CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 4, 7/8/11

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Subject: CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 4, 7/8/11
Date: July 8th 2011

Day 4


·         12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Service Concepts, Serenity Prayer, Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

·         Budget Approval – Finance Committee

  • Budget numbers

o   Proposed budget is $109,580

o   Available cash after prudent reserve is $112,577

o   Result is that our budget is under by $2,997

  • Motion from the floor: To limit the number of Trustees to 7 for this year.
    • Motion was amended to limit the number of Trustees to 9 for this year
    • Motion approved 34 for, 3 against, 2 abstentions – passed by 2/3 vote
  • Motion to accept budget ($109,580)
    • Added $3000 to cover 2 additional board members (final proposed budget is $115,580)
    • Motion passed 37/0/1

·         Old Business

  • Motion: That SoCal VE Issue to create limits on the term of committee chairs – tabled to Service Structure committee
  • Motion: To ratify the Board motions for the last 3 years
    • Amended to accept but not ratify – passed
  • Motion (Communication): to change email guidelines in the FSM. Some changes from original motion included better description of electronic communications. Added use of bcc to avoid disclosure of other’s addresses and other minor additions for clarification. Also modified language regarding copyrighted documents (small sections, citing, etc.) Motion passed, 31/0/5 – passed by 2/3 vote
  • Motion (Outreach): To create a new Ad Hoc Committee whose goal is to bridge the relationship between the Board and the committees and ultimately the Fellowship – Motion passed 31/6/3 – passed by 2/3 vote

·         New Business

  • Motion (IMC): Add a paragraph to the FSM ensuring that parties to a dispute use CoDA’s approved FSM mediation process, and not an external mediation/arbitration process – passed 26/5/7
  • Motion (from the floor): To have the CSC elect members of the Ad Hoc committee at this conference – passed 31/3/4

·         Election results

  • CoRe
    • Brandi from TX was voted on the board
    • Salle from NorCal is the alternate
  • CoDA Board
    • France from SoCal was not ratified
    • Elected to the Board
      • Evie, SoCal
      • Lisa, AZ
      • Barbara, NorCal
      • Dagmar, UK
      • Mercedes, Mexico
      • Florence, MD
  • Ad Hoc committee
    • Board members – Dagmar and Barbara
    • Committee members – Theresa (Literature), David L (Events)
    • Others –Anita (CoRe Board), Debra (Canada), Werner (Germany)




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