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Date: August 18th 2010

Hello everyone. Spanish Outreach, a sub-committee of Outreach, would like to keep you informed of what is new and exciting here at Espa├▒ol.... We are so excited with our work, that we want to share it with you.


  1. During our times at the Convention, we recruited two new members. Rosario from Los Angeles, (she was translator as some of the events) and is currently involved with California CoDA Spanish Intergroup. Rosario will be a valuable member to SPO. (Spanish Outreach) We also recruited Guillermo, (Memo), he lives in Jalisco, Mexico, and offered an important workshop in Spanish during our past Convention. Memo is very good with computers, and eager to start working with us.

  2. Outreach's budget was greatly reduced this year, (compared to all previous years), this presents a bit of a challenge to the members of Spanish Outreach. Most of them reside outside of the United States, but that is not going to hold us down from doing the best job we could do for CoDA. Therefore, we are currently developing alternative plans to the conventional phone call, in which we could hold our Committee conferences that facilitates our work here at SPO. We will keep you inform. If it works, in this world of economic restraints, I am sure many of you could probably use the same methods we will end up doing.

  3. There were no Spanish Alternative Meetings, those are online/telephone CoDA meetings for codependent that no yet have a place to meet at theirs respective hometowns. For those, we created a new Spanish Online meeting. If you know of anyone in that situation, please offer them this information. The group email address is as follows... PAZ-Y-SERENIDAD@googlegroups.com

  4. Spanish Outreach presented a petition to our Board of Directors, asking for a standing Committee status. We are grateful to Outreach for the cooperation, leaning tools, experiences, friendship, and support they have provided us throughout these years, but CoDA is in the International Arena, and our work is bound to get busier, and more involved. We are asking our HP to guide us in this endeavor, with the hopes having our petition granted, but of course, only if it is within His wishes. We ought to hear from the Board of Directors, anytime soon and will let you know in our next newsletter.

If you need assistance with translation, please send your request at espanol@coda.org , and we will be happy to assist you in the best possible way we could.

There are plenty more going on, but we don't wish to 'bombard' everyone with lots of information all at once. Thank you for reading our newsletter.

¡Hasta pronto!

Respectfully yours,

The members of Spanish Outreach. Linda. Madeline. Maggie Marilia Memo Rosario. Tracey.

If you have a general question about CoDA (as opposed to the specific content of this email), please email outreach@coda.org

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