CoDA Weekly Reading 11/30/21

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Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading 11/30/21
Date: November 30th 2021

Hi, my name is Don and I am codependent. I am blessed. God has given much to me since my first meeting August 9, 2003.

My God removed my rage, addiction to alcohol and sexual acting out -- all in my home meeting.

Every day I work the Steps, especially Step 1. My wife died in 2007 and in 2019 I remarried. Although I did not intend this it gives me a recovery barometer. My wife does or does not do things that used to upset me in my past marriage. For reasons that I do not understand the behaviors do not upset, annoy, or bother me. What they do is make me wonder why they ever upset me. They are trivial and irrelevant to our relationship. Still, I marvel at the power of the CoDA recovery Program.

I know working the Steps daily has brought healing and insight. I also know this journey never ends and there will be many miracles in my future. Step 12 could be problematic for me but instead it is a blessing. I am an introvert and unlikely to round up many suffering codependents in my neighborhood. Fortunately, CoDA eliminates any excuse my introversion may provide. CoDA gives Service opportunities at the Meeting level, Intergroup level, Voting Entity and World level to reach out to the codependent still suffering. Therefore, I have no excuse.

This essay serves as a piece of outreach. Funny how CoDA is structured to reach out to the codependent still suffering, including me.

Don B – 8/21



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