CoDA Group Representative List: Interpretation/Translation Need For Service Conference

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Date: August 16th 2020


Good afternoon to all,
Due to the pandemic, and situation we are under, CoDA is having their annual business conference virtually rather than meeting in person this year. The pandemic has resulted in a decline in 7th tradition donations. This year at the CoDA Service Conference, CoDA cannot pay for interpretation and translation services for the CoDA Service Conference.
The Events Committee is asking Voting Entities to search among your own CoDA members to assist in interpretative services.  We are unable to offer any compensation.  The two languages most needed are Spanish and French.   We are using Zoom meeting features for simultaneous interpretation.  We would assign through your email address to a language channel.  You will hear the CSC as presented in English while you dictate the interpretation in your language into the Zoom channel.  The ones who wish to receive interpretation will be able to access that channel and hear your interpretation.   If you feel you have or know someone who has the skills required for this endeavor, please contact
We know this is a demanding job so having multiple individuals able to take turns during the conference is ideal.  If you are able also to attend the practice orientation on Monday, August 17 or Sunday August 23rd.  The actual times needed are listed below.  Also posted is a sample of instructions from zoom for interpretation. 

We also could use volunteers who are willing to translate our Delegate package which is already posted in English on the website.

We hope life finds you all healthy and safe! In the future hopefully we will all get together physically, to get warm hugs, and maybe incorporate our own interpreters within our own fellowship!


Languages preferred: Spanish and French

 All times are Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)

Sunday, August 23 from 2-4 pm EDT 

Monday  August 24 - 11 am EST -5 pm EDT

Tues       August 25 - 11 am EST -5 pm EDT

Wed       August 26 -11 am EST -5 pm EDT


  1. Note: The interpreters must be signed-in to the account associated with the email address chosen during the setup process. If they are not signed-in with that email address when joining the session, they will not be recognized as an interpreter and not see this prompt. 
  2. Interpreters and attendees will now be able to click Interpretation in the meeting options and select a language channel.
  3. An interpreter in the channel will hear the original meeting audio which they can translate. Participants in a language channel will hear the translated audio and also the original audio at a lower volume. 
  4. To end the interpretation session(s), the host will need to click Interpretation in the meeting options, then click Manage Language Interpretation.

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