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Date: July 21st 2013

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CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 1: July 9, 2013

Day 1

Acronyms: reminder to all committees to please spell them out so that it is clear to members of the fellowship what we are referencing.

If a motion passes with less than 2/3 approval, the Board can void the motion.

Quorum 10 A.M.: 33

Motion: Grant voice to all Chairs and Fellowship Service Workers. Motion Passed: 27 for, 2 abstentions.


Assignment of Voting Entity Issues (VEI).

  • Canada Motion That Canadian cities be considered as potential CoDA Service Conferences (CSCs) and conventions. Assigned to the Board.

  • Colorado Motion Submitted a Newcomers meeting packet, to encourage and orient newcomers. Assigned to the Service Structure Committee (SSC).

  • New England Motion Explore the use of modern communications technology to increase access by Voting Entities (VEs) to participate in the annual CSC. Assigned to the Board with the recognition that it may be sent to other committees if needed.

  • Texas Motion Create literature on how to use the CoDA tools and it make readily available. Assigned to Literature.

The Board is close to a new contract with CoRe.

Greece joined CoDA. The Board is working with Israel, Japan, Russia and Venezuela on literature.

Updating the Website is the Board's #1 priority. Next year the Board will need six new members.


Engage an Association Management Company (AMC) for a 1 year trial, to report back to the CSC in 2014.

Vote: 32 for, 3 abstentions

Increase the 2013 budget for website development from $6K to $25K. The intent is to have a new website this year.

Vote: 32 pro, 2 opposed, 1 abstention. Passed by 2/3

Changes to Section 6 of the Fellowship Services Manual

Vote: 28 for, 5 abstentions

Last year's Board motions were presented for ratification.

Vote: 23 for, 1 opposed, 4 abstentions

Wording changes to Section 7 of the FSM

Vote: 26 for, 3 abstentions

Make changes to section 10 of the FSM.

Vote: 31 for, unanimous


Total 2012 Book Sales netted approximately $206,000. There is now a Kindle version of the CoDA Book and of In This Moment on Amazon. The small sponsorship pamphlet has been reprinted and is once again available!

CoRe needs additional members.

A new contract between CoRe and the CoDA Board is in process.


Change incorporation from Texas to North Carolina.

Vote: 34 for, unanimous

Clarify Treasurer's description to comply with legal requirements.

Vote: 31 for, 2 abstentions

Update Secretary's description.

Vote: 33 for, unanimous


Currently, our 3 year Prudent Reserve is $374,800.

If reduced to 2 year period, the Prudent Reserve would be $263,600.

Barbara (CoDA Treasurer): Our attorneys have said we need to reduce the amount of money currently in the bank. That has been confirmed by a CPA.

Board Treasurer's Report

CoDA's investments with Morgan Stanley have been converted to cash (Certificates of Deposit maturing, etc) over time without our account executive contacting us for instructions on what to do next. Most of CoDA's income is from royalties from CoRe. The Treasurer has identified a need to increase the amount of the bond due to the amount of cash on hand and to establish liability insurance for Board members.

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