Alternate Meetings Forming A Voting Entity, A Task Force is forming!!

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Subject: Alternate Meetings Forming A Voting Entity, A Task Force is forming!!
Date: October 12th 2022

Alternate Meetings Forming A Voting Entity, A Task Force is Alternate Meetings Forming A Voting Entityforming!!

Are you part of a Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp , Chat, Phone, Email or other Alternative meeting? CoDA needs your voice!

Is your meeting interested in being involved in an intergroup/voting entity? This allows you to not only have relationships with CoDA people from all over, but it also allows the group to have a representative at the annual CoDA Service Conference (CSC), where decisions are made about new literature, where what is happening throughout CoDA is discussed, where the International Committees and the Board of CoDA report to the fellowship about the past year as well as plans for the future, and then have a vote about those items.

A task force is forming to discuss the best way Alternative Format meetings can be organized and represented.  Our first meeting was on October 2nd.  Minutes are attached.  Our next meeting is Sunday, October 16th,  6am PT, 7am MT, 9am ET.    If your meeting is interested in sending a group representative or you just have interest in the group, please contact to receive more information.
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Florence F.
CoDA Board Member and Web Liaison
July 2022- 2023


CoDA (CoDependents Anonymous)
Group Created on 9/13/2022

Alternative Format Meetings (AFM)
Task Force


Task Assigned

Video and phone meetings are "Alternative Format Meetings" or AFMs. There is currently no easy way for most AFMs to have a say in business of CoDA. There is a concern that major portions of our fellowship are being left out of the decision making process. A task force/work group was requested to address this matter. The hope is to organize ourselves and hopefully create a VE [Voting Entity] process for having AFM voices heard at CSC. (Provided by Florence, Task Force Moderator and Liaison to Standing Outreach Committee)


Guidance Provided by the Fellowship Service Manual of CoDA
Community Problem Solving Method follows a basic four-stage process: (REF: FSM,
Part 4, Section 03)
1. Identifying an issue or problem - gathering information.
2. Brainstorming - formulating solutions or recommendations.
3. Crafting a motion from the suggested solutions or recommendations.
4. Voting on the motion (No second or amendments are needed.)

Method of Decision Making is described in FSM Part 4, Section 3, page 14.
- Majority vote in favor with minority acceptance (e.g., not opposed)
- Majority vote (2/3) to approve
- Will there be a quorum required for voting? What will quorum be?
- Something else?
Guidelines for Crafting Motions are described in FSM Part 4, Section 3, page 15

Guidelines for the Group Conscience Process FSM Part
- What guidelines will be used for sharing?
- How might the meeting deal with crosstalk?
- How will newcomers be greeted and integrated?
- When will regular business meetings take place?
The group’s task is to prepare a proposal for review by the Standing Outreach
How will the group know that their task is complete?

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CoDA (CoDependents Anonymous)
Group Created in WhatsApp on 9/13/2022

How will the group celebrate when the task is complete?
This is a “kitchen sink” initial draft agenda
intended only to provide a jumping off
point as the group establishes a working format, agenda, purpose, ETC.
- Select a Leader and Secretary/Note Taker
- Introductions
- Alternative Format Meetings (AFM)
- In Person meetings
- Virtual via on-line meeting formats (e.g., Zoom, Google Meets, WhatsApp, etc)
- Audio (e.g., WhatsApp, Conference Calls, etc)
- Hybrid meetings using more than one meeting type
- Which issues resulted in this task force being formed?
- What problems have groups experienced?
- What solutions can be shared?
- Possible topics for discussion:
- Platform options
- Meeting formats and requirements
- Communication strategies for the public
- Communication strategies for group members
- What is the future of hybrid meetings
- Others?

1 Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the creator only and changes, corrections will be subject to Group Conscience approval. References are to the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) by part and section. (Kathy A, 9/18/2022)



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