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CoDA Weekly Reading 5/22/19

May 22nd 2019

A year ago, self-destructive codependent patterns culminated in me nearly dying in the ICU from untreated alcoholism. While lying in that hospital bed I prayed for a second chance. After three months of hospitalization I was released clean, sober but without tools to cope with the core issues that led to these destructive behaviors. Then I found CoDA and was finally able to look at my past through a different lens. I began understanding the root causes of my codependent patterns and how they had impacted every aspect o ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/14/19

May 14th 2019

Several years ago, I stepped into my first group meeting for codependency. That day helped changed my life and was the beginning of my recovery. Many great women in the groups supported me and were a part of my journey to healing. Without them and the steps, I might have been six feet under (literally). Codependency was a root illness of mine for years, but I did not know this until I was introduced to CoDA. Because of the groups, and learning along the way, I was able to heal and reach the twelfth step, enlightenment ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 5/7/19

May 7th 2019

In my journey to sever my codependency, I've searched deep into who I was when I first married and now, 20 years later, broken and beautiful. I've learned the difference between trust and the benefit of doubt. For the longest time they were interchangeable in speech; I rarely gave either. I came from a family where trust was rare and self-preservation was necessary. Over the years I have learned to give the benefit of doubt but it is difficult, even to competent adults. It takes effort even after 40 years. I have lea ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/30/19

April 30th 2019

I frequently return to Step 1. Although I have worked all my Steps during my years working my program, I find myself facing situations and people in my life that I am unable to control. In fact, it’s in my most intimate relationships where I find myself wanting to control the people who affect me daily. It’s in these relationships that I most frequently act out my codependent patterns and characteristics. That’s a given. These behaviors never disappear completely; instead I learn how to manage them. Of the many tools I ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/23/19

April 23rd 2019

An Apology Is Not An Amends At least, that’s the way I have come to see it. I have always been uncomfortable with apologies but I have told myself that when I do wrong, I deserve the discomfort from making an apology. Nevertheless, growing more and more during my time in CoDA, I have felt apologies to be demeaning, not good. And in CoDA, I learn that making a mistake is not becoming a mistake, perhaps validating my discomfort with apologies. A mistake is something I did, not something I am. More and more, I have been ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/16/19

April 16th 2019

Hello! I'm a codependent by birth! Always wanted other people's attention and love. I was addicted to candy and gum as a child. Would peel it off the ground and chew it! It was as if I needed something to push down my pain. I was sexually abused by my father's cousin at 3!! But I am such a strong person. Always have been. Defeated death many times. My favorite therapist said that I have the strongest spirit he's ever known. My base core problem is "looking for love in all the wrong places" remember that song? ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/9/19

April 9th 2019

I'm Dan, I’m codependent and in recovery. I’m getting better and enjoying the promises coming as I walk through the steps with my co-sponsor and step study meetings. I get to share my story and listen to others like it. I learn to meditate (listen) and pray, play, journal, call other recovering friends, and sometimes answer calls and tell people about CoDA. We call it carrying the message as suggested in Step 12. Of all the service work I've done, sharing my experience strength and hope is the best, for me. Thanks, God ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 4/2/19

April 2nd 2019

The Four Magic Words of Recovery That clever phrase in the title caught my eye. It was from a recent Weekly Reading and it was followed by a reference to Group Conscience, a part of CoDA I am particularly grateful for. Even with meetings and sponsors, my recovery is mostly interior, meeting attitude challenges one by one. The quiet satisfaction of that interior growth is surely gratifying but it doesn't seem enough for me. I need to give it away, somehow, to engage it with others. That is how the Twelfth Step was disc ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/26/19

March 26th 2019

I had a CoDA miracle in my life last June, and for the past 6 months, I have been walking around in a pink cloud. I thought life was amazing, and everyone God brought into my life was there just for me. I guess it was like being born all over again and seeing life for the first time. Now the real hard work begins! Now I must start rebuilding my life. I will need boundaries, so my life is not too big or too small. I will need structure so it doesn't fall over, and I must build my life with thoughtfulness, serenity, lov ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 3/19/19

March 19th 2019

I was abused from the age of 14. This is when I stopped growing emotionally and spiritually. I am now 57 years old and no longer feel a victim. My innocence had been taken from me physically and emotionally leaving my self esteem at rock bottom. I continued to have emotional rock bottoms until I found alcohol. To me, this gave me the courage to be me. I now know it wasn’t the real me. It took away my self hate and worthlessness. I drank 24 hours a day for 6 years, then I reached what I now understand to be my rock bo ...Continue Reading