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Date: August 7th 2013
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The following message is from the CoDA Board of Trustees. board@coda.org

Board Summary for CoDA World Board Face to Face (F2F) Meetings

July 6-12, 2013

Dear Fellowship,

Our July two day F2F meetings opened on July 6 with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. We also read the 7th Tradition and the 7th Service Concept. Attending were Lisa, Florence, Evie, Barbara, David, Dagmar, Hal and Mercedes. Unfortunately, our outgoing Trustee, Jutta, from Germany was not able to join us. We thank her for her years of service on the Board. We will all miss her!

We approved June's minutes. We ratified the following group conscience decisions:

Pre-CoDA Service Conference (CSC)  Discussion Questions
Increase in website bandwidth and payment
Delegate from Georgia
Recording contract for International CoDA Convention 2013
Only original invitees can attend the Pre-CSC Afternoon session
Full CoRe attendance at Pre-CSC morning session not approved since only chairs were invited
CSC Daily Summary Procedure

We authorized a $20 per person payment for the Chairs' luncheon.

We were joined by Connie, a representative from SOS Association Management Solutions (AMC), a company with whom we have discussed a contract to assist us with various business aspects of our work. Our goal is to free up board members to be able to focus on more Fellowship support rather than having to spend so much time on the corporate aspects of our job.

The Treasurer gave her report. Our net worth has stayed fairly constant lately despite having provided travel advances for 7 people to attend CSC.

We broke into three small groups to work on the assignment of the Voting Entity issues, to finalize the Board CSC presentation, and to develop the motion to hire the AMC.

We spent most of the second day of our meeting reviewing and finalizing the work done by the 3 small groups. All items to be presented at CSC were completed and people were assigned to present various pieces.

Before adjourning we attempted to review the proposed CoDA Resource Publishing (CoRe) contract that had been agreed to by the two members from each Board of Trustees. Unfortunately we were not able to complete this and doing so will be a priority after CSC.

The day after our two day F2F meeting we had a one day meeting with the chairs of most of the committees (all were invited) and with our 3 Fellowship Services workers. The morning involved a group inventory with everyone sharing about what they felt was working and not working well at the CoDA World level. We also strategized about some ways to continue to improve how things are working. In the afternoon we were all involved in a series of facilitated team building exercises. All participants felt that the day was very worthwhile and helped to set the tone for a very positive CoDA Service Conference.

We met two additional times after the CSC agenda completed for the day, on July 10 and July 12.

On July 10 we met to discuss the results of a meeting between two Board members and representatives from CoDA Germany. The goal of this meeting was to understand and address the German concerns about signing the new Voting Entity (VE) contracts that we are now using. We agreed that CoDA World will collaborate with and support CoDA Germany in getting the Translation and Publication and Distribution contracts translated into German and in getting legal advice regarding the contracts.

On July 12 we met to introduce the new Trustees and Alternate Trustees, to elect new officers and to determine committee liaisons. Our new Trustee is Chris H. from Arizona. We also have three Alternate Trustees: Charles Z. from Colorado, Lorraine O. from Washington and Natasha K. from Arizona. We welcome all our new members and look forward to working with them over the next year!

The following people were elected Officers of the Corporation for the coming year:

Chair - Florence F., Maryland
Vice-Chair - Hal H., SoCal
Secretary - Lisa B., Nevada
Treasurer - Barbara D., NorCal


Saturday, August 17th, 8:30AM Pacific Time

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