CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 1, 7/5/11

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Subject: CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference Day 1, 7/5/11
Date: July 6th 2011

Day 1


·         12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Service Concepts, Serenity Prayer, Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

·         Review of Process

·         Action Process

    • 2 minutes to present motion
    • 5 minutes for questions – either mike
    • 6 to 12 minutes for pros and cons – up to 3 each – 1 minute each
    • 5 minutes – crafting – proposed changes – motion can also be tabled and be brought back during old business
    • Final version of motion is read
    • Voting – pros and cons – can be voice vote or a standing vote by individual
    • Majority passes
    • 2/3 majority is binding on the board
    • Abstentions do count
    • If motion passes, a person has 1 minute to explain why it was not a good motion
    • Passing the badge – alternate can speak if badge passed by delegate but it can not then be passed back until after vote on that issue


·         30 seconds – can be called for if the room has become too contentious – ends with the Serenity Prayer


·         Original quorum count – 39 people present with voting rights – quorum will be 26

·         Motion to approve agenda – passed with only one con


·         Motion to give Chairs voice – passed 34 for 6 against 2 abstentions – 2/3

·         Motion to give CDRS (English publishing arm in Canada) voice for this conference

  • Amendment to give voice and vote. – 21 for 17 against 2 abstentions – amendment carries
  • Vote on giving voice and vote to CDRS for this conference – 20 for 15 against 5 abstentions – vote passed


·         Board Report – JudiAnn, Board Chair

  • CoDA Blue Book in Spanish is going to CoRe for publication!
  • Helpful hints for members of a board of trustees –
  • Advantages of a Fellowship vs. a Corporation presented. We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation.
  • The CoDA Board is responsible for managing the resources of the corporation. Copyrights and trademarks are a very important asset.
  • Board priorities:
    • Legal
    • Compliance
    • Business Services
    • Fulfill corporate purposes and mandate
  • Holes identified by the Board
    • Missing copyrights – several fixed
    • Missing records – found
    • Corporation did not have rights to sign contracts in other countries – application being made to fix this hole
    • Missing some trademark filings – took actions to fix
  • Developed structure of the Content Management System
  • Board ran out of time without covering ratification of board minutes and assignment of Voting Entity issues


·         QSR Report (Quarterly Service Report) – Salle, Board Secretary

  • The QSR is the report from the various entities (board and committees) on what has been accomplished during the previous quarter


·         Treasurer’s Report – France, Interim Treasurer


  • Appointed after last year’s CSC.
  • Challenges as new treasurer:
    • Misunderstanding of laws and regulations governing CoDA Inc
    • Lack of documented policies and procedures
    • Historical documents not available
    • Communication problems
    • Budget Governance:
  • Budget did not correspond to fiscal year as required by IRS (IRS Publication 538) – has been corrected
    • Concerns about last year’s convention having too high expenses resulting in loss despite being in Southern California, our biggest single Fellowship
    • Concerns about cost of last year’s CSC
  • Accomplishments:
    • Revamped Bookkeeper’s job description
    • Revamped bonding process, increased coverage and included Fellowship Service Worker
    • Located original IRS filing documents
    • Bank accounts and Certificates of Deposits were improved to decrease cost, bring us into better compliance and ensured that all CD’s are covered by insurance
    • CoDA Inc signed up for Starwood Preferred so that we will get back 3% on our expenses at the Sheraton during conference and convention this year
    • Books for Inmates and Institutions Program formalized working with CoRe, our US publishing arm
    • Implemented a supposedly compliant Travel Policy
      • Our largest expense by far
      • Effort is to ensure that we are compliant with IRS requirements
      • Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act 10-3842 – Standards of Conduct for Officers
      • There is a concern that too much of our budget is spent on travel as compared to other 12 Step programs


  • Board Report (JudiAnn Continued)
    • Voting entity issues – all assigned to Board at this time
    • Legal Issues
      • Legal Team created
        • 3 lawyers
          • Trademark and Patent Attorney
          • Corporate Counsel
          • Volunteer Lawyer
      • Trademark Filings
        • Filing of our Tradename via Madrid Protocol which covers 80 countries
        • Canada and Mexico being handled separately because not part of Madrid Protocol


  • Board Report – Karla Kelly, Legal Advisor
    • Special workers are individuals with special expertise
    • Karla was doing her legal work pro bono
    • Amount of pro bono work is limited to $2000 per year based on our Fellowship Service Manual
    • Karla now charges CoDA a reduced rate
    • Service Structure is still the inverted pyramid and CSC is the annual meeting of the voting members
    • Legal Structure says that Board of Trustees is a legal governing body responsible to the Voting Members and can delegate some of its authority and responsibility


  • CoRe (CoDA Resource Publishing) Report
    • Anita – Chair
      • CoRe has existed since 1995 and was created to separate the printing and distribution of literature portion of CoDA from everything else
      • CoRe pays CoDA a royalty which is our primary source of funds. This royalty was originally 40%, and was changed to 35% a few years ago
      • 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Workbook is now available in Spanish!
      • CoDA Book and Affirmations Book will both be printed soon in Spanish
    • Della – Treasurer
      • Book sales are almost 55% of sales
      • Total income for 2010 was almost $300K
      • Total assets are also almost $300K
      • Web store sales were only 18% in 2009 and up to 71% in 2010
    • Mary – Member of CoRe Board
      • International orders continue to be difficult because of shipping difficulties
      • Pocket edition of the CoDA Blue Book is now available for sale
      • Anita will be leaving the CoRe board after many years and everyone is grateful for her long service. She will be continuing doing service work for CoRe in other capacities.










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