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Date: September 26th 2012

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Board Summary for CoDA World Board Conference Call September 9, 2012 8:30am-10:30am PST

Dear Fellowship,

Our September Conference Call as usual opened up with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. We also read the 9th Tradition and the 9th Service Concept. All nine board members were present on the call and we had no observers. We approved our August minutes. We unanimously voted to ratify the following motions approved by group conscience during the previous month: * Board Liaison Policy * Posting of VE contact information from CSC attendees in Committee Work Area * Legal expenses for copyrighting and Mexico issues * Authorize phone meeting with our corporate attorney related to former board chair issues * Authorize our corporate attorney to draft letter to former board chair

The Treasurer gave a report. The majority of expenses related to conference have been paid with just a few left. As a result, our bank balance is down which is normal after conference. We are in contact with our new checking account bank, Chase, about potentially moving our investment account there as well.

The Legal Liaison gave a report. During the phone conversation with our corporate attorney he raised two other concerns. He is concerned that our prudent reserve, which is three times our budgeted annual expenses, is too high for an organization with virtually no physical assets. He also thinks we should require two signatures/authorizations for payments. A recommendation was made that we look into requiring two signatures/authorizations on payments over a certain amount. The Treasurer will look into that.

The Quarterly Service Report (QSR) Liaison gave a report. Q3 reports will be due to the QSR Liaison by Oct 15. A message will go reminding committees and other submitters of that date.

The former Web Liaison reported that progress has once again slowed on the improved Meeting Search Engine due to personal issues of the developer. We agreed that the Chair will send a message to the developer asking for specific reasons for the delay and a revised final delivery date.

The board member of the Website Work Group reported that they had a very successful first conference call and will be meeting every two weeks. The agreed on a basic consistent page arrangement and an approach for further developing the design.

All Committee Liaisons gave reports on their committees: * The Translation Management Committee (TMC) is planning a face to face meeting and talking to Japan, Israel, Russia and the United Kingdom about translation and publication of various pieces of CoDA literature.

  • Outreach is in the process of taking a group conscience on a suggested change to our website to have all meeting related questions sent to them rather than to our Fellowship Services Worker.

  • The Service Structure Committee (SSC) expects to be in a better position after October 1 to respond to some questions that the board has asked them to take a group conscience on.

  • Hospital and Institutions (H&I) are excited at the success that one of their members have had working with a women's prison in Ohio.

  • The Ad Hoc committee has not met since conference.

  • The Issues Mediation Committee (IMC) is also planning a face to face meeting and working on their operations manual.

  • The Proactive Outreach task force has its first conference call with 15 people participating.

  • The Communication Committee has chosen Geff as its new chair, is reviewing their goals for the year and shared some website concerns with the board.

  • Spanish Outreach has regular conference calls and one member has agreed to help with answering of Spanish language phone calls.

  • Co-NNections completed their committee manual and presented it to the board for review and posting on the website.

  • The Events Committee, after taking a well earned break after conference and convention, have a conference call coming up.

  • The Literature Committee (CLC) does not have a chair and are not currently having conference calls.

  • CoRe, our publication and distribution arm, identified several items that needed quick reordering and, with CLC apparently unresponsive for a time, turned to the board for signoff on those reorders. This is now resolved and highlights the need for published procedures for both CoRE and CLC to avoid recurrence.

  • The Web Working Group had a very successful first conference call and will be having calls every two weeks.

  • The Webmaster is busy responding to requests for help and website changes.

We reviewed the 6 goals that we have chosen to focus on first and progress that has been made related to those goals by the board subgroups working on each . * Goal: Enhance the relationship of Board Committee Liaisons with their committees o Progress: Discussing ideas including a survey tool and the possibility of inviting committee chairs to join the board to all work together the day before the start of conference

  • Goal: Develop and implement process for helping VEs to establish their service structure when they ask for such help o Progress: The two board members who worked with Mexico earlier this year will compile what they learned through that process.
    We are considering what country might be interested in working with us next as a continuation of this learning process.

  • Goal: Find ways to encourage service at all levels including world level service o Progress: Will get in touch with Jim Y who was to summarize the notes made at the CSC brainstorm meeting and who led several workshops on this topic and conference.

  • Goal: Find ways to address lack of Sponsorship in CoDA o Progress: Will get in touch with Jim Y who was to summarize the notes made at the CSC brainstorm meeting and who led several workshops on this topic and conference.

  • Goal: Improve website o Progress: The Web Working Group had a very successful first conference call and will be having calls every two weeks.

  • Goal: VE liaisons to develop relationships with their VEs o Progress: Discussing ideas and how to implement them.

Board members were reminded again that we all should sign the Conflict of Interest Policy and send it to the Fellowship Services Worker.

We agreed that we will revisit our decision to require amends as a condition to return to world level service work and that it will be a priority item for discussion next month so that we can reach a decision then.

We held a short Executive Session to discuss whether the webmaster should be paid for time spent at Conference entering information into the Motions Database.

In order to honor our decision to limit our conference calls to 2 hours we were not able to cover several items. These items will be dealt with via email during the month and, if necessary, completed during next month's call. * Future board con calls * Saturday, October 6th, 8:30AM Pacific Time * Saturday, November 10th, 8:30AM Pacific Time * Please note the change to Saturday which will be our usual day for the foreseeable future

For those wishing to listen in on a board con call, please review the guidelines at http://coda.org/service/conf-call-guidelines.htm.


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