CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call April 6, 2019

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Subject: CoDA Board Minutes for Conference Call April 6, 2019
Date: April 27th 2019


Board Minutes for CoDA World Board Conference Call

April 6, 2019

The Board of Trustees met on Saturday, April 6th by teleconference. Members in attendance included: Jen L, Don B, Salle H, Nancy O; absent: Linda A. Guest: Jim B; Staff: Conni, Anna

Confirm order of round robin

  • Jen
  • Don
  • Nancy
  • Matt
  • Salle

Welcomed visitor.

Consent Agenda

Are there any items on the consent agenda to be moved to the regular agenda?

    1. March 7-9, 2019 Face to Face Board Minutes approved.
    2. March 2019 motions approved
      1. Motion 1 – Move CoDA adopt US bill payments utilizing Zelle and international bill payments utilizing Intent: to streamline bill payments by transferring from paper checks to quicker current banking technologies.
      2. Motion 2 –Move the CoDA Board of Trustees request the CoRE Board of Trustees provide a free downloadable copy of "Using The Twelve Traditions" Item #4009” on the site. Intent: to expand the free downloadable library to include a brief item on the CoDA Traditions. The length and subject of the double-sided sheet is consistent with the free downloads currently available at
      3. Motion 3 Move that the Board Liaison List revised on March 21, 2019 list be posted on the website.
      4. Motion 4 – Move Co-Dependents Anonymous Board of Trustees direct the website developers to change the navigation of the new Co-Dependents Anonymous home page to match the structure and navigation of the current home page on the web site Intent: to provide the fellowship the collective wisdom of thirty-one years of what the Co-Dependents Anonymous recovery program is.
        1. Motion 8 - Move the CoDA Board supports the CoDA Events Committee’s two step plan to introduce off site voting via Zoom Video Conferencing. The Board approves of the Events Committee’s approach to introduce Zoom voice only to a small number of the Fellowship in 2019 to test and make necessary changes to insure that the Events Committee is fully prepared to introduce off site voice and voting to the Delegates of the entire World CoDA fellowship in Ottawa 2020. Intent: to support the Events Committee’s prudent and reasonable approach to a remarkable conclusion to the 2014 Strategic Plan.
        2. Motion 7 - Move the chair of the CoDA Service Conference Preparation Work Group and the CoDA Web Master be permitted direct communication with each other concerning the web site and the 2019 CoDA Service Conference and CoDA International Convention in order to keep the process as simple as possible. Intent: to duplicate last year’s simplified communication. The Board would like to maintain a procedure that has worked well in the past.
        3. Motion 6 - Move that access to the back end of the CoDA web site be limited to the following five CoDA positions: Webmaster, Chair and Vice Chair of the Trustees, Web liaison and the Administrative Assistant, for that portion of the back end required to maintain the meeting database. Furthermore: the above identified individuals are prohibited from sharing their user name and password with anybody else for any reason. Intent: to improve CoDA web site security by placing this motion in both the Changing of the Guard and the Board’s Policy and Procedure manual.
        4. Motion 5 - Move that the Board authorize the website developers to proceed to make the changes requested to the website as outlined in a board email to them dated March 2, 2019 titled “Corrections To Be Made To Website” and to authorize payment for the additional billable items at a cost of $667.00 as quoted and to also include those items for which there are no additional charges.
    1. Treasurer’s report/Financials

      JP Morgan Chase Checking: $ 120,201.11

      JP Morgan Chase Savings: $ 169,165.31

      National Bank of Arizona: $ 100,556.21

      Total Assets: $ 389,922.63

    1. Committee/Liaison Reports – Summary report from Liaisons

Nancy made a motion to accept consent agenda as presented. Don Seconded. Approved.

Items from Committee/Liaisons that require Discussion

Update on, Zelle and Credit Card – Salle reported that a transition to use of both and Zelle is in the process for faster international, electronic payments. She is also working on getting a new credit card for the organization.

Old Business


    1. Motions Database Enhancements – Staff reported that getting all the motions database updates done would cost about $7,524. Board agreed that the changes are needed but will have to wait for next year’s budget. This matter will be added to the June F2F agenda.
    1. PayPal Donation Button and Customization Issues – Staff advised that they are getting PayPal in place as the payment gateway for the website. The Board asked for detailed reports from both PayPal and Payment Brands (formerly Easy Tithe). Staff to provide the reports and then move forward with getting PayPal up and running.
    1. Audible Literature and CoRE 2X2 Update – Matt reached out to Gerry who is interested in the Audible literature project and provided a link of someone who does that. The primary drawback is the initial cost to get it going. Don suggested that this be put back on the next F2F agenda. Matt will forward details to the board.

The 2X2 with CoRe with Don and Linda on the Spanish titles has not happened. They are getting cooperation with CoRe on the Spanish titles and it may not be necessary.

New Business

    1. Designated Staff – The Contractor reported that a new staff member will be helping with backend items and may be attending board meetings as needed. Within the AMC model, multiple employees are part of the retainer. Conni is still the main contact.
    1. June Strategic Planning Session and Board SWOT Analysis Surveys – Nancy reported that she sent a survey to the board as prep for the June F2F meeting. Staff to assist with SWOT analysis and prep for the June strategic planning meeting.
    1. QSR due April 15, 2019 - Nancy reminded everyone that the 1st Quarter QSR is due. Don and Linda to assist, Salle volunteered to edit.
    1. Due date for QSR 3/Annual Report - There was discussion on how to handle the close proximities of the due date for the 3rd QSR and the timing of this year’s CSC where the Annual Report Is due, and how past Boards have handled this matter. Further discussion is needed.

Other Business

    1. Budget Forecasting Framework – Nancy and Staff to set a meeting to talk about budget forecasting.
    2. Financial Committee this morning – discussed items that will come up in today’s financial committee meeting.

Next meeting – Board meeting – May 4th, 2019


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