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Date: August 19th 2010

What happened at CSC 2010? What changes can be expected?

In the next several months, look for an improved CoDA Newcomer page at www.coda.org. For the volunteers, a virtual office is being planned which will provide storage for historical items, as well as committee work areas for operational documents.

CoDA literature will soon be published by the CoDA organizations in Mexico, Quebec (French), Taiwan (Chinese), and Japan (Japanese) through our publishing agreements with these countries as brokered by our Translation Management Committee. Germany and Italy have continuing agreements with CoDA that have been in place for a number of years. These two countries’ CoDA organizations send 7th Tradition Donations as a result of the sales of their CoDA literature.

CoDA has Board members from around the world. Board Elections – Geraldine (UK) was elected Vice Chair and Jutta of Germany was elected to the Board. Following CSC, France (SoCal) was elected Treasurer and Dennis (SoCal) was elected Trustee/Legal Liaison/Assistant Treasurer. Continuing Board Members are Julie (Nevada), Salle (NorCal) and Dianne (Canada). Alternate Trustees are: Delia (Italy), Dagmar (UK) and Mercedes (Mexico).

Did you know that almost all budgets and motions were made available on our CoDA website prior to CSC? At CSC 2011, you can expect to see Service Conference and Convention information published early in 2011.

Mark your calendar for CoDA’s 25th CSC. It is now scheduled for July 5-13, 2011 in the Denver, Colorado area.

JudiAnn, Chair CoDA World Fellowship Codependents Anonymous, Inc. board@coda.org

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