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Date: August 15th 2012

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CoDA World Board Summary CSC 2012- July 10th-13th At Conference- Board presentation and other CSC highlights

  • Summaries of Days 1 and 2 have already been distributed via this announcement list. Days 3 and 4 have not yet been made available because of illness. Hopefully those will be available and distributed shortly.

  • The Board gave its presentation on Tuesday morning. A copy of our report is in the Delegate packet and the QSR 2nd Quarter contains a summary. Some highlights were:

  • Our focus this past year was improving transparency of the Board to the Committees and the Fellowship.

  • We began a policies and procedures manual.

  • We developed a VE welcome letter.

  • Two board members traveled to Mexico to assist with the formation of the Mexico CoDA Board. They were well received and their ESH was welcomed and appreciated.

  • The Board presented 6 motions (some on Tuesday and some pushed to Old Business). Four of these motions involved bylaw changes and the other two clarified timeframes for the QSR and submission of various documents for CSC to ensure these times are consistent. Please see CSC motions database for outcome of our motions. They were all passed with some minor amendments.

  • We were involved in the resolution of two IMC disputes.

  • Geraldine from the UK resigned as Trustee earlier in the year due to family illness.

  • Acknowledgement and exoneration was given for Curtis F. who was a long term trusted servant with past positions as Board Treasurer, Web Coordinator, and he chaired various committees.

Other Brief Highlights:

  • IMC dispute panel discussion was held on Tuesday evening.

  • Stephen R. made amends to the Board, IMC and the Fellowship for his actions or non-actions in the IMC disputes. He stated that he wanted to leave conference with more recovery then what he came with. This was very moving for all parties involved.

  • Board elections were held and we added two new members to the Board of Trustees, David Mc. from Texas and Hal H. from So Cal. Julie B. finished out her term this year so will no longer be with us. We will miss her greatly!

  • Our meeting with CoRE took place with Dagmar and Lisa as representatives for the Board. An agreement was made to draft a new contract by October 12, 2012. Our meeting with Events did not take place but will be followed up after CSC.

  • The 90 minute Voting Entity presentation went very well. We will have this again next year and make sure all voting entities that desire will be able to participate.

  • We held an “International Breakfast” every morning. Jutta organized this and it also went well. This was open to US and other international delegates who were interested in discussing CoDA world activities with different committees. Each day different world committee members gave a brief presentation about what their committee does and answered any questions. We hope to encourage relations between countries and gain more participation at the world level.

  • The Chairs Forum held the first Delegate Luncheon which was paid for by the Chairs. This was also a success and also gave a venue for the world committee members to present to all the Delegates.


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