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Date: August 9th 2014

The contents of this email are a collaboration between the Communications Committee, comm@coda.org & the CoDA Board of Trustees, board@coda.org

CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 1: July 9, 2014

Day 2

Meeting Opens with the Serenity Prayer

Included reading of the Conference Structure and Practice as well as Procedures

Reading of twelve steps, twelve traditions and concepts of service

Quorum = 24


Opening of Meeting and Approval of Minutes

Agenda Changes

Request made for Events to move their time from 3:30 today until tomorrow at 4 - would like 1 hour not 1/2 hour, move all up 1/2 hour, Communications Committee end 1/2 hour earlier today and gain a 1-hour slot tomorrow, or move to Friday morning 11:15 a.m.

Reiterate first change, move Communications Report for 30 minutes today, OK for today;

Vote: General group conscious

Vote:  yes =  most all, Opposed 0, Abstentions  0

Comments this afternoon Events at day's end, the time shows a double booking already...review of schedule occurs for best options to consider; need to move QSR Liaison Report, 3:30 -4 communications, 4 - 4:10 QSR Liaison Report, no announcements, they will occur before break, 4:10 voting entity report 2,

General Consensus can we end business at 5:10 pm today to keep the voting entity schedule as it is

Comment, because of Skype calls can we keep QSR after because the calls are already scheduled

3:30 - 4 pm Communications, 4:00- 4:45 Voting Entity Issue Session 2, 4:45-5 pm QSR

QSR report, just defines who they are, 5-10 minutes is fine for their time slot

General Consensus:  In favor all Opposed 0 Abstentions 0

Changes for tomorrow, Thursday, are discussed for approval including: Question, can the Board take that time which was allotted for Communications tomorrow, can we agree to move the Events committee 9:25 - 10:25 am on Friday

Thursday 4:05 - 4:30 pm will be Board for old motions/business

General Consensus:  All in Favor Aye Opposed 0


Presentation: John R, Chair of Issues/Mediations Committee, Introduced the other members of this committee (hand-out for review: report and document put together and will be available on the web if it isn't already)

  • All current members are standing for re-election


Finance Committee Motion #1 – withdrawn

Motion #3 – modify the Meeting Starter Packet on Page 12 regarding donation through will

Vote:  33 for, 2 opposed, 0 Abstentions


Motion #5 – modify Meeting Starter Packet page 12 regarding prudent reserve

Vote:  33 for, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions


Return to Report - Discussion of Document entitled, "Dealing with Disagreements"

  • When a contact is made for help, this document is forwarded first for review of the people involved
  • IMC is at the bottom of the phases that are shown, inverted pyramid
  • This year the process has in view disagreements within the fellowship, back page this could be useful in people's personal lives (suggestion made)
  • Same with emails that are received mentioning a disagreement, IMC often does not have to step in as folks can review the information herein and apply this and it helps resolve the issue originally reported
  • First role involved advisory
  • Second happens less often, when asked to actively mediate, use specific procedures for this
  • Third, rare instance, they are called upon to investigate and document and review any violations, leading to sanctions
  • Includes currently listed cases (all noted by code to maintain confidentiality)
  • Election of Chair and review of goals for next year
  • Usual business meeting format  importance of the spiritual element of what we do, at beginning of meetings added an element of a spiritual nature - checklist in book, shared personal recovery process - needed to address the group element of it as well-changed and made use of the question: how can our committee better serve the fellowship, one minute each member to answer this question=discovery by chair


Finance Report

  • Introduction of the Committee Members


Motion #2 regarding – limit an individual may donate

Vote:  33 for, 1 opposed, 0 abstentions


Motion #6 regarding Expense Reimbursement Request (ERR)

Vote:  34 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions


Motion #8  Allow Voting Entities and Events to consider venues to offer room rates at or below the government room rates, etc. Intent to allow more flexibility for VEs to find suitable hotels using a variable rate tied to a government-authorized rate in an area, late motion

  • Board was asked to present this
  • Needs to be printed for all to review


 CoNNections report

  • Members produce this information
  • Could be a testing ground for CoDA literature
  • Resource for Recovery
  • Copyright policy, articles belong to the authors, not CoDA
  • Dbase of authors, website features, workshop-writing class, templates for bookmarks, empower CoDA members to give to other members

TMC-Translation Management report

  • Introduction of members & Board Liaisons
  • Accomplishments, working with the Board (involves the legal aspect and contracting), 2014 goals, vision

 Translation Management Committee Motion #1 withdrawn


 Outreach report

  • Introduce members
  • Review of history relative to the committee (opportunities for carrying the message)-outreach became an email response committee (thousands of emails to handle) 2 years prior an outreach momentum task force was created to review what was needed
  • Outreach was not handling the emails anymore, they were repurposed
  • Communications committee took over the email responses
  • Outreach needed to create message about what they were going to be, creating the container, now a committee of 4, looking for multi-national representation
  • Defining borders and how to interact with the other committees
  • Completed Mission, Fellowship Service Manual, Process, forums, outreach resource guide,
  • Huge venue is through the website to communicate with all
  • Action plan for this year: develop resource guide (view online proposed guide)-to be on the website (now on the site-as a place holder-what is there now is a clearing house that links to info that already exists, templates, examples
  • Started guidelines for social media, and guidelines for attraction not promotion, guidelines for this 11th tradition
  • Review of other fellowships for comparison
  • Book study via telecon, growth of members occurred
  • Project ideas, kept within 12 step fellowship


Motion #1 – Replace text in Fellowship Service Manual

  • Works in conjunction with other CoDA World committees that engage in other outreach activities, the CoDA board and the web liaison.

Vote:  40 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions


Motion #2 Changing Promises -

  • #6 see myself as equal to others, all with equal partners
  • Change tense to future, not change the promises or subject manner, well crafted


Move to extend time for 5 minutes

Passed by unanimous consent

Table and discuss with SSC on the change to a foundational document, we have homework


A-We are doing the work and it was OK to bring this forward to CSC, submitted within 60 days and SSC said it is OK

OK to table and be brought back once hard copy is distributed with the changes


Web Liaison

  • All involved to bring website into fruition, presentation focused on items to present to this audience of delegates, etc., God's website
  • Review online use of website as it went up
  • Review language and philosophy behind the development of the site
  • New website is internationally oriented, finding meetings
  • Information on the calendar needs updating and correction, raises the question as to who handles this search/investigation(s)
  • Noted areas that are under-improvement, there is a page for each committee to take care of and use for their announcements, etc. (bottom trusted servants area-committee work area)-uses a log in, requires a password, display of how these work as you are given list-driven permissions
  • Looking for continuous/constant feedback to newwebsite@coda.org
  • webmaster@coda.org use this for requests for broken links, etc.,


Spanish Outreach

Introduce Members

  • Discuss Goals and Objectives
  • Workload - answer a lot of emails
  • Cooperate with other entities, i.e., Hospitals and Institutions
  • Translate letters, work with CoRe, proof-read, support translations for Events
  • Work with communications, E-Cphone (Spanish version of Coda Phone Support Espanol) a sub-committee to communications
  • Ongoing projects, set up a Spanish-language CoDA Mtg, use espcoda (existing email list)
  • Standardize use of Spanish in translations of CoDA literature
  • Ongoing translate the book to Spanish, helping on website

Motion-to have Spanish Outreach handle translation as the CoDA Committee

Call the Vote

Vote:  27 for, 4 opposition, 2 abstentions


Communications Committee – Motion #1

Events to provide a contact list of registered attendees to Communications for use before, during and after CoDA Service Conference.

Motion Crafted to only include the first sentence about the internal list and its distribution only.

Acceptable to the Committee Chair and the Vote is called

Vote:  30 for, 4 opposed, 3 abstentions


Country Presentations -


  • Member introductions, previously only women (1 group) and 1 group in English at joining (over 11 years ago)
  • 1 year ago now a group in Hebrew, working in Jerusalem, 5 years ago started first now have 22 groups all over; 7 in Jerusalem, 2 years ago started national committee-came to Ashville foundation of the committee did a lot of work and pushed for CoDA in Israel
  • Main tasks still translation, do not use English literature, brought Hebrew website but can see and see Hebrew books
  • Website have every day questions in contact form about CoDA
  • Jerusalem have election (formal) for regional group there learn and do it at national level
  • Prepare to have a national conference and bring what we learn here and plan to make their elections
  • Holidays with other groups and made their fellowship bigger and they made election to develop more committee to reach out and help new groups and events -national committee focus on literature and web site, others options for events and try to see if they can help CoDA in Jerusalem as in its beginning stages
  • CoDA is new in Israel and they are getting help from other fellowships and they are excited

Canada Report on Display media

  • Introductions of the representatives of the group
  • Last year English speaking 30% increase
  • Last year French speaking 5% increase
  • Co-Dependents Recovery Society, publishing arm of CoDA Canada CDRS a part of this group and the CDRS Store
  • Large country and structure is an issue
  • Canada has an eStore and this can reach many areas; Ecommerce site - literature sales
  • In reach and outreach, hard to reach isolated places - folks don't see a meeting and ask about it

Hungary Report -via Skype

  • 1 meeting per week Budapest and 1 in another major city, 5-10 members in the meeting
  • Book use in English and workbook and daily meditation
  • Like to translate the Blue Book to Hungarian language and in contact with members of the translation management committee, waiting for permission to prepare it the official way

QSR to continue, waiting Italy Report via skype

  • Editor of Quarterly Service Report, issued once/quarter - Committees and Board Report, discusses the accomplishments, work in progress, activities, structural changes, decisions, and plans
  • Reading keeps you up to date with what everyone is doing throughout the year
  • Large part to coordinate the text presentation of the information and if there are parts that should not be published, these issues are resolved if change is needed, usually just format changes
  • Can sign up for this at the website - go to email sign up, most folks don't know about this
  • Archives available on web under service info at the bottom of the site
  • Can do this right from the main site, there is also an email archive file available as well

Italy Report - via Skype

  • 30 groups
  • 40 meetings every week, 10-12 people
  • National structure, no regional structure 
  • Business meetings and meet with other groups
  • Practice 7th tradition
  • Use fellowship manual, completed
  • Has website
  • CoDA literature is available and translated in Italian
  • Is an English-speaking meeting
  • National gathering and conference every year
  • Next to try and spread the message
  • Issue is not enough folks doing service, need more support
  • Contact outside Italy with Board and Committee member, are in international
  • Other area information-phone meeting, Angela 3 meetings weekly average attendance, once per month business meeting, once a month all group telephone meeting, 7th tradition, group and regional representative, use service manual, need one meeting in person with other fellowships and phone meetings, need international service person, incomplete service structure, no contact with CoDA outside Italy concerning service work
  • Anonymous member, representing skype meeting, have business once per month, practice 7th tradition, no group service-have regional representatives, don't use service manual, no conversation with CoDA, Inc., like to say this group still in its experimental state
  • English speaking meeting, founder (anonymous) average attendance 5 people, no service structure , have business meetings, don't meet with other service groups, no GSR, use service manual, CoDA.org next word of mouth, no major issues, how we can provide further support, no communication outside Italy or CoDA, Inc and/or committee member,

Board Motions for today and tomorrow Vote will be taken tomorrow once the information is disseminated

Meeting Closure 

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