CoDA Board Minutes 3/02/24

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Date: March 12th 2024


CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees

CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees
March 2nd, 2024

Approved Public Board Meeting Minutes

Day/Time: Saturday, 09:00 AM Pacific Time


Observers Present:

Chairs Forum member in attendance (voice only): Debra D.

Observers: Lizz T., Vivian S., Pauline V., Susan B., Barbara D., Gail S., david a., Chris J., Brooke, Elis M., Kate MB.,

Board Members Present:

Kevin M., Tina R., Katherine T., Jay G., Florence F., Steve S., Chris H., Byrle S., Laurie C. (voting for Kevin M.)



Minute Taker:


  • Readings:
  • Serenity Prayer, Step Three, Tradition Three, Promise Three and Service Concept Three


  • Consent Agenda:


  1. MOTION: the Board adopts the program Elasticpress for our search engine for no more than $100/month

Discussion/Report - noted above

Motion by:    Florence         Seconded:  Tina

Approved – Unanimous


  1. MOTION: Board approves an additional Communications Committee MS365 account for Sponsorship purposes and named:

Motion by: Florence        Seconded:  Steve

Approved - Unanimous


  1. MOTION: to continue Expense Reimbursement at $69 a day per diem for meals, including Travel Days, until the new reimbursement platform, and Expense Reimbursement Policy (ERP) are in place.  Fellowship members can ask for an advance on their per diem.

Motion by: Katherine  Seconded:  Tina

Approved – Unanimous


  1. MOTION: For the March 20, 2024, F2F, propose that the Board will use the $69/ day per diem for Meals.

Motion by: Tina            Seconded: Steve

Approved – Unanimous


  1. MOTION: To approve distribution of the current edition of the Newcomer Handbook, and the 3rd edition of the 12/12 Workbook to registered 2024 Sponsorship Workshop participants upon request using Code submitted to CoRe at the close of the Workshop, and not to exceed $4000.00.

Motion by: Jay              Seconded: Steve

Approved – Unanimous


  1. MOTION: to obtain a $100,000, 9-month CD at an interest rate of 4.88% at Chase Bank.

By: Tina             Seconded: Jay

Approved – Unanimous


  1. Motion: move that we open up a Bank of America checking account while we are at our F2F in Oklahoma, 2024 March 21 – 24; and move $100,000 from our current Chase checking account to the new Bank of America checking account.

By: Katherine   Seconded: Jay

Approved - Unanimous


Treasurer Report and Update

NOTE: All amounts are stated in USD. Balances are rounded to the nearest $100. Our Prudent Reserve is $250,000.

Chase Checking$148,000
Chase Certificate Of Deposit$100,000
Chase Savings$300
Chase CD (CEC)$7300
Books For Inmates$7300
Pay Pal$1200
Royalties (February) $13,358.96
7th Tradition  $3,558.29
Total Revenues$18,785.52
Total Holdings$363,800


MOTION: to approve consent agenda

Discussion/Report -

Motion by:  Katherine       Seconded:  Jay

Approved - Unanimous


Treasurers New Motions:

Motion: In order to be in compliance with the CoDA Board’s Non-Disclosure Agreement, Items 1 and 12, made under Arizona State Law; QuickBooks access shall be viewable only by the CoDA Board of Trustees. Editable access will only be given to an outside bookkeeper, outside Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the CoDA Board Treasurer. The CoDA Board Treasurer shall provide monthly financial reports to any Fellowship member upon request.

Discussion/Report: no discussion needed; okay to go to vote

By: Tina R.        Seconded: Florence

Approved - Unanimous


Motion: Full travel meal per diem for service at the CoDA Service Conference (CSC), International CoDA Convention (ICC), Board and Committee Face-to-Face meetings, site visits, and special meetings may be paid to eligible Trusted Servants no less than three (3) days before travel is to begin.

By: Tina R.        Seconded: Steve

Approved - Unanimous


Discussion/Report: Board working with Finance Committee Work Group and discussing and looking at new expense policy; burden of doing service on Fellowship members and the cost of covering their meals while at CSC or Face-to-Face and waiting on reimbursement; comes to about $500 for a member at CSC; do not want this burden on our members

-Does there need to be a limit on the number of days before travel?

- How does this relate to normal advance? Can you get up to 30 days before the event?

- depending on what Treasurer has to do, if they wanted to do advance the week before I would say it is up to the Treasurer; no need to give sooner rather than later

- how is it done? A paper check in the mail? If check 30 days ahead or electronic 1 week    -3 days before

- leave as is and be at Treasurer’s discretion; proceed to the vote


Web Liaison Report

  • still working on CoDAteen webpage, How to Start a Meeting, Newcomer page; working out how to get meetings registered; Elastipress not ready
  •  just received an email from a member asking about the strip that goes across the web page and asked if this represents the LGBTQ+ – response was no it was just for decoration
  • CoDA App: Board members working on this project as well as a member of our Fellowship
  • CSC 2024 Delegate Package and CSC Info pages are updated and password protection removed
  •  The Fellowship Service Worker (FSW) is in final states of updates to Fellowship Service Manual (FSM) from motions approved at CSC 2023; will be sent to Web Liaison as soon as project is completed and ready to replace the “Approved 2022” version which is on now
  • CoDA Literature Committee (CLC) Style Sheet – will be included in the “Approved 2023” FSM
  • new service pamphlets/downloads are available on in the Service Material section (there are 4 new ones)


New Business -


  1. Reviewed the new Translation Management Coordinator (TMC) page on - still working on language translation bugs; there is a form ready to fill out that will go directly to TMC; only issue if you pick another language, it is not changing the language, our FSW is working on this; legal message about translation; grant information for translation, public distribution and complete a form for this process


  1. Concern and potentially confusing with other countries where some are downloading our free service pamphlets and translating them; suggesting that on all our free pamphlets we should add this statement:


In order to translate into languages other than English, one must contact and complete translation and copyright agreements contracts.



-thought is to close the circle directing our international partners to to create a connection and improve visibility on process

-consideration for adding current standard copyright statement which is on other literature

-suggestion to have our attorney review


Possible suggested wording to be: This copy may not be translated, reproduced, or photocopied without written permission of Co-dependents Anonymous, Inc. One must contact and complete translation and copyright agreements contracts.


Result: motion/discussion tabled; most agreed to use in the message and to simplify the wording; will allow time to get information from CLC


  1. Newcomers Handbook - new edition approved in 2021.

Motion: We purchase the older version of the Newcomers Handbook (991 copies as of right now) at a cost of $3.00 each or $3,000.00 plus shipping knowing that we will receive royalties of 40% on this purchase.

By: Katherine  Seconded: Tina

Approved – Unanimous



-There are about 991 copies of the old one left and CoRe will not print the new edition until these are gone. 

- Newcomers and Newcomer Handbook was approved at CSC 2021 and due to inventory on this item; we still have not printed the new Newcomers Handbook; print amounts decided a long time ago and CoRe is looking at how they are printing; important for the Board to meet often and work together and help out

991x $3.00=$2973

If the Board purchases the old inventory; CoRe pays CoDA 40% royalties on all sales=$1189.20

True cost to CoDA= $1783.80

-Agreement that the Board purchasing the older version of the handbook with suggestions to also share with Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) or Voting Entites (VE) or Intergroups; could also be included in the upcoming Sponsorship Workshop to take place in September 2024.


  • Question and Answer time from observers:
  1. Translation of literature - is the issue only for one country is it for Intergroups or Voting Entities?

Answer: anyone that wants to translate needs to complete the required translation agreement and copyright assignment; masters are sent in and we are trying to strengthen our master's library so if you came to us if we already have the master, then we would give that to you; copyright agreements still valid but you must sign translation agreement for each piece translated; if you requested to translate 5 pieces of literature, we would put all on your agreement and copyright assignment

  1. There are issues in their group; specifically, me doing the translation needs to ask for; this is only about the free literature

Answer: send question to

  1. Can I get the minutes of this meeting? Any correspondence from you or information is that automatically sent?

Answer:  yes, they will be posted on; if you have signed up to be on the mailing              list on and scroll all the way down is a way to sign up for all the different email lists then you would receive all announcements from the Board

  1. Observer shared regarding CoRe: 1 – reason we print as we do it is less expensive to print more rather than few; 2 – out of the 12/12 and new ones are being delivered; 3 – CoRe does charge sales tax but only in California as it is where the warehouse is located
  2. Email sent to Web Liaison about an error in the Twelve Traditions document with a link that no longer works; also, FSM currently on at the top of pages says ‘Approved 2022’ but at the bottom says 2023

Answer #1 - asked for the email to be resent

Answer #2 - work was done in 2023 but Approved at CSC 2022; hope to have Approved 2023 version (currently in final formatting) ready soon.


  • Next meeting Saturday, April 6th at 9:00 am PDT; 9:00 am MDT (note: this meeting will take place after Daylight Savings Time begins, all are encouraged to check your time zone for accurate starting time of our next meeting

Laurie looked at recording for Public Minutes and we stopped after 1 hour and 14 minutes

Meeting adjourned: 10:15 am Pacific Time. 


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