CoDA World Structure Group - Notes from first conference call

From: "CoDA Group Representative List" <>
Subject: CoDA World Structure Group - Notes from first conference call
Date: April 21st 2018

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The contents of this email are from the CoDa World Structure Group



A workgroup was created and met on April 9, 2018


Initial items for consideration are:


  1. How to make time at Coda Service Conference more collaborative and productive rather than administrative type updates

  2. How to create healthy rotation and boundaries in service with term limits for committee chairs and possibly committee members

  3. Are there areas where committees overlap or their function is more an administrative task that would be better executed by a paid worker than a full committee?


No specific committees or service work were discussed in detail



We currently have 12 standing committees that attend our CoDA Service Conference in addition to the CoRE and CoDA Boards.


1.   Communications

2.   Co-NNections

3.   Events

4.   Finance

5.   Hospitals and Institutions

6.   Issues Mediation (IMC) *elected by CoDA Service Conference each year

7.   Literature

8.   Spanish Outreach

9.   Service Structure

10. Translation Management

11. Outreach

12. World Connections (WCC)

Would a 3 year term limit make sense of the Chair of committee including a time that one cannot return to a committee or chair position.   An alternate committee member can be on board for a year or more shadowing/learning the role of chair prior to taking that position.

Committees have a minimum and maximum number of participants?


Would fewer committees mean more resources and volunteers available to tackle the most critical work of CoDA carrying it’s message to the still suffering codependent?

What tasks could be referred to a paid worker rather than a full standing committee?

 i) updating the FSM. Conference to determine how often a full update is done. In the intervening years, the amendments could be listed on sheets to be added as an addendum. This would save a great deal of time and money

ii) PI. Conference or conference appointed workgroup should determine a PI policy and process.



Discussed the possibility of requiring the passage of time before a rejected motion could be reconsidered by CSC.  (couldn’t submit it two years in a row)

Another suggestion we made was that if there were fewer standing committees there would be room for cross committee work groups to come together to accomplish specific jobs with a specific deadline rather than creating another ongoing committee. These jobs would be determined by conference.



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