CoDA Group Representative List: Prepare for CoDA Service Conference (CSC)

From: "CoDA Group Representative List" <>
Date: July 5th 2021


Thank you for your service to our Fellowship.  Your service, in cooperation with your Voting Entity Delegate(s), helps our Fellowship to continue growing.


  1. Every member in CoDA is encouraged to have their voice heard in preparation for the CoDA Service Conference (CSC) which is our annual business meeting.  As a Group Service Representative (GSR), we ask that you share with your meetings the Motions to be discussed & voted on at CSC and to communicate that to your elected Delegate.
  2. If you have received this message, you are registered with CoDA as a GSR or an intergroup member. 

Note: If you are no longer your group’s GSR, please reply to this email to have your name removed from this list.  Please reach out to your current GSR and suggest that they register on the CoDA website.

    1. Please visit the CoDA website for downloads of the “2021 Delegate Packet
    2. The initial download of all Motions and other Documents can be made in one combined Zip file
    3. The Delegate Packet includes other documents that will guide Trusted Servants and Delegates during CSC: Zoom Instructions, Virtual Meeting Etiquette, Daily Schedules, etc. These may be informative and instructional to share at your meeting.
    4. Please note that changes are made occasionally.  After your initial download, if a file is updated, the date on the zip file will be updated.  You will have to download the whole zip file again, but most folders within the new zip download will not be modified.  Look only for folders that have a new date.
  1. Determine the Group Conscience for your Voting Entity (VE) for the pending Motions.  Hopefully, the means of getting this information to your VE’s Delegate is already an established procedure within your VE.

Note: Clearly communicating your meeting’s position on a Motion (pros, cons, suggested improvements, etc) will help the Delegate to participate in the discussion of Motions during CSC.  For more information about CSC procedures and responsibilities of Trusted Servants, please review section 4 of the Fellowship Service Manual:


If you have questions about this year’s CSC that haven’t been addressed, please reach out to Chris J (VEL) at

Thank you very much to our CoDA trusted servants who signed up for this email list!

Our hope is that Group Reps will share these messages with their home meetings, and that intergroup members will share them with each other as well as their meetings.

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