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Date: October 12th 2023


The Board met this past Saturday, and one of our topics included the complaints we have received from the fellowship regarding our current Expense Reimbursement Policy. Many have complained about being shorted due to lacking itemized receipts. This practice has put many in the Fellowship in a very compromised financial situation. They have not only lost significant amounts of money; they have also had to pay credit card service charges due to delays in reimbursement. Every trusted servant gives their time and money to the Fellowship, and we The Board want to respect that service in every way possible.

The Board takes these complaints very seriously, which is why we decided to take a closer look at the current Expense Reimburse Policy. Based on the Boards responsibilities, as stated in our Bylaws Section 2.2, Corporation:

Supervise and oversee all financial matters of the Corporation, including receipts, corporate assets and debts, obligations and liabilities, and give a financial report to the Conference

We did not make this decision lightly as we respect all committee's work and take notice of Tradition 2, 4, and Service Concept 3, 10,

We have consulted a tax attorney and are in the process of meeting with several others before making a decision on who best be retained to help us understand current IRS policy for charitable 501c3 not-for-profits. As a result of an initial consultation with a tax attorney, we feel confident in our decision to take a pause while we explore what is best for the Fellowship. We have passed the below motion below unanimously:

MOTION: After consultation with a tax attorney, the Board amends Section 5.D Meals, in the current Expense Reimbursement Policy and replaces it with a flat rate per diem of $69, no receipts required and retroactively reimburse all 2023 CSC and forward expenses. The board will manage payment to all fellowship members who were shorted due to not having itemized receipts.

The Board will be working with a tax attorney and the Finance Committee to revamp the Expense Reimbursement Policy over the course of the next several months. We will bring this policy back to the CoDA Service Conference for approval. Until a new policy is approved, the above meal policy is to be followed.

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