CoDA Group Representative List: CoDA Board Of Trustees Seeking New Members

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Date: April 8th 2022


Please consider doing service
as a Board of Trustee for:
CoDA ~ Codependents Anonymous Incorporated
CoRe ~ CoDA Resource Publishing Incorporated

CoDA members - Please consider doing service with the CoDA Board of Trustees. The Board has many things they would like to accomplish. However, achieving those goals is limited by the small number of Trustees at present. 

 The CoDA Board needs people who have a few hours a week (around 10 hours, as the CoDA Service Conference approaches). 

 Here are the requirements:  

  1. Working knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Co-Dependents Anonymous. 

  1. Willingness and availability to serve the Fellowship through major service projects. 

  1. Demonstration of skills and abilities while doing CoDA Service for two or more years. 

  1. Understanding and experience of the group conscience process. 

  1. Courage to express oneself and the ability to listen and communicate effectively with others. 

  1. Dedication and commitment to the health of CoDA. 

  1. Desire to carry the message to the still suffering codependent. 

  1. Skills and experience necessary for the Board of Trustees to fulfill its legal and fiscal responsibilities to the Corporation. 

  1. Attendance at a previous CSC. 

 If you are interested, please drop an email to and we will help with the process. 

 Please consider doing this valuable service! 

 CoDA Board of Trustees 


CoRe Board of Trustees - Publishes and distributes CoDA approved literature

The CoDA Resource Publishing, Inc. (CoRe) Board Trustees and Alternates are elected at the yearly Co-Dependents Anonymous, Inc. (CoDA) Service Conference (CSC). This is a service position and not a paid position. Trustees are voted into a 3-year term and Alternates are voted into a 1-year term. After 1 year, Alternates may run at CSC as a Trustee or step down from the Board. Trustees may run for a second consecutive three (3) year term, once they have received a vote of confidence from the current Board.

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