CoDA Weekly Reading: 2nd Meeting In Print Is Out

From: "CoDA Weekly Reading" <>
Subject: CoDA Weekly Reading: 2nd Meeting In Print Is Out
Date: December 17th 2016

Greetings CoDA Weekly Readings Subscribers,


CoNNections is releasing a new publication “Meeting In Print” (MiP). This will start as a quarterly newsletter based on the format of a live meeting. Each edition will contain the following elements required in a CoDA group; the welcome, the preamble, the twelve steps & the twelve traditions; + the serenity prayer and the meeting close. Along with these elements there will be the opportunity for a share in various media formats. Our first two editions are based on written and pictorial shares but we look to add audio and video in the future.


Please come to our meeting and tell us what you think. The MiP committee will soon be looking to add two members. If you have time to spare and some ideas to share we look forward to hearing from you.


For the second MiP click the link below:

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