CoDA Weekly Reading 1/8/19

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Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading 1/8/19
Date: January 8th 2019

Today we have 3 short readings for you.


I was well hidden in my codependent behaviors or at least I thought I was. I had to be better than everyone around me so that I wasn't overwhelmed with shame. I accomplished that by finding flaws in everyone and imagining myself to be a superior spiritual person. The distancing of this strategy was isolating and unsustainable. My first CoDA meeting gave me hope. My first sponsor gave me the steps and, along with weekly meetings and multiple step studies the CoDA program brought me a new freedom.


Mick S – 11/18/18


Before Coda, I was habitually regurgitating the poison of my past by telling the same old stories of being taken advantage of and being a slave to that identity of being a victim.

Some people would say another day, another dollar or that they dread waking up in the morning. I am learning to say another day, another miracle waiting to happen or the new day is another chance to see how higher power works in my life and what is possible. I commit to cleaning up my space and my side of the road today so the train of possibilities will have a smooth ride into my life.


David N - 12/5/18


Lessons I've learned in CoDA.


I was 45 years late for my first meeting.

I keep getting lessons til learned. Then I get different lessons.

The more I go "all in" with program, the faster and better the changes. And the older I get the better I was. :-)

My anonymity ends when it keeps from carrying the message.

I believe codependency underlies all the other addictions, and every one is codependent. Low self esteem, shame, abuse, neglect and control get us lucky ones to program. Thanks God.

Keep coming back. It works.

The more recovery I give out the more I keep.

The best book I'll ever write is the green CoDA step and tradition book. Great start for step 4, and more.

The more I share, the better I become. And better, not badder.

More will be revealed. And contempt prior to investigation leads to delusion.

I am enough. Have enough. God has us exactly where we need to be.


Dan D - 1/5/19


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