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Date: August 19th 2020

In response to a series of questions from one CoDA member about the pages of Board motions that need to be reviewed and voted upon at this (and every) CoDA Service Conference, the Board is happy to share the information more widely, in the following series of questions and answers.


It seems each motion has a key # and they are listed in chronological order for the most part. #s 5115 and 5131 - 5135 are missing. Is that by design?

Each motion has two numbers: (1) The shorter, simpler key number assigned to them consecutively as they are entered into the Motions Database. (2) The Motion Number that, in the first two digits, reflects the year that a motion was presented and, in the following digits, the order in which it was voted upon at the CSC. When motions are missing it may mean that the motion was to adjourn a session or, say, that an item had to be postponed and resubmitted the following year.

Whenever missing numbers raise doubts, you are welcome to visit the Online Motions Database:, where you only need to enter the missing numbers in the first line (“Motion Contains”) and hit return, to find out what was omitted.


Some of the motions aren't in chronological order and in fact there is one from 12/7/2019 that is one of the latest #s, 5130.

The motion you refer to was inadvertently omitted when motions from the 2019 CSC were uploaded to the Motions Database. As soon as that was noticed, the Board acted to ensure that it would get uploaded, a process that occurred in 2020.


I also notice that each motion has a Number, that the Numbers are in chronological order, for the most part and I am not sure which is the correct way to be reading the motions. Maybe you can clarify?

I am not certain what you mean by the “correct way” to read the motions. If you investigate the Online Motions Database according to the Motion Number, you will be reliving the order of consideration of the motions from, say, any given CSC. If you follow the Online Motions Database in the order of the Key Numbers, then you will flow from one year to the next as those motions were added to the Online Motions Database at the end of every CSC, including minor procedural items such as the Quorum Count, adjourning for lunch or taking a mid-morning break..

However, in the case of the Consent Agenda, you are only reading the Motions passed by the Board since the last CSC (between CSCs), in the last months of 2019 and the first eight months of 2020.


Several of the motions are asking for funding for the Website slider, and I am unfamiliar with that term. Can you explain what that is?

So glad that you asked! The Board asked for a design that would allow it to present the ever-changing matters that affect the Fellowship in a way that would be immediately noticeable. The design response was the set of recently installed screens that slide by on the Home page of Please check out the contents of the slider and tell us whether you recommend adding information on another current topic.


On 7-11-2020, Motion Key# 5129, Number 20225, there was a motion to investigate acquisition of a QR code for meeting level donations. I am very interested to know what that entails and what any individual meetings, members might be able to help on.

Thank you for asking! The Board recognizes that the Seventh Tradition is the basis of meetings managing their own expenses first and then disbursing funds left over on down the chain of the inverted pyramid, to their Intergroups, Voting Entities and CoDA World.

When face to face meetings switched to phone or online formats, the practice of the Seventh Tradition largely fell by the wayside. During the pandemic, newcomers might think that Seventh Tradition donations are superfluous since meetings pay no rent and lack any way to display or sell literature. In fact, CoDA expenses continue apace. Meetings, Intergroups, Voting Entities and CoDA World still need to pay for Zoom lines to enable them to meet, plan, organize and host marathon meetings or conferences, pay the salaries of Fellowship Service Workers, including the webmaster, and for the phone lines that are many folks’ first contact with CoDA.

To inform the Fellowship that there are many different ways for CoDA members to make Seventh Tradition donations at the group level, a CoDA Announcement, Guidelines for Digital Seventh Tradition, was sent out on June 10, 2020, to begin the conversation. Later considerations revealed that a Quick Response (QR) Code could be one additional way for groups to establish a direct link between members and the Treasurer. This matter is still being investigated and the Board will inform the Fellowship when further details are available.


As an aside, I saw a motion to remove the CoDA app from the App store. I didn't even know there was a CoDA app!

The Board did not promote the App, once developed, as it was available only in English and there was a demand that it be available in both English and Spanish, just as the website is offered in those two languages. After the launch of the new website, that App proved to be unworkable, limited and out of date, so that it did not make sense to continue paying for it to be available in App stores.

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