CoDA February 12, 2017 Board Meeting Summary

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Subject: CoDA February 12, 2017 Board Meeting Summary
Date: February 27th 2017

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Board Of Trustees


Summary CoDA World Board Conference Call

Sunday February 12, 2017.

2 pm-3:30 pm PST

Skype for business invite


  1. Establish order for round robin discussion
    • Gerry
    • Jen
    • Mary
    • Denny
    • Lorraine
    • Madeline
    • Addie


  1. Turn on Recording (15 min)
  • Confirm, date, time and round robin order (for recording)
  • Welcome Linda A, and Paul A visitors in this call


  1. Ratify minutes (approved by email with changes)
  • Minutes dated: 12/18/16 & 1/22/17. (Unanimously approved)


  1. Ratify motions (approved by email)
  • Motion: to End the Committee's Recruitment Luncheon at CSC.
  • Motion: End Coffee and Beverage Service at CSC.
  • Motion: approve additional 30 minutes per quarter for Geff R to send out new meeting information. (The four motions approved unanimously.)


  1. Items for discussion: (30 minutes)


  1. Discussion: Streaming at CSC (approximate cost, $1800 - $2000) Round robin: Board considering to include this for discussion during f2f.


  1. Incomplete email motion – to table discussion of audio for Co-NN and SPO until further research and legal info is obtained. Unanimously approved.
      1. Action Item: Gerry to research the various aspects involved in the inclusion of audio on website.


  1. Motion: Madeline motioned to approve an additional $2000 for SSC face to face – Gerry seconded. Results of votes: 2 yes 3 no, 0 abstentions. Motion failed.


  1. Discussion: 2X2 ( Spo, Outreach, Webmaster/Gerry) – original intent was to have one member from SPO, 1 from Outreach and 1 webmaster or web liaison; SPO would like to have two members participate. Round Robin results. To discuss this item at the board’s face to face meeting in March. (Linda A clarified: One SPO member is to be an alternate
  2. Discussion: Rooms at CSC.
  3. Discussion: Email etiquette form – add to email etiquette ‘when you are CC on an email, it is an FYI, not for response’. We also need the document translated into Spanish – after possible addition. Action item: Madeline to request Eilyn to have SPO translate article on communications.
  4. Discussion: Request from SSC regarding the NYVEI
  5. Motion: Lorraine motioned to have Board review committee’s VEI’s responses and send them back to the committees for them to send it out. Jen seconded. Unanimously approved.
  6. Discussion: Monday Meet and Greet. Being addressed at 2x2x2
  7. Discussion: Raffle, Merchandizing survey - Action items: Prior sending survey, Gerry, Addie will further discuss these two items at 2x2x2.




  • Treasurer’s Report – Denny

Action Items: Giving Wise solutions update. Members to send their vetting of page before noon tomorrow. Action Item: Denny to meet with Zach to finalize this page.

Account balances:


PLAT BUS CHECKING: Available balance $100,997.67

BUS SELECT HY SAV: Available balance: $60,071.65

Total available balance: $161,069.32

National Bank of Arizona,


Available Balance $160,379.50


  • Web Liaison Update – Gerry


The Website calendars will include board meetings. Discussion: When Gerry isn’t available, could Zach post items on the calendar? Round robin results: Unanimously agreed.

Downloading of pamphlets at the Website. Action Item: Gerry to meet Zach and create a page for this purpose. There are only four Spanish pamphlets available. Madeline to provide the list of pamphlets to SPO and find out if they have translated any of them, Linda updated that these pamphlets are on the way. A suggestion was made to have a member of the fellowship vet all announcements prior to posting them at the Website. Action item: Gerry and Jen will work on this.


Motion: Denny made a Motion to extend meeting 15 minutes. Anita seconded. Passed Unanimously.


  • Legal Update – Gerry

Action Items:

Policy on signing conflict of interest documents. Deferred for email discussion.

Contact website that has members email addresses listed – Gerry was unable to reach them and contacted Adam for f/u.


  • Secretary- Madeline

Action list: The last column of the Action list has links to all information being discussed. I will send it for review one week prior to each meeting. Highlight any vettings to make them easier to distinguish.


  • Vice Chair- Lorraine
    • Action Items:

CoRe 2X2 update not yet being schedule f2f maybe during CoRe F2F. Calendars. Liaisons could contact chair ask to send events they want post in the calendar. F2f and board meetings should go there too. Board will host a one hour Q&A session with the Fellowship in Seattle. Agreed to have it done Saturday at 5 PM.

GC: to set aside an hour from 5 to 6 for Q&A for local fellowship in Seattle on March 11th, 2017. Round Robin results: Unanimously passed. Action item: Lorraine will let Seattle’s Fellowship know.


  • Chair-

Appreciated everyone’s work. Accepting time constraints and limitations incurred when working in a group.


Old Business:

  • Reservations are completed for board f2f in Seattle

New Business:

  1. for CD royalties. Action item: Denny to discuss this with Events. All contracts must go to board and legal prior to any signature.


Linda A. Did the turned over to office 365 cancelled Spo access to the Spanish website? Action item: Gerry doesn’t not think it does. He will follow up.

Next meeting – __workgroup 2/24; board f2f 3/10-3/12

3:30 pm Closing Prayer

We thank our Higher Power, for all that we have received from this meeting. As we close, may we take with us the wisdom, love, acceptance, and hope of recovery.


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