CoDA Group Representative List : Support For When There Isn't A Near By Meeting

From: "CoDA Group Representative List" <>
Subject: CoDA Group Representative List : Support For When There Isn't A Near By Meeting
Date: February 27th 2018

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Hello and thank you very much to our CoDA trusted servants who signed up for this email list!


Our hope is that Group Reps will share these messages with their home meetings, and that intergroup members will share them with each other as well as their meetings.



This message also went out today in slightly different form to our "General Announcemenrts" Email list; you may have seen it.

Because such a small % of our members are subscribed to the lists, & because we feel this is very important information, we're requesting & hoping that you'll take this back to your home meetings & intergroups. Thanks for all you do!

We're writing today to share 2 CoDA resources with you that you may not be aware of. Both are especially valuable if you live in an area with few meetings or even if you just feel like you need a meeting & there isn't one available at the moment.


Most of us attend in person meetings; many of us have a sponsor & reach out to other members of the fellowship by phone or in person for support. Here are 2 additional options you may not be aware of:


1. The CoDA Alternative meetings. There are both telephone meetings & internet (chat room style) meetings every day at several times!


The phone meetings:

You can see what's available & get information on joining a phone or online meeting here:


  1. The Phone meetings:


  1. The online meetings:


Please note there are several pages of listings for both. Near the upper right of each page you will see a drop down menu that starts with "Page: 1". To view additional pages (right now there are 4-5 pages) please click on the down arrow to the right of the Page box.


To join a meeting, please follow the instructions to the right of the meeting name, date & time. A small percentage of meetings have an email address; for those please send an email asking for instructions.


Several of the online meetings are also non USA based!


Now for the 2nd resource: The CoDA Online Forums!


The forums are an online message board where you can communicate with other CoDA members; both when you're looking to give or receive support or just to say "hi" to like minded people in recovery. There are also chat rooms. There are instructions at the link above how to join. I've personally seen some great examples of Experience, Strength & Hope posted here, & the forum is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!


We hope you'll check these out, & especially share these great resources with your CoDA friends.

                              Thank You,
                              Geff R
                              CoDA Email List Coordinator


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