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Date: August 13th 2012

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CoDA World Board Summary Pre- Conference CSC 2012- July 8th and July 9thth. Dear Fellowship,

CSC 2012 was another exciting year with hope for the new year coming. We elected two new Board members- David Mc from Texas and Hal H. from So CAL. On July 15th, we met as the new Board and elected a new slate of Board Officers. Your new officers are: Board Chair- Lisa B., Vice Chair- Florence F., Secretary- Evie S. and Treasurer- Barbara D. Our Board Summary for July will be coming to you in three parts. Pre-Conference, Conference highlights, and Post Conference Summary. Here is the first part:

Pre- Conference Two day Face to Face Summary July 8th, 2012 - 9 am - 5pm

Trustees present:
Evie S. - Board Chair, Lisa B. - Vice Chair, Barbara D. - Treasurer, Mercedes M. - Trustee, Julie B. - Trustee, Jutta -Trustee, and Dagmar M, - Trustee. Mercedes M.-Trustee Florence F. - Board Secretary joined after lunch.

We opened up with round robin sharing which evolved into a mini CoDA meeting among the Board members. Barbara read the Twelve Service Concepts.

We discussed the final outcomes of the Voting Entity Issues and assigned the new ones. We made a motion to forward AZ 12-01 to the Service Structure Committee. It was unanimously approved.

We made a note for a motion to be made on the floor to give chairs a voice. This was discussed with our facilitator.

In the afternoon, priorities were set for the rest of the time of our face to face meetings so that we could get through what we needed to accomplish prior to CSC. We decided we would split into work groups for certain issues to get more work done.

Priority One Issues:

  • Discuss how to acknowledge Curtis F. and Ernie who were previous World Service volunteers and have recently passed away.
  • Board Group Inventory
  • Finish updating the motions database to be distributed to the voting members for ratification,
  • Brainstorming for lack of service and sponsorship and how to attract more of both .

  • It was decided that we would open this up to all CoDA members wanting to participate who would be present Monday morning, July 9th.

  • Prepare for meeting with CoRE.

  • Assigned this to Dagmar as CoRE Liaison and Lisa to :

  • Agree a new form of contract,

  • Prepare for meeting with Events.

  • Assigned to Florence as Events Liaison, Barbara as Treasurer, and Julie B. as support to liaison.

  • Finance Committee representation to be determined.
  • Issues to discuss may include:

  • reviewing the purpose of the committee based on the original CSC motion and how Events has developed; need for procedures that can be sent to VEs who are considering hosting

  • maintenance of delegate list

  • Website.

  • All Board members to participate in this discussion.

  • Meeting search engine rewrite.
  • Website improvements/redesign
  • Spanish website

  • Moving Bank account.

  • All Board members to discuss.

Priority Two Issues:

  • Prioritize our annual goals and add any additional goals.
  • Organize VE presentations.
  • Help for VEs:

  • How to best provide help to those who ask for it.

  • How to deal with Translation and P&D contracts.
  • How to help VEs set up national service structure
  • Assigned to Dagmar, Mercedes and Evie.

Priority Three Issues: * Possible QSR changes

  • Possible of expansion of who contributes i.e. VEs, FSW
  • Timing
  • Procedure for before CSC

  • Other Policies and Procedures (P and Ps)

  • Other Legal Issues

The last task we did for the day was our Group Inventory. We found this to be very useful for the health of our group and gave us the experience of recovery in action during our service work. We felt It greatly improved the speed and effectiveness of our work and communication. We encourage all world groups and/or committees to participate in their own Group Inventory.

July 9th, 2012- 9am - 5pm Trustees present:
Evie S. -Board Chair, Lisa B. -Vice Chair, Barbara D. - Treasurer, Florence F. - Board Secretary, Mercedes M. - Trustee, Julie B. - Trustee, Jutta -Trustee, and Dagmar M, - Trustee. Mercedes M.-Trustee

We spent time in morning for a brainstorming session with all CoDA members present at CSC. Issues discussed were how to improve Service volunteer work and sponsorship. Jim Y. gave a short talk about his ideas on this subject. A lot of good ideas were presented. Discussion was made about how we go forward with these ideas and a mini work group was formed to continue to work on these issues.

We than split into our Board mini work groups to discuss as outlined above under Priority one issues. We met back and shared with the whole Board

In the afternoon, Evie gave report on update from Dave G. concerning the meeting search engine. It was not a good report; he has been having intermittent problems with his work on the website. He is still working on the proximity search according to the specs we gave him. We crafted an email to David expressing our disappointment in the lack of progress in this endeavor and we are inquiring if it is possible for the work to be completed by Monday, August 20th 2012.

Evie presented that there are two major areas of the Website. One is website improvement and maintenance. This is done by our current webmaster. Our other area is web development and this needs improvement. Apparently the current design of the website is not intuitive and difficult to work with.

Current Issues/needs for our website are:

  • Need to find ways that committees can collaboratively work on things. Because of the expense of doing something like this within our website this will have to be done externally.

  • Need to archive information which committees can use, may need to have webmaster (rather than a member of the committee) upload new versions of documents.

  • The previous codaworldfellowship.org was developed without a high level requirements document. We need to create a small work group to come up with a higher level requirements document for a new website design. Evie has old presentation from almost 10 years ago when the last major redesign was done. Many of the requirements are still the same so this can be used as a basis.

  • Webmaster should be involved in new development. Leo has made a proposal that we may consider but we feel at this time we need more work on our requirements document to make sure we get what we need this time.

  • We discussed going to an outside web developer but decided that we had tried this approach and it did not work. We desire to use who we have now rather than start from scratch. Final decision to be determined after we develop a high level requirements document.

  • It is acknowledged that we are not computer experts and we have to admit that we are powerless over many aspects of this situation.

  • We passed a MOTION that we pick five people to develop a high level requirement document for development of a replacement website within 2 months of the end of CSC. It was unanimous. Jutta asked for an amendment that the work group include at least one male and 2 younger people who know about computers. This did not pass 6 against, 1 for.

  • We discussed an inclusion in our report to the Fellowship on what happened with www.codafellowship.org- 10,000$ was spent on preliminary development of a website without CSC authorization and without a requirement document. This test website did not meet our needs and we made a decision of no further development.

Spanish Website * Is not updated regularly when the English version is updated * Mercedes as SPO liaison will work with Spanish Outreach and webmaster to develop a procedure/proposal for keeping the website updated.

Conflicts of Interest * Whether perceived or real we need to acknowledge they exist. * Suggested to reassign web liaison in light of the relationship of the web liaison to the web master.

Curtis recognition * We will uphold our previous board motion to exonerate Curtis from any wrong doing. * Florence F. will write and present the recognition/acknowledgement of his service. * We will have 30 seconds with Serenity prayer to remember those who passed away.

Bank Account * We passed a motion to move our checking account to CHASE BANK based on their free check scan and good service per report of Barbara, Treasurer. The intent of our motion is that Morgan Stanley no longer serves our checking needs. We will explore later moving our investment accounts. This was passed unanimous.

Organization of VE Presentations * Julie B. assigned as presentations coordinator. Discussed time limits for each presentation. We have a total of 90 minutes.

Plan for IMC Dispute Discussion * We decided we would have a panel discussion Tuesday night for delegates to ask questions and express feelings around our actions related to IMC disputes.

  • A motion was made asking whether we should revisit our decision to require amends as a condition to return to service work. We decided to table this discuss acknowledging there are a strong and conflicting opinions and feelings within the Board members and the Fellowship on this issue.


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