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Subject: CoDA Group Representative List : Voting Entity Literature
Date: July 29th 2018



Dear meeting contacts and delegates,

Last CSC, a motion was passed that provided a way that literature that has been created by CoDA members and authorized by their voting entity or Inter-group If there is no voting entity) .  Below is the process for that to happen, after it has been authorized.

  1.  Item comes to board, as all Voting entitiy issues do.  If it is received 60 days prior to CSC, it will be included in the delegate packet for consideration.  The form for that can either be requested or found in the delegate packet for CSC.
    1. it must have on each page that it is 'proposed' - either a watermark or other designation
    2. It must be accompanied by copyright releases with full signatures of all participants in the writing.  (contact for releases to fill out)
    3. It must include the suggestion whether the item is to be a service item or a item for sale, a pamphlet or a booklet or a book.
    4. It must comply with the the Literature committee style sheet
  1. It is voted on at CSC for it to be considered.  This puts it on the one year period for feedback.  This is when any objections to Tradition violations would be important.
    1. feedback goes to the originator of the literature, copy the board.  Anyone has the ability to suggest feedback, but feedback is not on punctuation, spelling, capitalization.  
    2. The originator has the right to accept the suggested changes or not.  If they decide to not accept the proposed changes, those suggestions must be noted at the bottom of the page involved.  The originator has the right to pull the item before the year is up, and notification of that will be sent to all delegates.

3.  No less than 60 days before the next CSC, the finalized item is sent to the board for distribution to the fellowship (again, it must include any items/corrections not accepted - put at the bottom of the page in question)

4.  It is voted on at CSC, as submitted - no changes at this time.

5.  If passed with 2/3's votes. it is then sent to the literature committee for a 60 day period of review.  This review will cover spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar as well as a double check on Traditions questions.  The literature committee will paginate as needed, suggest the cover and colors (if needed).

             1.  If the literature commmittee does not complete review in 60 days, the item proceeds as written to CoRe.

6.  The item then goes to CoRe for set up in printer software and a proof goes back to literature committee for final proof and sign off.  It is then sent to the board and CoRe, so all are aware the item is going to print.

               2.  CoRe will set the price and the item number.

               3.  The legal liaison will submit to Adam (attorney) for copyright protection.

7.  Literature committee will send out an announcement to the fellowship about the new piece of literature.


Mary (CoDA Board Member)



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