CoDA Board Minutes 7/9/22

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes 7/9/22
Date: August 8th 2022


CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees

July 9th, 2022

Day/Time: Saturday - 8-9:30 am Pacific Time

Acknowledging that we are all here for our personal recovery.
The mission of the CoDA Board of Trustees is to ensure the longevity and fiscal health of the organization, to support the Fellowship’s ongoing service work, to promote CoDA unity and to reach the still suffering codependents.


Attendance and order of round robin – Barbara, Faith, Florence, Joe, Yaniv, Dave (SSC Committee Chair  - Chairs Forum representative), Gail

Absent: Katherine (notified in advance),

Absent: None, all present




Motion from Executive session on June 4th, 2022:

MOTION, that based on the attorney’s recommendation, that we no longer need wet signatures on any documents.
Moved by Barbara, Seconded: Gail, Vote: Approved unanimously.



Other motions via email or Executive Session:


MOTION: That we pay $99 annually to upgrade our website calendar so we can post recurring events.

Motion by Gail, Second by Barbara, Vote: Approved unanimously.

May 23, 2022 via email


MOTION: The Fellowship Service Worker (FSW) hourly rate will be raised to $30 per hour, effective for work performed as of June 1, 2022. Rate to be reevaluated annually on June 1st. All FSW’s are paid at the same rate.

Motion by Barbara, Second by Gail, Vote Yes, unanimous (3 out of 5 Board members present)

Present for vote: Barbara, Faith, Gail (and Florence as Board Alternate #2)

May 29, 2022 during Board virtual Face to Face


MOTION that the Board approve the cost of an interpreter (approximately $400)/ for the June 17 meeting of the CoDA teen group to review/revise the CoDA teen motions.

Moved by Barbara, Seconded by Gail, Vote: Approved unanimously.

June 12, 2022 via email


MOTION TO APPROVE the CoDA Board Strategic Plan dated June 12, 2022.

Moved by Gail, Seconded by Barbara, Vote: Approved unanimously.

June 12, 2022 via email

Note: the Strategic Plan needs formatting assistance, will be posted on and sent out to the Fellowship as soon as we can.


MOTION that the Board approve hiring “Language Marketplace” at a cost of $26,781 to provide interpretation in three languages (Spanish, Farsi, and Portuguese)  at CoDA Service Conference (CSC).

Moved by Barbara, Seconded by Gail, Vote: Approved unanimously.

June 23, 2022 via email


Treasurer’s report/Financials      

JP Morgan Chase Checking$52,562.62
JP Morgan Chase Savings$420,480.99
National Bank of Arizona$100,724.93
Total Assets$573,768.54

MOTION TO APPROVE: Above Consent Agenda.

Moved: Barbara   Second: Faith  Vote: Unanimously approved



Sent via email on July 8th:

MOTION TO APPROVE Board Public Meeting Minutes for June 4th, 2022.

Motion Gail, second by Barbara, Vote: Unanimously approved



  • update - issues being worked on:
  • Meeting Search Issues (Time Zone Strategy & F2F/Hybrid meetings):
    Meeting search will now automatically list the meetings in order of the times and availability of meetings specific to the person doing the search.
    Face to Face meetings will be done next.

  • Member Resources page: New sections have been completed: 1) How to start a meeting; 2) Meeting Materials; 3) What do you think?
    Still in progress.

  • Site map for website:  This will be worked on after Member Resource page.


  • CoDAteen ( Next meeting July 14th. Will review Motion feedback and start work on CSC presentation.



  • None


  • The Tradition Ten email that was sent out to the Fellowship regarding recent Supreme Court decisions was well received based on a good number of replies.
    CoDA has no opinion on outside issues, hence the CoDA name ought never be drawn into public controversy.


Questions or comments from our observers?

CoDA Mexico - Thank you for the pilot program of Spanish CoDA materials.

Next Public Board Meeting – August 6, 2022 (1st Sat of month)

Next Workgroup Meeting: July 24, 2022 (instead of usual 3rd Sunday of  month)

Move to Executive Session:


2019-2022 minutes:

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