CoDA Group Representative List: Service Conference New Dates

From: "CoDA Group Representative List" <>
Subject: CoDA Group Representative List: Service Conference New Dates
Date: May 2nd 2020

This morning at the monthly public board meeting the board passed a motion supporting the following items.


1. The CoDA Service Conference (CSC) will take place from Monday August 24 through Thursday August 27. Times to be announced at a future date.

2.The Board approves the decision for all reports to be written only, without oral presentation.

3. The Board approves no old business on the last day.

4. The Board raised another idea they feel unanimously about. If giving up oral reports and choosing to have no old business on Thursday August 27 saves time, the board favors shorter days over a shorter conference.

Hopefully the virtual nature of the conference will allow many more non USA delegates to attend. Because of the many time zones involved the Board and the Events Committee feel that shorter days would be of the most benefit to folks in different time zones.

Please note: All delegates still must register in advance here: After you register, Steve S. the CoDA Voting Entity Liaison will contact you. If you have already registered, there is no need to re-register. If you are unsure if you are registered, please email Geff R. @ or Steve S. at

Also, please note to view the conference an internet connected device and registration (at )is required. To perform the role of delegate for your local CoDA Entity, a computer with a web camera, microphone, speakers or a quality smart phone with audio-video and an internet connection will be required.


Voting Entity Issues to be included in the delegate packet (due 30 Days Before Conference): July 26th (please send to

At the time of writing, deadlines have not yet been updated at that link.

New Deadlines (Other than Voting Entity Issues this only applies to CoDA committees & boards):

By Law Change Motions: (due 75 Days Before Conference): June 10th (email to

Committee Motions (due 75 Days Before Conference): June 10th (email to

Revisions to Motions/By Law Motions (due 75 Days Before Conference): June 25th (email to

Committee Reports and Goals (due 30 Days Before Conference): July 26th (email to

Committee Budgets (due 30 Days Before Conference): July 26th (email to )


To the fellowship, thank you so much for your understanding in these challenging times. Our hope is that these decisions will both create a successful conference, allow more members to participate, and most importantly encourage safety.

More to follow, & current information will soon be available on the website.

In Service,

The CoDA Board
and the CSC Preparation Group

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