CoDA Weekly Reading 12/20/16

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Date: December 19th 2016

Request for a Gift 


I turn on the tap and water gushes out Water I can drink safely, containing fluoride that can strengthen my teeth I have hot water kept at 98°C, ice cubes in my freezer, and a flask of water at room temperature And don't start me on all the different beverages, drinks, powdered, ground, dried, teas, liquids and concentrates that I have in my home Can I see just how many luxuries I have in life? So many choices to address what I currently fancy Sometimes I forget that, and I get thrown off balance Just by a look, a frown or a word And the world just swirls around me like the Armageddon of a thunderstorm And I believed I was forsaken by this world Oh God, can I see how I am really chosen and loved And take joy in every single piece of gift you have handed me Every. Single. Gift. That I have that is not given to all beings And may I be so greedy as to have one last request for a final gift? --- The gift of being able to see the truth about all my gifts I will stop ask ing for gifts and to receive without grumble all that you're giving me


In recovery, W - 9/26/16

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