CoDA Board Minutes 2/03/24

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Date: February 22nd 2024


CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees

CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees
February 3, 2024

Public Board Meeting

Day/Time: Saturday, 09:00 AM Pacific Time


Observers Present:

Chairs Forum member in attendance: Terry D.

Gail S., Barbara D., Daniel D., Connie G., Debra D., Jocelyn C., Observer, Kelli

Board Members Present:

Tina R., Chris H., Katherine T., Jay G. , Florence F., Laurie C. (voting on behalf of Kevin), Steve S., Byrle S.

Board Member(s) Absent:

Kevin M.



Minute Taker:





  1. MOTION: To approve the renewal of the Mexico trademark

By: Katherine; Seconded: Tina

Approved - Unanimous


  1. MOTION: to revote on Chris H being a Board Alternate -Majority vote


  1. MOTION: To obtain a PayPal account for the H&I Committee. This account will solely be used for the keeping of the Books for Inmates program funds, donations, non-travel reimbursement, literature, postage, H & I grants, and all fees associated with the PayPal account.

Motion By: Tina, Seconded: Steve



Treasurer Report unless otherwise indicated, all amounts are stated in U. S. Dollars



Chase Checking$257,300
Chase Certificate Of Deposit$100,000
Chase Savings$300
Chase CD (CEC)$700
Books For Inmates$700
Total Holdings$371,600
Royalties (October) $8,958.79
7th Tradition  $2,996.09
Interest Earned Unpaid 
Interest Earned Year To Date$1,107.11
Total Revenues$18,785.52


MOTION: to approve consent agenda and Treasurer report

Motion by:  Katherine; Seconded:  Steve              

Approved - Unanimous


Treasurer Update

  • We have closed out last year's financials and begun prep to file our 2023, tax forms
  • We opened a PayPal account for direct donations to Books for Inmates and Institutions (BFII)
  • A member pointed out that our January minutes show that our 7th Tradition was $43,449.93 for the month instead of $4,349.93, along with other small errors- correction has been made.


Web Liaison Report

 Search options for the website:

I think our objective for the search is the following:

  • Instant suggestions or results
  • categorize search results into groups like: Meetings, Posts, Pages
  • Search engine -need to improve – suggesting Elasticpress as they offer a multilingual search feature


MOTION: the Board adopts the program Elasticpress for our search engine for no more than $100/month

Motion by:   Florence;  Seconded:  Tina

Approved- Unanimous


New Business


  1. Communications Committee (Comm) would like to have a separate MS365 license of that all emails to the alias of get forwarded to.

Discussion/Report: Ability to maintain database of survey for sponsorship.  Form maintained in MS365 Files so others on team may access these files for sponsorship.  Can create archive of all incoming and outgoing emails for new Sponsorship Team.


MOTION: Board to approve an additional Communications Committee MS365 account for Sponsorship purposes and named:

Motion by:   Florence; Seconded:  Steve               

Approved – Unanimous


  1. Chairs Forum is asking for a separate Zoom account for Chairs Forum in addition to each committee having their own Zoom account.

Discussion/Report: Board will not be involved with Chairs Forum unless requested. Chairs are interested in having one Zoom account. A member has offered to assist Chairs with Zoom advanced account settings for Interpretation access. Communications Committee (Comm) offered us their Zoom account for Chairs Forum Meetings; CoDA Events Committee (CEC) offered their account too.

Action Taken: Table until we hear further from Chairs Forum after they discuss use of other Committee’s Zoom accounts

  1. Upcoming Face to Face (F2F) meetings reimbursement discussion:



  • We are upgrading our Expense Reimbursement system to Expensify. This will improve our reimbursement timeframe and it will be easier to complete. This program will also save the Fellowship money.
  • We are meeting with a tax attorney for guidance to ensure we are following all IRS, and Arizona nonprofit corporation laws.
  • A workgroup was developed with 2 Board members and 2 Finance Committee members to develop and execute these projects.  We had our first meeting on January 31st, 2024
  • We have 2 upcoming Face to Face meetings that we need to reimburse.
  • The below motion is to support these 2 Face to Face meetings that occur before a new policy is in place
  • Discussions have been had regarding advancing all per diem before event to decrease hardship

MOTION: to continue Expense Reimbursement at $69 a day per diem for meals, including Travel Days, until the new reimbursement platform, and Expense Reimbursement Policy (ERP) are in place. Fellowship members can ask for an advance on their per diem.

Motion by:   Katherine; Seconded:  Tina

Approved - Unanimous


  1. Spanish Outreach Committee (SPO) has a question about a group using something in place of Patterns and Characteristics-


Discussion/Report: SPO has recently received queries about a self-diagnosis tool that is provided with the material offered to newcomers to CoDA. Some groups do offer such a tool, to help newcomers evaluate whether they are codependent or not.

We would like to suggest that these meetings use instead the Conference-approved Patterns of Codependence in the first-person, rather than providing any self-diagnosis tool. Before making this suggestion SPO would like to hear the Board’s position on the matter, in order to fully inform members of the Fellowship about the document in question.


Action Taken: Board member to respond to SPO that meetings and groups are autonomous and to use the group conscience process when determining meeting materials. Suggest CoDA Conference endorsed literature that is similar to that in question.


Question and Answer period-                                                                                       

  1. Board update on CoDA App. Part of workgroup with Web Team.

Need additional help with the project and make decision.

  1. Observer offered suggestion when using Zoom with interpretation: Set up another meeting number, and the get option for interpretation
  2. Starter kit.  Is it still in operation?

Yes, and meeting coordinator is working with US meetings to send Starter kits

  1. Endorsed literature. French and other languages. Verbiage inside motion was not translated correctly. CoDA Canada translates into other languages, but is that still CoDA endorsed? Literature and Board is investigating.

Translation Management Process is required, and if not, copyright infringement can be problematic.

  1. Eventbrite is LIVE and getting registration for 2024 CoDA Service Conference (CSC) and International CoDA Convention (ICC)


The meeting ended thanking all in attendance.

Next Public Board Meeting to be held on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at 9am PST (daylight savings is not until March 1



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