CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 3, 7/7/11

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Subject: CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 3, 7/7/11
Date: July 8th 2011

Day 3


·         12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Service Concepts, Serenity Prayer, Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

·         Outreach Committee – Lisa, AZ

  • A group conscience statement was made about the fact that their alias was removed by the Board without communication and that no resolution has been achieved on a dispute that was filed as a result of this action because of lack of cooperation of the Board in resolving the dispute
  • Motion - Spanish Outreach to become a standing CoDA Committee

o   Pro is that Spanish Outreach is doing wonderful work and that they only want a very small budget

o   Con is that it shouldn’t become a standing committee because it is setting a precedent that may result in a number more requests for standing committees and we cannot afford to have many more committees

o   22 for, 16 against, 5 abstentions – motion passes by simple majority

  • Motion – The Conference shall appoint a new Ad Hoc Committee whose goal is to consider our compliance to legal and financial matters and it shall be created following the steps outlined in the Communication Motion previously approved – motion tabled to old business because of lack of time

·         Literature Committee – Karla, SoCal

  • Motion – To retain the current Characteristics of Codependence on the official CoDA website as an existing service item, so individual CoDA groups may exercise their autonomy to use the 2010 version or the 2011 revised version in their meetings – motion passed 34 for, 0 against, 1 abstention – passed by 2/3 majority
  • Motion – To endorse a revised version of the Patterns of Characteristics of Codependence which removes the “I” statements and uses a format of “Codependents often” that precedes each pattern of codependence – motion passed 37 for, 2 against, 1 abstention – passed by 2/3 majority
  • Motion – To endorse a revised version of the Recovery Patterns which now includes patterns of recovery which are responsive to each of the revised Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence – motion passed unanimously by a voice vote
  • Ongoing activities:
    • 30 questions project
    • Story gatherers project
    • Addressing copyright issues with the CoDA Board
    • Looking at new service items
    • New Sponsorship Booklet
  • Karla announced that she will be stepping down from both Legal Counsel to the corporation and also as chair of the Literature committee

·         Web Coordinator Report – Roy L, GA

  • Joan, the FSW; Geff, the email list coordinator; and Doug, the maintainer of the web store, are all part of the web team
  • The Committee Work Area (CWA) is available to all who do service at the CoDA World Fellowship level
    • Requires a username and password that is made available to those doing such service
  • Spam management has increased dramatically and almost no spam emails are getting through
  • Gary presented an example of the Content Management System that has been implemented for Co-NNections as a pilot using the WordPress software product. However, what was demonstrated is not an example of what will be available to the other committees.

·         Representatives of the following International or non mainland US Voting Entities attended and spoke at CSC or sent a message:

  • Guam – Tonette - An island territory of the US – CoDA was stronger but their culture has gotten involved in meetings and is causing problems
  • Hawaii – Heather – hard to get people to CSC because of cost
    • a week long Women’s Retreat and a weekend long Recovery Retreat are scheduled for February
    • If interested in information about the retreats please email
  • Australia – Yvonne is here as a delegate – most meetings are in New South Wales, location of Sydney
  • An email was received from Egypt asking about translating all literature into Arabic and a message was read from the woman who sent it
  • A message was received from a woman in Taiwan who is trying to build meetings there
  • Japan – Yoshi from Tokyo was unable to attend because of the earthquake. Some groups have had to stop meetings because of the blackouts.
  • Austria – We have a contact in Vienna and Austria has a total of 13 meetings. Other locations in other countries are helping to build the German speaking community.
  • Netherlands – 3 meetings in Amsterdam
  • Italy – Delia is a Board Alternate
  • Germany – Gunnar – they have about 115 meetings – they have a formal structure that is similar to ours but much smaller – they have a Convention every year, put on by one of the local communities – they are making a 1000 Euro donation to CoDA World which is about $1450
  • United Kingdom – Geraldine – 60+ meetings – short on people doing service
  • Mexico – Fernando – began to do service early and it has taught him how to practice the principles in the group and has helped him practice them outside the group – 3 intergroups and a national board that is new – they have meetings in 25 places with a total of about 400 meetings – they are about to have their first national convention
  • Canada – Deborah – presented the CoDA Canada newsletter – CDRS is now printing pamphlets – about 90 meetings – CoDA Quebec (DAA) has requested to become a separate VE based on language

·         Finance Committee – Judi T, MA

  • Had meeting with events and came to agreement on numbers for 2010 and 2011 budget philosophy.
  • Motion: to raise mileage allowance to 50 cents per mile. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion: to rescind motion 01049, dealing with advances which required members to submit a check to cover the amount of the advance. If the advance was not paid (reimbursed through ERR) the check would be cashed. Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion: to raise per diem to $40 (from 35). Motion passed 35/3/5 – passed by 2/3 vote
  • Motion: Committees and Boards to submit budgets to the finance committee 30 days prior to start of CSC. The FSM will be modified accordingly. Motion passed w/ 2 abstentions – passed by 2/3 vote
  • Motion: To change the FSM sec 13 that states that committee members are expected to be at Conference, to read that committee members are expected to be there. Motion was tabled to Service Structure Committee who is responsible for the FSM.

·         Events Committee – Michelle E

  • Events has met the majority of their goals for the previous year which included the following:
    • Retaining committee membership
    • Define the entire process in Operations Manual.
    • Pre plan the next 2 events
    • Communication to fellowship about events
  • Although the CoDA Service Conference has occurred every year since the start of CoDA, Convention has not been an annual event until recently
  • A combined CSC/Convention committee has only existed for 2 years
  • CSC is a business expense and we expect to operate at a loss
  • Convention should always be self supporting
  • Events would like to have local people available to assist them in putting on CSC/Convention
  • The 2012 Convention will be in Ashville, NC
    • Pre-registration is available this week for $45
  • No more events will be scheduled July 4 week
  • Goals for next year
    • Plan to have a motion for vote to consider splitting CSC and Convention apart again
    • Improve registration database and online registration process
  • Motion: To update the FSM with the duties and responsibilities of the Events committee in order to be consistent with how we are currently doing business – passed unanimously

·         CoDA and CoRe Board Interviews

  • The CoRe Board has 2 openings and 2 candidates
  • The CoDA Board has up to 8 openings and 7 candidates



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