CoDA Board Minutes 12/02/23

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Date: January 31st 2024


CoDA, Inc. Board of Trustees

December 2nd, 2023 Public Board Meeting

Day/Time: Saturday, 09:00 AM Pacific Time 

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Welcome Everyone


Attendees: Steve, Gail, Tina, Byrle, Kevin, Katherine, Barb, Debra D, Phone, Brooke

Round Robin Order:     Steve, Tina, Byrle, Debra, Jay, Kevin, Katherine


  • Serenity Prayer- God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.
  • Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other codependents, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
  • Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.
  • Promise 12: I gradually experience serenity, strength, and spiritual growth in my daily life.
  • Service Concept 12: The Fellowship strives to practice and encourage spiritual principles in all its material, financial, and business affairs, including fairness, equality, and respect for individual rights. Every member within CoDA has a voice and is encouraged to use it. Every member has the right to know what is happening within our organization. To honor this right, and in the spirit of CoDA unity, our CoDA, Inc. organization publishes and distributes group conscience decisions, such as minutes of our service boards and motions from our CoDA Service Conferences, in the most inclusive and timely manner possible.


Motions passed during Executive Session:


  1. MOTION: To keep all money @ chase. Put $100,000 in Premium Deposit Account. Will get a wealth management advisor. $100,000 in 8 month CD. Balance of $158,000 in our checking. 

Motion: Tina; 2nd: Katherine Yes: 6 No: 0  Abstain: 0 Unanimous  11/4-5/2023


  1. MOTION: Work with Brandon Kien as our tax attorney, have him help with a simple accountable reimbursement policy, and invite Finance to attend meetings; not to exceed $2000 

Motion: Katherine; 2nd: Steve Yes: 6 No: 0  Abstain: 0 Unanimous  11/4-5/2023


  1. MOTION: Have Meetings & Concierges Source, LLC take over Bookkeeping responsibilities as determine by the Board

Motion: Katherine; 2nd: Tina Yes: 7 No: 0  Abstain: 0 Unanimous  11/4-5/2023


  1. MOTION: To adopt Expensify for our ERR process

Motion: Katherine; 2nd:  Tina Yes: 5 No: 2  Abstain: 0  11/4-5/2023


  1. MOTION: The GILTF be disbanded per the task forces GC

Motion: Katherine; 2nd: Florence Yes: 6 No: 0  Abstain: 0  11/4-5/2023


  1. MOTION: Close Wells Fargo and deposit money in current Chase checking account. 

Moved: Katheine 2nd: Kevin, Yes: 6 No 0, abs 0  10/19/2023



JP Morgan Chase Checking$267,500
JP Morgan Chase Certificate Of Deposit$107,000
JP Morgan Chase Savings$300
Total Holdings$374,800
Royalties (October) $14,530.95
7th Tradition  $4,028.45
Interest Earned$226.12
Total Revenues$18,785.52


Motion to accept consent agenda and treasurers report

Motion: Katherine, 2nd Jay Yes,      5  No     0  Abst 0


Treasurer Update


  • Financial Reports – available on 1st and 15th 
  • Updated Donation page to include Zelle donations (have received $480 in the past week)
  • Electronic Acknowledgement of Contribution Letter



Our renewal for Mexico’s trademark which was registered in May 27, 2014 is due for renewal February 21st. The cost is $1568.68 including $1133.68 including foreign attorney and government fees

Motion to approve the renewal of the Mexico trademark-

Motion: Katherine, 2nd Tina       Yes    5      No      0    Abst 0

Discuss interpretation.... obtaining private interpreters to save money- Florence/Tina

Shared that we are looking to use independent contractors instead of currrent contract. Cost us a lot due to double billing, minimums, and we are not getting good customer service.  Independent proposals are 1.5 hrs minimum and we will be able to use interpreters that have been working for us for a while.

Status of volunteer interpreters?

Workgroup reports:

1. Finance

  • QuickBooks Revision Progress: meeting with CPA on 1/8/24 to finalize the new Chart of Accounts
  • Expensify Implementation – begun the first stages

Expensify implementation moving forward. Had to totally redo our chart of accounts to support the expensify implementation. Changed our chart of accounts due to simplification and recommendations by our new bookkeeper due to her experience with non-profits

2. Web Workgroup- Florence

Read above and mention app project delayed due to board member workload

3. Policy and Procedure- Florence/Katherine

Most has been completed but still have work to do, and want to add some of our new projects into it.

Noted we are behind in our minutes, November will be approved today, and December in 2 weeks

4. Announcement & Meetings-Katherine

Meeting almost done, correcting update issue

Introduce Chris H & Laurie C as new applicants for the Board.

Please tell us a little about your CoDA service history, and why you want to join the Board?


Question & Answers period

  • Question 1- vetting interpretation, levels of skills, and knowledge. A- 2 of the interpreters want to join us.  May want to explore other companies to in case we need.
  • Question 2- Debra- Lori- current service are?  VEL, & IMC.  Meeting searchs- not very smart currently...want to make it smarter.  Update challenges. Need banner for sponsorship workshop.
  • Question 3- Finance FSM description.  asking about reports, and QuickBooks access.  QuickBooks give more details. 
  • Next Public Board Meeting February 3, 2024 @ 9am PST
  • Thank you for coming.  We will now adjourn for Executive session
  • Rosa shared the first ever CoDATeen meeting occurred with great success.   We asked her to submit an announcement that can be shared with the entire fellowship.  She said yes.


MOTION: To accept Consent Agenda

Motion: Katherine; 2nd Jay; Yes: 6  No: 0 Abstain: 0 Unanimous


November Executive sessions topic summary:

  • Worked on the Board P&P
  • Process for communicating with Alternate Format Meeting VE
  • Discussion with Chase on services they provide
  • What to do with CoDA’s PO Box, is it still needed? Forwarding to Management Company
  • Path forward on updating CoDA’s Expense Reimbursement Policy, will be working with finance.


  • Web liaison Report

Have moved backend of to new host. Approved performance. May be hiccups. Please let board know


  • GC to removal all tabs under donations besides H&I


Donation tab has serval different option to what to mark the donation as. All in same account, it’s just a note. Bookkeeper has to look and each and takes time to organize the donations in PayPal. If remove categories, Bookkeeper doesn’t have to do anything. It should be noted the donations are not being given to specific account and that can be misleading.


Discussion thoughts: All support simplifying. Was noted that could add more recovery related reasons, like birthday anniversary. Was noted the FSM discussion donations in the regard.


MOTION: Remove all donation categories, except for 7th trad and H&I from the donation tab on

Motion: Tina; 2nd Steve; Yes: 6  No: 0 Abstain: 0 Unanimous


  • Adding Zelle to the PayPal donation button on the webpage


When go to donations page, only option is PayPal. Like to add option for  Zelle for North American donation. Note that PayPal has fees, Zelle does not.


Discussion thoughts: All in favor. Other options like Venmo, Cash App can be researched. Pointed out that Venmo is more for person to person not businesses.


MOTION: To add Zelle as donation option on

Motion: Tina; 2nd Katherine; Yes: 6  No: 0 Abstain: 0 Unanimous


  • We have been asked by Events to increase the amount we give to local host groups at CSC for their hospitality suite to $2,000, given cost has gone up.


Currently local host committee is given $1500 to support CSC. Events believe $2000 is more realistic moving forward


Discussion thoughts: Most in favor. Some CSC attendees rely on hospitality. It was noted that in past it was not meant for meal replacement and host committees would fundraise to support it. Past board wanted to take burden of host committee and costs are rising.


MOTION: To increase funding for hospitably suit sponsor to $2000 per CSC

Motion: Katherine; 2nd Tina; Yes: 5  No: 1 Abstain: 0


  • Continued discussion/ request by Events for CoDA to pay for one member of each committee to stay the first day of CSC for recruitment

One member from each committee to be reimbursed for staying for the first day of ICC.


Discussion thoughts: Be approx. $5000 for chairs to stay. CoDA has the funds. Chance for committees to recruit form fellowship and have fellowship learn more about World Service.


MOTION: To reimburse each committee chair or designee one night hotel and one day of meals to attend the first day of International Coda Convention to encourage fellowship involvement in world service.

Motion: Katherine; 2nd Steve; Yes: 6  No: 0 Abstain: 0 Unanimous


  •  Questions & Answer Period


It was mentioned that Zoom has a new app, AI companion summary. It is not activated, but is available on CoDA Zoom accounts. There is concern about is done with the info gathered.


Question was asked if a local meeting can use Venmo. Nothing prevents a meeting from using Venmo if they decide to.


It was mentioned that some local areas are having issues filling local service position so be aware asking to service on World Service committees.


There was an issue using Spanish PayPal for CoRe royalty. Board Treasurer was going to help with it.


Mexico was still waiting to hear from TMC to translate CoDA material. Board is working on it.


Question was asked if the auto response from Board was new. Board noted it was this year but had been set up for awhile.


It was asked that at future public board meeting, the board reads through the motions.


Next public meeting will be January 6th at 9am PST.


Submitted by: Kevin M, Board Secretary 



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