CoDA Group Representative List: Tradition 11 Changed Interpretation

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Date: September 4th 2021


At the recent CoDA Service Conference (CSC), some changes were approved by motion as to how we interpret Tradition 11.

1. Motion #21022   Social Media Anonymity

Tradition 11 speaks to members of CoDA maintaining anonymity when representing CoDA to outside entities. Tradition 11 does not speak of recovery meetings, literature, virtual meetings, traditional face to face meetings, recovery conventions and recovery videos and audios. Tradition 11 does not forbid individuals from participating in recovery online.

Some members wear masks, hats and other disguises when in CoDA meetings. Others give false names. That is their choice. Everybody has their own recovery journey.

Sharing our faces and names in Face-to-face recovery and business meetings does not violate Tradition 11; neither does the same behavior on social media violate Tradition 11.

It is important to remember if a video is being made, permission to do so is required. If it is a group, it has to be announced before the video begins, so that those who choose to not be seen may move out of the video range. Service Structure Committee


2. Motion #21040   Tradition 11

Bold words were added to the existing Tradition 11: Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, films, television, and all other public forms of communication. Communications Committee


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