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Date: July 25th 2013

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CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 4, July 12, 2013 Day 4

12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Service Concepts, Serenity Prayer, Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Review of Process

Quorum: 30 present, quorum met at 16.

Motion to take 5 minutes from New Business to give to Old Business Vote: 24 for, 1 abstention

Correction of and approval of motions passed yesterday. Move to approve motions passed yesterday. Vote: Approved by acclaim

New Business

Board Motion # 3

This is the CoDA Seal; it is a registered trademark. Permission for registered Voting Entities and Intergroups to use, and/or customize by adding their name to the outside perimeter of the seal must be granted by CoDA. Upon obtaining a Translation Agreement with CoDA, Inc., registered Voting Entities and/or Intergroups may translate the words inside the circle. No other changes are permitted. Vote: 28 for

Ad Hoc Committee Motion (1)

Dissolve the Ad Hoc Committee, creating an International Development Task Force, open to new members, that will facilitate the support and growth of CoDA worldwide. The new Task Force will last one year and report back to the 2014 CSC. We will move to become a standing committee at that time. They requested approximately $6,000 (we're unsure of the exact amount) to explore technological tools to increase collaboration between these Voting Entities and all of CoDA World Service and to send a chair and one other international delegate to the 2014 CSC (replacing earlier Motions 1, 2 and 3). The Task Force also plans to work with USA Voting Entities.

Move to extend time for 10 minutes approved by acclaim.


Quorum met.

Vote: 30 for unanimous

CoRe Motion #4 withdrawn

New Business

Germany's New Motion (1) withdrawn.

Request to use the "we" form of the Serenity Prayer to open and close CSC, beginning with the closing prayer today. Request passed by acclaim.

Events Report

Events is backing up their work to the cloud and creating a committee procedure manual. They work year-round using freeconference.com. This is the committee's 5th year. You can request to join Events by writing to Events@coda.org. The recruitment dinner this year was so successful that it increased committee membership: they now have alternates, a great development. They added 3 new members, and now have 6 members and 6 alternate positions but not all have been filled. Registration for the Orlando, Florida 2014 CSC/Convention is already posted: Events would appreciate early registrations! They are still in process of choosing a hotel

Discussion and corrections made to the motions passed during the conference.

Move to approve all of the motions of CSC 2013, as amended. Vote to approve CSC Motions in full: 28 for, 1 abstention.

Dissenting comment: It is difficult to approve of motions that are still being amended. A different method of approval of the motions ought to be devised.

The final budget was $212,793.23 after the Ad Hoc motion was passed on Friday.

Closing comment: Acknowledge the value of the volunteers from Las Vegas, who kept this CSC running by helping Events and with all manner of community building work.

End of 2013 CSC

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