the CoDA World Service committees to combine their 2nd (and part of their 3rd) Quarterly Service Reports (QSR) with their CoDA Service Conference (CSC) Reports.

Because of the varying formats that were used, instead of sending you a single document as usual, we would like to direct you to the permanent 2020 CSC Summary:

The standard QSR reports you are used to seeing are in the column called "Reports and Goals" in the middle of the second part of the page. There is also much more there; a partial list includes the CSC motions database, 2020-2021 goals, audio of most of the service conference, and much more.

You can either download everything as a zip file, or just items of interest.

Again, the link is


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