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CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List: Interested in stepping up your recovery?

March 20th 2016

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Hospital & Institutions Committee, hosp@PROTECTED CoDA has a sponsorship program for inmates. The aim of sponsoring is to guide the sponsee through CoDA’s steps and traditions. We are desperate to have men who are willing to sponsor men who have requested sponsors. So far, only one man has stepped up to this. All of the correspondence is done by mail, generally, US Mail. Anonymity is maintained. For more information and application, go to: ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospitals and Institutions Survey

February 2nd 2016

To all subscribers to the Hospitals and Institutions list: We, the Hospitals and Institutions Committee of CoDA, Inc. hosp@PROTECTED , have received over 30 responses to our survey! Thank you to those who have already done so and thank you to those who will answer this call to action. Please consider filling out the survey by the end of week. Click on survey here: Great progress thus far. While it is unrealistic to have 100% survey participation, ...Continue Reading

CoDA: To Our AOL Subscribers

December 18th 2015

Many CoDA emails are being put in your spam folder by aol. If you would be willing to go into your aol spam folder & check every CoDA email & select "not spam" that would insure future delivery & greatly help CoDA.                             In Service,                   &nbs ...Continue Reading

CoDA H&I Survey

December 15th 2015

Dear CoDA Member, You are getting this mailing because you have subscribed to CoDA’s Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) email list. Perhaps you are just curious about what H&I is or perhaps you are interested in H&I service, what it is. We invite you to take this very brief survey. The intent of this survey is to find out more about our subscribers. You may take this survey anonymously, but there is a place for your contact information if you are interested in more information that may help you or may help us. Please tak ...Continue Reading

CoDA H&I Needs Help With Survey

December 14th 2015

The Hospitals and Institutions Committee of CoDA is preparing to survey those who have subscribed to its mailing list. We are looking for one or two individuals who would be willing to volunteer for a few (3-6) weeks to help us process the responses we receive. This work will be done using the Internet and be directed by one of our committee members. If you are willing to help us, please contact us at hosp@PROTECTED. Here's a reminder about your current mailing list subscription: [*] You are subscribed to the follow ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: Volunteers Wanted

July 15th 2015

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Hospital & Institutions Committee hosp@PROTECTED ARE YOU:   Currently active in CoDA, with at least two years of recovery?   Sponsored/co-sponsored?   Willing to sponsor an inmate (with complete anonymity), with only snail mail? PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING AN INMATE. THE NEED IS GREAT! WE CURRENTLY HAVE 35 LOOKING FOR SPONSORS WITH NO SPONSORS TO SERVE THEM. For details contact hosp@PROTECTED We also need volunteers for our committee – here is what we ...Continue Reading

CoDA Events Survey - CoDA Convention

March 26th 2015

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Events Committee events@PROTECTED Hello Fellow CoDA member, The Events Committee wants your input on some key questions. We hold 2 annual events and try our best to make them enjoyable and comfortable for our attendees.   Here is a link to a very short survey (only 12 simple yes or no questions) in which the answers will greatly help us with future planning. We want any and all CoDA members t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program Needs Sponsors

February 8th 2015

CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program Needs Sponsors In Spring 2014, CoDA’s H&I committee launched the CoDA Inmate Sponsorship Program. Inmates from around the U.S. have written to us asking to be paired with a prospective sponsor. We are looking for men and women who are willing to use the postal mail system to share their experience, strength & hope with inmates. If you . . . *Have a minimum of two years of active participation in CoDA *Actively work with a sponsor or co-sponsor *Have worked all of CoDA’s Twelve St ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: H&I Service Opportunities

February 6th 2015

The contents of this email are from the CoDA Hospital & Institutions Committee, hosp@PROTECTED H&I needs your help! We have more work than we can sanely accomplish. Will you help? Please contact us at hosp@PROTECTED. We look forward to hearing from you! H&I Communications: We need 4 people to rotate responding to letters that H&I receives regularly. Inquiries can include: * Requests for information about how to provide H&I service * How to bring a CoDA meeting into a facility * Literature requests from inmates ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:: H&I Lights Beam 5 Nov 2014

November 5th 2014

In an effort to stay connected and support the Fellowship, CoDA's Hospitals and Institutions Committee is using this periodic newsletter to communicate what it is working on and to share ways you can help the codependent who still suffers within institutions. _What H&I has done:_       Since January 1, 2014, H&I Committee members have handled 487 letters from individuals in 66 different institutions as well as 25 email inquiries from individuals and institutions. We have responded to them all.  ...Continue Reading
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