CoDA Group Representative List: CoDA AVM Looking For Members And Input

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Date: January 6th 2022

Being of service is a way to use our special talents to give back to this program that has given us so much, and to carry the message to the codependents who still suffer.

Higher Power sometimes places interest in the development of new talents and skills into our hearts. Service offers us a powerful way to develop these.



Codependents Anonymous Communications Committee, opening the

Audio/Visual Media Subcommittee,

is searching for members of CoDA

interested in being of service in the following areas:


Sharing your Experience Strength & Hope for recording

Editing audio and visual media

Voice “acting”/reading

Social media development

Content development

(More we haven’t even thought of yet!)


Are you willing to meet once a week for about an hour and take on small tasks? We envision tasks of 2-10 hours per week of volunteer time. The more volunteers, the more person-time we have!


Additionally, AVM invites the World CoDA Committees, Voting Entities, and Intergroups to send ideas and content: What do you have that would work well in a video, audio, or social media format that you think the fellowship would benefit from? Do you have conference/convention recordings you’d like to see shared at the World CoDA level?


Please email


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