CoDA Group Representative List: Service Conference, Motions Due June 8th and Delegates

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Date: May 28th 2022

To our Group Service Reps.

If you haven't heard, this year Voting Entities (VE's) will be able to submit motions to the CoDA Service conference (CSC) just like a World Service Committee. Is there anything your intergroup, State Organization, Province, or country would like to see changed? Now's your chance!

VE Motions must be submitted by a CSC delegate, Intergroup. State or Country CoDA Organization.

To learn if you likely have a registered Voting Entity in your area, please go to the Fellowship Service Manual (FSM)  Part 1 Page 14

Voting Entity (VE)

"A Voting Entity (VE) is a level of Fellowship within CoDA that handles the business aspects for a group typically made up of two or more Intergroups/CSGs and/or Meetings. An Intergroup/CSG may serve as a Voting Entity if decided by group conscience when it is the only Intergroup/CSG within a VE. The Voting Entity organization provides a bridge between Intergroups/CSGs, and CoDA World.

The Fellowship Service Manual of Co-Dependents Anonymous Part 1 Approved 2021 CoDA Fellowship Service Manual Part 1 Page 15 Last Revision: 2021-10-30 Each state, province, territory of all Countries and those Countries who had created national Voting Entities as of the date, September 10, 2019, of this motion are established as a Voting Entity (VE) until such time as the regions or provinces have become well established and no longer need assistance from the recognized National Voting Entity and are entitled to send two (2) Delegates to the CoDA Service Conference (CSC). Sometimes two or more Voting Entities may choose to join together in order to combine resources and better serve the needs of their meetings and Intergroups. No state, country or Voting Entity shall be considered to have surrendered their rights to representation and voting at the CoDA Service Conference in spite of any affiliation without having surrendered those rights in writing to CoDA World. Voting Entity may also choose to divide into two or more Voting entities according to CoDA's Bylaws. Please see CoDA’s Bylaws for more information. For more information on Voting Entities please see Part 3 of the FSM, CoDA Guidelines for Intermediate Service Levels."

If you are unsure, Please contact the IMC at for an application. Or the voting entity liaison at

Motions are due on June 8th by 11:59 PM PDT.

You can get blank motion forms here:

Please send to

It's also time to be choosing your delegates. Each VE gets up to 2 delegates.

Delegates can register here: . There may be a 2nd page for delegates to also register, as they have to be vetted. That page is not up yet, we will be in touch. The IMC-VEL may just contact the registered delegates.

The Conference runs August 21 - 25; both in person in South Dakota, and over the internet. Also, any CoDA member can observe the conference over the internet. If you are not a delegate, or a "Trusted Servant" (World Service Committee Member), Please consider registering as an observer at

Questions? Please write

In Service,

Your CoDA Service Conference Prep Group


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