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Date: September 10th 2012

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First, the Communications committee wishes to apologize for the lateness of this report. Several things occurred that were beyond our control. We hope & intend to get you a more timely report in 2013.

We would like to thank Lorraine O, Loretta D, & Board member Evie S for the day 1 & 2 summaries that have already been sent out:

http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120711182957/ http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120712164329/

and 2012 Board Secretary, Florence F. for al CSC board summaries that have also gone out: http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120802152258/ http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120813185250/ http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120815134253/ http://codependents.org/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/main/20120819213921/

This final report was edited & proofed by Geff R of the CoDA Communications Committee & Florence F from the CoDA board from VE Delegate reports kindly submitted by Lorraine O of Washington, Leslie C, one of the Northern California Delegates; & by John R who along with Dave S combined the Pennsylvania & New Jersey Delegate Reports. Motions & facts for days 3 & 4 were provided by Geff R paraphrasing the motion database & by Florence paraphrasing Lorraine & Loretta’s notes.

Introduction : The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) is held once a year to conduct the business of CoDA. Each CoDA Voting Entity (VE) is entitled to send two voting delegates and one alternate to the CSC. In the US, each state is one VE except for California which has two VE's, one of which is NCC. In addition, each country outside of the US is a single VE except for Canada which currently has three VE's.

Between CSC's, CoDA business is handled by the Board of Trustees.  All eight of the Trustees attended the CSC with the same voting rights as delegates, and four of them came from two states and two countries (United Kingdom and Germany) that weren't able to send delegates.

The 2012 CSC was also attended by approximately 34 delegates from 18 states, Canada, Mexico, and Israel, bringing the final tally to 20 states and five countries in attendance.  (It appeared that a couple of delegates arrived after the official quorum count was done.  40 people were present for the initial quorum count so the quorum - 2/3 of the initial count - was set at 27 for the duration of the CSC.

Day 3 July 12, 2012

At 9:00 am the general session began with the reading of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Service Concepts by members of delegation. All VEs (Voting Entities) recited the Serenity Prayer.

Outreach Committee report – They gave a Mental Health Conference support in WA. They are presently gathering information on various meeting formats, ideas for future were brainstormed but not developed.

Motion 1 – Ran out of time, Moved to Old Business- see Day 4

Spanish Outreach Committee report – They conducted meetings via Skype instead of teleconference, which saved money for the committee. They created mission and vision policies. The continued to update the Spanish meeting list, and offer their translating services i.e. CSC and convention information. They created a translation policy. They continue to provide info to start new meetings, offer assistance to register new groups, provide direct links to the Spanish-starting package for needed downloads

Communications Committee report – They have implemented some volunteer assistance in the operation of C-phone. They want to translate a Spanish outgoing message for the main phone line. They are hoping to develop the C-phone and cut down on the paid live answering service costs. They turned the email blast process into a more formal process and with Board approval hired the Email coordinator as an FSW. They continue to find ways to improve communication up and down the inverted pyramid, ensure that their policies and procedures manual is kept up to date, improve communication with those outside the US and within the entire CoDA World Fellowship. They continue to look for ways to increase subscriptions to the email lists, find ways to get more VE’s to CSC, and continue to spread the word about how CoDA operates

International and VE reports – NorCal – 30 questions-designed by committee of four, works Steps 1-3, four 1 day mini-conferences re: sponsorship,

Canada – English and French speaking VE’s – 116 meetings, 70 English, 46 French, have newsletter, signed 3rd annual contract with CoDA World for printing, www.cdrs.ca is for Canadian literature, check to fellowship for $500 for royalties ($17.30 and the rest 7th tradition), Ernie F died a few days before CSC, he was a board member of CoDA World in NH 2004, he was very encouraging to Diane to be active in CoDA World, remembering him and his family in their hearts,

Virginia – first time delegate to CSC, 3 DC meetings, 20 meetings in Virginia, goal to get an intergroup for the DC Metro and get a delegate from the DC area,

Mexico – 56 groups with 7 meetings, 2 national conventions, worked on improving structure of CoDA in Mexico,

SoCal – 131 or more active meetings, English and Spanish meetings, marathon of meetings during the holidays, planning spiritual weekend retreat, monthly speaker meetings, also have Farsi CoDA meetings in SoCal, Pennsylvania – 3 people Washington Nevada – 9 meetings, formed a intergroup a year and a half ago, working on website, mini-conference in October, On-line CoDA – over 20 groups-email, chat rooms, Brazil, Spanish, really big community, anonymous and have to register

Russia – letter from intergroup, 1st 12 step was 25 yrs ago AA, due to absence of literature CoDA works within the 3 step groups in Russia, 2012 brought a intergroup, publishing literature, regular skyped sessions, 4 shipments literature distributed to the following cities Moscow, St Petersburg, Vanistavik, Etinburg, have skype groups, literature translated, Translation Committee created, translation of Workbook, Big Book and 30 questions ready to publish legally, want to know how to proceed in publishing

Texas – 61 meetings 11 are Spanish

Israel VE report – The Israel delegate has been in CoDA for a year and he is so happy to be at CSC today. There are 2 groups and opened another just a week ago. They have an intergroup, a chair for website, and a translation committee. They are currently working with the Board and TMC for translation and publication and distribution agreements. CoDA has been in Israel for 18 years, has gotten lots of answers but still has lots of questions, and very hopeful for the future

Events Committee report – Will continue to plan two years in advance. We are going to Las Vegas in 2013 and somewhere in New England in 2014. They are completing operations manual and will add to the CoDA website when ready. They investigated merchant services option and were able to use a new vendor with great improvement in service. They would like to get measurable survey data to assure we are meeting the needs of the fellowship. They were able to gather data from previous surveys and made changes accordingly this year. They want to increase membership of the committee. They want to work with local communities that are established as well as strengthen local CoDA in areas that are not organized with future placements CSC and Convention. They want to create a mission/vision statement. They will get some comparison pricing as to what it would cost for a professional to do what they do. They are looking at separating the registration for CSC and Convention in the future.

Financial comparison 2010 2011 2012 Culver City, CA Denver, CO Asheville, NC Attendance 351 220 130 Budget 21290 19820 12770 Income 24843 17636 -14000+ Expenses 19567 12470 P & L 5275 5156 2013 CSC and Conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV July 9 – 12 CSC Conference July 12 -14 Theme is the OUR FABULOUS NEWCOMER!


Board Election: Board: Motion to have a unanimous vote Passed- Hal H. from So Cal, and David Mc. from Texas elected

CoRe Board Election: Motion to have a unanimous vote Passed- Anita F. from Utah elected All candidates are now on the respective boards

Old Business:

Board Motion 1: To change FSM Section 12, sub-section titled Communication from the Board: CoDA Quarterly Service Report (QSR) Guidelines 35 Y 0 N 3 A Numerous changes were made to the FSM. Highlights include:

  1. No content changes will be made after final approval by the Board. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling corrections may be made when needed without approval.

  2. No changes may be made to a committee's QSR submission without discussion with the committee.

  3. The QSR board liaison will send out a reminder email no later than the last day of the quarter (March 31, June 30, Sept 30, Dec 31) The report is due the 15th of the following month.

Board Motion 2: Bylaws

A motion to replace the 2006 by laws with a new version written in 2011 passed. http://www.coda.org/status/Motions/2012%20CSC%20Motions.htm

Finance Budget Approval – Prudent reserve calculation – Assets less the 2013 Budget Requests of $140856 would leave $250052 in assets. Our prudent reserve would be underfunded by $108615

LY prudent reserve $301K

Finance Motion to approve $129,486.75 Budget for the calendar year 2013 35 Y 1 N 4 A Motion passed

Adjourned 4:41

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For questions in Spanish, please email espanol@coda.org

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