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Date: July 25th 2013

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CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 3, July 11, 2013

Day 3

12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Service Concepts, Serenity Prayer, Welcome, Introductions.

Quorum: total attendance 30, quorum is met at 15.

Corrections to Day 2 motions passed.

Literature Report

Updating Peeling the Onion and the Patterns and Characteristics; this committee will soon hold its first teleconference. There have been submissions from Nevada and Australia and a draft of how to work the Steps in a group.

Issues Mediation Committee (IMC) Elections

Three current members (John R, PA, Natasha K, AZ, Addie M, SoCal) sought reelection as IMC terms last one year. New nominees were Kevin M, WA and Chuck J, IN, as an observer.

Vote to accept entire slate: 28 for

Ad Hoc Task Force Report

Ad Hoc proposes the establishment of a group to consider intergroup development or an International Standing Committee. Task Force's motion tabled until tomorrow for further crafting.

Service Structure Committee (SSC) Report and Motions (2)

They would like to update the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM).

Motion made to update the Service Structure Committee's description in the FSM

Vote: 27 for, 2 abstentions.

Approve a new service item called the Short Form of the Twelve Service Concepts.

Vote: 14 for, 13 against, 4 abstentions. This motion vote is currently under review.

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Report and Motion (1)

Use 7th Tradition donations to the Books for Inmates and Institutions Program to buy 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Workbooks and the Co-Dependents Anonymous Book, in English and Spanish, matching funds from the H&I Committee's budget.

Vote: 32 for, unanimous.

LUNCH; quorum met.

International and Voting Entity Repots

Oral report from Nevada, where there are presently eight meetings.

Video reports from Dubai, where CoDA meetings began in April of 2011

And from Mexico, where CoDA has just incorporated as a non-profit; they are planning a national CoDA conference. There are 63 groups in Mexico.

Oral report from Germany: They have 127 meetings, a working service structure, web page (www.coda-deutschland.de), two service conferences and one national conference yearly and translated as well as German-created literature. Germany needs more service volunteers. To send one person to the CSC cost them a quarter of their total yearly 7th Tradition income.

Video report from Israel: They have created a translation committee as well as a group that studies the Traditions, and are cooperating with the Translation Management Committee. Due to a shortage of local members doing service, they have invited someone to come sponsor and guide them.

Canada team report: 52 French meetings, 76 English meetings; English meetings have increased recently. The CoDA Canada board was formed in 2011. There is a Canadian Newsletter. Outreach is busy in Canada.

Washington State report: They have done mailings to 500 professionals, held a one-day mini conference and sent 2 representatives to the CSC. Their Intergroup needs more volunteers.

Pennsylvania team report: They sent two Delegates and an alternate to this CSC.

Australia video report: They are planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of CoDA in Australia in 2013. They're interested in the New England Voting Entity Issue to increase communication and grateful for WA State's suggestion that email lists can serve to spread information. Their National office relocated. A new intergroup has recently formed.

Election Committee Report (Board Elections conducted by Events)

CoRe nominees: Dephny Z, TX; David L, TX Della B, TX Vote for three.

Board of Trustees nominees: Board: Christine H, AZ; Alternates: Charles Z, CO; Natasha K, AZ; Lorraine O, WA. Vote for four.

Communications Report and Motion (1)

Thank you to other committees for responding quickly to confirm summaries of CSC day 1 and 2. Welcome to the email rotation group that is joining Communications as a sub-committee.

Motion: Require Comm Group Conscience for email blasts not composed by other committees, or if email list service worker has a concern; Email worker may send routine and technical “blasts” on his/her own.

Vote: 32 for, 2 abstentions

Election results announced by Events:

Voted on to the CoRe Board: Dephny Z, TX, David L, TX, Della B, TX

Voted on to the Board: Christine H; Alternates: Charles Z, Natasha K, AZ and Lorraine O, WA.

Budget Approval and Motions (2)

Approve revised 2013 Budget, with increased bottom line, from $129,486.75 to $168,486.75.

Vote: 29 for, 2 abstentions

Motion to approve 2014 budget; this budget will be amended tomorrow as additional motions are passed.

Vote: 30 for, 2 abstentions

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