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CoDA Announcements

The purpose of this list is to share information with any & all CoDA members, especially that which may effect CoDA as a whole.

We will be sending out regular emails with CoDA events, announcements, issues & CoDA business of interest to both specific regions & to the entire CoDA fellowship.

Per the 2nd tradition, For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority, a loving higher power as expressed to our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. Developing a group conscience requires an informed fellowship, & to be effective trusted servants those you've elected must know the group conscience of the fellowship.

CoDA Literature Committee Seeks Your Recovery Story

May 31st 2020

 To all members of the CoDA Fellowship,   The CoDA Literature Committee is asking for your contributions to a new piece of literature called Growing Up in CoDA: Becoming Emotionally Mature. The focus of this piece is on understanding how we are moving past our childhood problems by using the tools of the CoDA program. Most codependents know the feeling of being surprised by our own feelings and resulting behaviors. Many of us have, at times, felt like a child impersonating an adult, of feeling “little” ...Continue Reading

CoDA Events

CoDA Events would like your support in joining this email list that will be used to send announcements, surveys, and other Events supported business to the CoDA fellowship.

CoDA Events: First Annual CoDA International Retreat

February 5th 2020

First Annual CoDA International Retreat ! CoDA Bahama Cruise November 16- 20th, 2020 _Ports of Call_  11/16/20: Depart Orlando- Port Canaveral  11/17/20: Perfect Day at CocoCay!  11/18/20: Nassau  11/19/20: At Sea  11/20/20: Arrive Orlando- Port Canaveral  $547 per person – Interior Room  $615 per person – Ocean View  $751 per person – Ocean Balcony (Prices subject to change if booked after Feb 12th) Includes Taxes and Fees. (Gratuities not included) ONLY $200 refundable ...Continue Reading

CoDA Hospital & Institution Information Contact List:

This list is for CoDA members who are H & I (Hospital and Institutions) contacts for their region or group. The purpose to send information regarding H & I service opportunities and resources from the H & I Committee and then for the contacts to share that information with their Intergroup or local meetings. Individual members may also be part of the list in order find out more about H & I service.

We appreciate your participation.


The Hospitals and Institutions Committee, Codependents Anonymous, Inc.

CoDA Hospitals & Institutions Seeks Sponsors For Inmates

March 13th 2020

H&I needs some more people who would be willing to sponsor inmates. We have three men and five new applicants who have requested sponsors. This service can be both very rewarding and frustrating. All of the communication is via US mail. If you're intrigued, interested, challenged, and it's your Higher Power's will, check out the information on the CoDA website at: http://coda.org/default/assets/File/H%20%26%20I/Sponsor%20info%20for%20CoDA%20Inmate%20Sponsorship%20Program%202014%2002%2013.pdf or contact us at hosp@PROTE ...Continue Reading

CoDA Meeting Contact List

This is a list for CoDA Meeting Contacts. Through it, CoDA World will occasionally send announcements to meeting representatives. When your service as meeting contact expires, please remind the new contact person to sign up for this list.

To update your meeting's registration, please go to:


or email meeting@coda.org

Thank you & we look forward to being able to communicate directly with your CoDA meeting!

CoDA Meeting Contact List: New Link For Conference Registration

May 16th 2020

There is a new & different link to register for the 2020 Virtual (Internet) CoDa Service Conference. It is: https://codaevents2020.eventbrite.com Please do not use the old link at this time. CSC Preparation Group cscprep@codependents.org Thank you very much to our CoDA trusted servants who signed up for this email list! Our hope is that Group Reps will share these messages with their home meetings, and that intergroup members will share them with each other as well as their meetings. ...Continue Reading

CoDA Quarterly Service Report

This list is for distribution of CoDA's Quarterly Service Report. Please note that for this list only, we send file attachments ranging in size from 40k to 350k.

CoDA Quarterly Service Report: 1st Quarter 2020

April 21st 2020

Here's the 1st Quarter QSR (Quarterly Service Report) for 2020. Please feel free to share this with your meeting. Please see the attachment below for the QSR. The attachment included with this email has been scanned for viruses before sending, but we also suggest that you scan it again before opening If you have a friend who would like to subscribe, please have them go here: https://www.codependents.org If you have a general question about CoDA (as opposed to the specific content of this email), please email info@c ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading

Each week, subscribers will automatically receive an email with a new "recovery reading". Hopefully, viewing this member created work will provide subscribers with thoughts to reflect upon during the remainder of the week.

CoDA Weekly Reading 05/26/20

May 26th 2020

RESIDENTIAL SOULS Sitting in my CoDA meeting I looked around at the circle of faces. No two expressions alike. There were half-smiles, intense brow furrowing like one gets when trying to absorb as much information as possible. “I love it here” I thought. Then I thought of an amusing analogy that all the people are like houses and within each house is a soul. Each soul is different, just as every house is decorated differently on the inside and outside. It reflects who we are on the inside. What I went through in my li ...Continue Reading