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Date: July 21st 2013

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We hope to send the summaries of days 3 & 4 soon; they are still being vetted & fact checked.

CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 2, July 10, 2013

Day 2

Quorum 31

Issues Mediation Committee (IMC)

Wants to move disputes as much as possible to the local level

Created a form to facilitate the process of splitting Voting Entities

Developed a document to assist individuals and local groups in mediating their own issues

Finance motions (7)

Change Prudent Reserve from 3 years to 2.

Vote: 31 for, 1 opposed

Clarification of travel policy including use of private auto used to drive visiting trusted servants at CSC and/or face to face (F2F) meetings.

Vote: 31 for, 2 abstentions

Change to allow 100% advance reimbursement for CSC and F2F meetings.

Vote: 29 for, 4 abstentions

Per Diem for local members who attend F2Fs and CSC

Vote: 18 for, 10 against, 4 abstentions (Vote not binding; is less then 2/3)

Allow Finance to consider policy exceptions with the Board’s approval.

Vote: 26 for, 2 abstentions

Send copy of Expense Reimbursement Reports to Board Treasurer.

Vote: 31 for, 2 abstentions

Changed Per Diem for CSC and set Per Diem and mileage for F2f meetings to rate found in USA Government website with some limits.

Vote: 31 for, 1 against, 2 abstentions


Concerned about copyrights and contact information for the authors of previous articles. Develop a form to give authors the option to assign copyrights to CoDA.

Translation Management Committee motion

Update committee description in the Fellowship Service Manual

Vote: 24 for, 3 abstentions


They answered more than 2000 emails this year. The committee requested to split its functions to an email response group and a new entity.

Proactive Outreach Task Force Motions (3)

Move Outreach email rotation to Communications sub committee

Vote: 33 for

Outreach Committee to focus on reaching out to the Codependent who still suffers.

Vote: 31 for

Encourage delegates to join world service committees to bring that perspective back to their local areas.

Vote: 29 for 3 abstentions

The Task Force was then dissolved as all tasks have been completed


Spam is down; website manageability is poor. Webmaster supports the web redesign project

Spanish Outreach motion

Add committee description to FSM

Vote: 31 for

Quarterly Service Report

Concerns have been expressed regarding the early due date for the 2nd quarter QSR. This change avoided 2 back to back deadlines.

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