CoDA Weekly Reading 10/15/19

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Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading 10/15/19
Date: October 15th 2019

My journey with CoDA started three years ago when my life was falling apart. To be quite honest I only joined to keep my marriage together but once I saw that I needed help I knew that I was the one that I had to change and not my husband.

I bought the CoDA book and sought out a sponsor and when things seemed like it couldn't get any better I called my sponsor and she worked it out with me (baby steps). She worked with me twice a week and slowly I started seeing changes in myself. I started believing in the process and believing in my Higher Power. I felt like I could breathe for the first time in my life without manipulating others and that I could have a voice. For the first time I felt that if my husband asked for a divorce, I knew I would be okay.

I did a couple of step-studies and that was when I truly started "peeling the onion" and saw that I was good enough! I have made some strides and cleared a lot of debris and baggage that I was carrying around for a long time. Through this journey I have learned how to place some great learning tools in my tool belt. I live for this moment because this is all I have. Tomorrow is a new day and as I say, I "Let Go and Let God."

Anna B. - 7/24


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