CoDA Group Representative List : CoDA Board Replies to Members' Inquiries about Corona Virus

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Subject: CoDA Group Representative List : CoDA Board Replies to Members' Inquiries about Corona Virus
Date: March 14th 2020


CoDA Board Response to Inquiries from Local Meetings and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As recovering codependents, the principles of Self-Care and having Healthy Relationships are central to our recovery. The Board advises all meetings to follow the advice of local infectious disease experts. 

There are on-line and phone meetings available at  If your Home Group meeting is cancelled due to Coronavirus, consider starting a phone meeting using one of the many online meeting platforms available.

-- Where no time zone has been stipulated for an online or phone meeting, the hour shown is in Eastern (US) Time

-- Where a group contact is shown for alternative meetings, anyone who is interested may write to double check the time zone of the meeting.

-- If the Group Representatives of each Phone meeting would update the time zone and contact information for their meetings, that would be a great help to the number of people who want to attend a meeting that is not face to face.

-- To update the time zone for Online meetings, please write a note to that effect in the Special Instructions box on the Update page. The Fellowship Service Worker will then move that information to the correct place in the meeting’s record.

For those who plan to attend the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) and/or the International CoDA Convention (ICC) in Ottawa, Canada in July 2020, we are considering other options, should international travel become restricted.

We will continue to update you as more information is available. 

In Service,


CoDA Board of Trustees

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