CoDA Group Representative List : Service Conference Deadlines

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Subject: CoDA Group Representative List : Service Conference Deadlines
Date: March 15th 2020

Hello to the fellowship! Because the Service Conference (CSC) is starting earlier this year, we have come to realize that compared to last year, today is already the equivalent of mid June!

This is an early notice of Due Dates & other information. While most of this information mainly impacts the committees at CoDA World Service, we always want to get this information to the fellowship. We hope to have a similar set of web pages up in less than a month on the new

Also, for USA residents (you probably already know this!) the short version is it's pretty simple to enter Canada, but getting back to the USA will require a Passport. Please allow yourself time to find the required paperwork required if like me, you don't already have one. Because some USA states are adding "Enhanced Driver's Licenses" this year, the in person wait when you bring in your paperwork MAY be longer than usual.

We'll be sending more out on this in the upcoming weeks.

And we are requesting that delegates register asap at

Announcement of the North American Grant and International Delegate Grant application. The Voting Entity will be reimbursed, not the Delegate. Up to 50% of the Grant may be requested in advance. This is the link for the Grant Application:

The Grants will be awarded in May. Delegates must be registered for CSC and complete a Delegate Verification Form which will be sent as a link to registered Delegates.


For now, here's the 2020 deadlines:

Committee Motions & bylaw changes: May 5th

Revisions to the above: May 20th

Delegate Grant Applications (formerly known as Travel Reimbursement Opportunity): May 20

CoDA Committee Goals & Reports June 19th

CoDA Committee Budgets June 19th

Voting Entity Issues (VEI's); (this means an issue that your area wants CoDA World to consider) to appear in the delegate packet & POSSIBLY go to the floor: June 19th

Other than appearing in the delegate packet, VEI's can be submitted at any time to There is an approved form. It will be up on the website soon. If you need a form now, please reply to this email.

Registration is already open for both CSC & the CoDA Convention (ICC). Please Go to

This year we are asking that remote video observers register at no charge.    

On Behalf Of The CSC Prep Workgroup,

Geff R

Steve S

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