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CoDA Weekly Reading 11/05/19

November 5th 2019

Here is my story: In October of 2009—after several hospitalizations—I was diagnosed with Severe Depression and Anxiety and admitted into the Intensive Outpatient Program at the hospital. I began working on my issues of depression and was told repeatedly that I was codependent. It was suggested that I attend CoDA meetings as well as therapy. I screwed up the courage, found a meeting and went. It was the third week of October. I got lost (I am also directionally challenged). I was tearful and upset when I knocked on t ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 10/29/19

October 29th 2019

Self-love Deficit Disorder Codependency and sex and love addiction appear to be related according to a prominent writer who wrote about these subjects. As an adult child of an alcoholic, I concur based on my own personal experience. I have gone to all the support groups that I felt appropriate: ACA, SLAA, S-Anon, and SA and now CoDA. I was involved with a sex addict, a narcissist, a codependent and other dysfunctional types of people. I think I have been around the block and then some. I arrived at the conclusion tha ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 10/21/19

October 22nd 2019

*Loose rock, loose brick.* I've been in Codependents Anonymous for a little less time than I've been under a doctor’s care for cirrhosis. Not having proper tools to deal with problems in the past, not trusting anyone, not knowing how to ask for help and always thinking that it was just easier to do it myself led me down a path of desolation and despair. I would have one bad experience in a certain area and would I swear off whatever person, place or thing which I thought was responsible for the rest of my life. I thou ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 10/15/19

October 15th 2019

My journey with CoDA started three years ago when my life was falling apart. To be quite honest I only joined to keep my marriage together but once I saw that I needed help I knew that I was the one that I had to change and not my husband. I bought the CoDA book and sought out a sponsor and when things seemed like it couldn't get any better I called my sponsor and she worked it out with me (baby steps). She worked with me twice a week and slowly I started seeing changes in myself. I started believing in the process an ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 10/8/19

October 8th 2019

I came to CoDA at 26 after a tumultuous and devastating break-up (I had only barely begun to chip away at my denial involving my dysfunctional family and lonely childhood at this time). I was desperate for some relief, so I found a meeting in my town. I thought it would be a place where I could talk about how terrible my cheating partners were, or how my alcoholic mother was to blame for my difficulties in relationships. I felt I was simply a victim to these people and circumstances, and I wanted to be justified and co ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 10/1/19

October 1st 2019

I lost a friend to suicide this week, and even though it was devastating and upsetting it hasn't debilitated me and I can see the Higher Power and my program of Codependents Anonymous at work. I also lost a friend a couple years back who was like a daughter to me. The only way I knew to get through it was to numb it with alcohol. I abused alcohol so badly that I had to spend five months in the hospital fighting for my life. The past year and a half I have been abstinent from alcohol and have been getting stronger ever ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 9/24/19

September 24th 2019

I was unhappily married for 14 years. Since then, I never had a “real” or “normal” relationship. I was good with keeping things superficial but didn’t fully realize that this was a strategy for keeping safe. I could never allow anyone to see the REAL me—it simply wasn’t good enough! Finally, many years later, I set out to have a “legit” relationship. I felt so hopeful, but two failed relationships later, I found myself falling apart in every way when they ended. I was beside myself. I was left feeling broken and having ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 9/17/19

September 17th 2019

I have recently realized that my tardiness has to do with social anorexia, controlling patterns, selfishness, slothfulness, false pride, perfectionism and fear. It surprised me to see all those factors contributing to me being unable to arrive early to meetings. I recently decided to start an experiment where I leave early for meetings. I wanted to be useful and of service to participating fellow travelers. When I was leaving earlier than normal to make it to a meeting yesterday, I clearly felt fear arise in me. It w ...Continue Reading

CoDA Co-NNections Meeting In Print Issue #13 Is Out

September 16th 2019

/Meeting in Print/ /(MiP)/, a CoDA Co-NNections subcommittee, is proud to announce that the latest issue of its publication, themed /"New Freedom"/ MiP is a quarterly publication that gives you the feeling of a live meeting while opening up space for texts, poetry, artwork and even music to help the CoDA community towards recovery. Each edition contains the following elements required in a CoDA group: [*]Welcome [*]Preamble [*]Twelve Steps [*]Twelve Traditions Along with these elements there is plenty ...Continue Reading

CoDA Weekly Reading 9/10/19

September 10th 2019

*Owning My Power* I own my power when I am clear with my boundaries, when I take full responsibility for my part and don’t take any responsibility for someone else's part. I own my power when I use the words "I", "I want", "I will", "I can", "Will you help me with ...?" I own my power when I let go of someone and sincerely wish them all the best. I own my power when I say "No, I can't do it this way. How about doing it this other way?" I own my power w ...Continue Reading