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CoDA Weekly Reading 3/12/19

March 12th 2019

Even after initially discovering codependency and reading books that helped me slightly to detach, I never truly knew just how abusive my relationship was until I was recently arrested for domestic violence. Never in a million years did I imagine that I, an attractive, seemingly well put together, young petite woman would end up in jail for two nights, with a battery charge. My relationship was built on lies, manipulation, alcoholism, jealousy, violence—the opposite of the definition of love. I always knew this but i ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Meeting In Print Issue #11 Is Out

March 6th 2019

/Meeting in Print/ /(MiP)/, a CoDA Co-NNections subcommittee, is proud to announce that the latest issue of its publication, themed /"I Can Climb Any Mountain"/. MiP is a quarterly publication that gives you the feeling of a live meeting while opening up space for texts, poetry, artwork and even music to help the CoDA community towards recovery. Each edition contains the following elements required in a CoDA group: [*]Welcome [*]Preamble [*]Twelve Steps [*]Twelve Traditions Along with these elements ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/5/19

March 5th 2019

I’m still so very fragile. So vulnerable. So scared. All the while knowing that there is a God, that I cannot control others, only myself. I make so much ground only to slip back, wanting to save the very person who broke me over 25 years and 6 kids later. I entered this marriage tall and proud of myself and all the accomplishments I had made on my own. I knew how good I was. How kind I was. How I would take care of anyone because I was that strong and I could handle anything. This strength is also what took me down ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/26/19

February 26th 2019

THE TWO DERIVATIVES OF AWARENESS Me as the Codependent Driver of my Disease Me as the Codependent Co-Navigator of my Disease And how I recognise and change both those Me’s to better drive and co-navigate my Codependent Car into Recovery! (phew, quite a mouthful) Just yesterday I was thinking, what’s that ONE thing which CoDA has given me which I didn’t possess before? It is the ability to UNDERSTAND my disease and understand how I used to blindly react to pain and fear and shame and guilt and fear of shame and ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Is Seeking New Members

February 22nd 2019

Do you love reading? Do you benefit from hearing recovery stories? Do you love listening to the heartbeat of someone's writing? Do you have a knack for editing? Do you love helping someone make their voice heard? Are you drawn to doing service work, but are scared of what that might mean? We need you- Because being scared is normal and humble. Step out with HP and serve with us, as we grow in our own recovery while carrying the message to codependents who still suffer. Once a week the CoDA Co-NNections Committee sen ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/19/19

February 19th 2019

This is my story about my two and a half months in CoDA. I call it "Walking Stride for Stride" Not so long ago I was down and out. I couldn't see clearly, my vision was in doubt. Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. See my mind would play tricks on me. Our eyes are the windows to our soul and without tears our rainbows would have no rainbows. Every day and night the hours just passed. My mind solely focusing on my past. I did not understand the pain inside me until that one Tuesday ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/12/19

February 12th 2019

On my CoDA recovery journey I have learned new tools that I have been able to call upon when needed. One of those tools is writing a daily affirmation, which I share with an affirmation buddy. In this daily affirmation, I am aware of my internal responses to external circumstances and learn how to focus my attention on what I can control versus what I can't. This has given me a greater sense of serenity and peace on a day-by-day, step-by-step basis. I'd like to share my affirmation for today: This morning, I am aware ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 2/5/19

February 5th 2019

The word codependency was introduced to me years ago after I had my first realization I couldn't control my life and those around me. I felt like I was losing my grasp on reality and reached out to my family and they took me to see a counselor the next day. I only saw this counselor once and left his office flustered and feeling resentful that it didn’t "help." He used the word codependency and it has lingered in my mind for the past decade. Shortly after this moment in my life, substance abuse became a mean ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/22/19

January 22nd 2019

Self-esteem. It’s interesting to think about what that word means. How do I esteem myself? What do I think of who I am? For most of my life I let others make that decision for me. I was a people pleaser. I let what others thought of me define who I was. In recovery, I’m learning who I am. I am growing. I am more self-aware in knowing my strengths and my weaknesses. Because I am learning who God—my higher power—is and how I am loved just as I am. I can admit when I make a mistake, realizing I, myself, am not a mistak ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 1/15/19

January 15th 2019

A Reflection about the Slogans */I practice gratitude. / I adopt an attitude of gratitude./* */In order to feel grateful, first I need to trust./* */In the morning, I decide what sort of day I am going to have./* */You can’t keep it if you don’t give it away. /* I had to spend several years working the CoDA program – at least five – before I began to understand what the subject of gratitude was all about and its importance to my recovery process. Since I came to the Twelve Steps a very damaged person – after 4 ...Continue Reading
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