CoDA Meeting Contact List CoDA Co-NNections Is Seeking New Stories & Committee Members

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Subject: CoDA Meeting Contact List CoDA Co-NNections Is Seeking New Stories & Committee Members
Date: November 10th 2018

Once a week on Tuesdays, the CoDA Co-NNections Committee sends out recovery stories written by CoDA members. We send them by email (members can subscribe here: and they are also posted on the website

We also have a Meeting In Print that is posted quarterly here:

We’ve been experiencing a shortage of new recovery stories. We’ve been publishing stories from the archives to bridge the gap.

OUR REQUEST: Would you please consider taking this message back to your meetings and asking if any members are interested in writing and submitting their recovery story?

Here are some brief guidelines:

We’re looking for your personal stories and poems reflecting experience, strength and hope in your recovery from codependency (we ask that recovery in other 12 Step programs be mentioned only peripherally, not as the focus). Our Committee Guidelines suggest the published articles contain in some degree experience, strength and hope, how it was, how it is, how CoDA helped. Our hope is that the readings will inspire and encourage members of the Fellowship. We also request that there be no mention of politics, or of specific religions/religious beliefs. There is no specific word count, though longer submissions are often sent to the Meeting in Print sub committee.

Members can submit their stories either here: or by emailing , or . Longer stories & poems can be sent to Meeting In Print Directly at

We’re also hoping to add new members to the committee. Potential tasks include vetting submissions, working collaboratively with CoDA member authors on small issues, correcting grammar, and helping prepare the Meeting In Print issues.

Thank you again for your service to CoDA as trusted servants!


In Service,

Your CoDA Co-NNections Committee

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