CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 5/2/20

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call 5/2/20
Date: May 19th 2020


CoDA Board of Trustees
May 2, 2020

The Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Saturday, May 2nd by teleconference.  Members in attendance included: Linda A./SoCal, Don B./SoCal, Gail S./Nevada, Yaniv S./Israel, Salle H./NorCal, Nancy O./Canada, Matt T./Texas

Guests: Lou/Illinois-Finance, Vince, Jenni, Kim/Pennsylvania, Jeff, Hugh, Rob/Finance, Terry, Jim, Javier/Mexico, Maggie, Dave, Carole, Tom, Hamid/Iran, Angel/Florida, Jackie, David; Staff: Anna

Consent Agenda

 April 4, 2020 Public Board Minutes approved.

April 2020 motions approved

Motion 1 – Move that we accept the Q1 2020 Board - Staff - Email List Coordinator - Fellowship Service Worker Quarterly Service Report.

Motion 2 - Move that Carlos H become the webmaster and that his and web liaison Matt T’s email addresses replace the current SOS account executive email on the email alias.

Motion 3 - To approve up to 3 hours’ worth of work from the website developer to assist the webmaster with changes to the website when necessary and as approved by the Web Liaison or Chair of the Board.  The cost for these services will be based on 15-minute increments at $70/hour for up to $210.

Treasurer’s report/Financials

JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 183,580.67

JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 120,318.97

National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,627.89

Total Assets:                      $ 404,527.52

Salle made a motion to accept consent agenda. Matt seconded. Approved.


Old Business 

Website Update – Google Analytics, PayPal – The Board met to identify items to be corrected on the website and then reached out to the website developers to request quotes for that work. Additionally, the Board requested some data from Google Analytics from the webmaster. These Google Analytics were provided to the Board in a “handout” format, that the Board appreciated.

PayPal – CoDA currently has a business pro PayPal account. This has been completely set up. The next step is to work with the web developers to develop the “shopping cart”/donation platform to the Board’s design. There was discussion about changing the word “member” in the donation form, to be more inclusive. The Board is in favor of changing to PayPal right away, using a simple “Donate” button. Following that, work on creating a more detailed donation page can begin.

Finance Travel Reimbursement Policy – The Board discussed the updates to the reimbursement policy.

The Vice Chair moved to accept the Finance Committee’s report. Nancy seconded. Approved.

Salle will send a letter to Finance to inform them of the vote.

International Convention/CoDA Service Conference Update

The Pre CSC workgroup and the Board have been discussing options for the 2020 CSC, due to the pandemic. It was suggested that for 2020 CoDA switch to a virtual conference during the last week of August (24th – 27th), and that only business matters be presented during the virtual conference.

The Vice Chair moved to have the 2020 CoDA Service Conference be a virtual conference, from August 24th to the 27th; that no committee reports be presented, and no old business scheduled on the last day of the conference. Nancy seconded. Approved. Linda abstained. (2/3 majority vote).

The Vice Chair will draft a letter to the Fellowship, to announce the decisions about the CSC that were made at this Board meeting.

Board Obligations, CSC and Post CSC – Updating this process was postponed to the next Board workgroup meeting.

Updating Meeting Frequently Asked Questions – The list of Meeting FAQs on the website is out of date. The CoDA Literature Committee will meet soon and consider whether they would like to update this part of the website.


New Business 

Quarterly Financial Dashboard Update – Electronic donations have slowed. CoDA needs to make the PayPal donation platform available. The Board will be interested to see how April donations were affected by the pandemic.

Online Donation options (email, website announcement)

Due to lowered contributions, the need for an announcement that explains to members how online and phone meetings may present the matter of the Seventh Tradition was discussed. The Vice Chair is drafting this letter, based on one that an AA intergroup sent out. He will send it to the Board for review. The Board suggested that the email go out once the PayPal donation button is up and running.

Constant Contact for Email Lists – This matter has been postponed.

Where to locate World Service Minutes of Meetings from previous years – This matter has been postponed.

Next public Board meeting – June 6, 2020; Workgroup - May 16, 2020

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